Updates on Morrow, Raymond and Franson – September 21, 2013.

Brenden Morrow claims he’s close to signing with a new team, more speculation the Maple Leafs could sign Mason Raymond, and Cody Franson could consider playing in Europe.

Brenden Morrow close to signing with a new team?

Brenden Morrow close to signing with a new team?

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports UFA winger Brenden Morrow claims he’s getting closer to finding a new NHL team before the upcoming season begins, visiting an unnamed club on Thursday.

ESPN.COM: In addition to Morrow’s status, Lebrun reports Simon Gagne is working out in Quebec City waiting for a shot with an NHL team. He also reports UFA blueliner Wade Redden still hopes to play in the NHL but could also consider European options, while free agent winger Mike Knuble is in the process of moving on from his playing career.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of this group, Morrow certainly seems the most likely to get a new NHL contract.  He was linked to the Carolina Hurricanes and Montreal Canadiens during the off-season but it remains to be seen if they’re still interested in him.

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox, citing hockey analyst Doug MacLean, reports the Toronto Maple Leafs and Mason Raymond have a prearranged deal for one year at $925K.  Sources from the Leafs and the Raymond camp have denied this. If this does go through, it would leave only $1.07 million in cap space to re-sign holdout defenseman Cody Franson.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports Raymond has started contract talks with the Leafs but nothing is finalized.

SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston reports Cody Franson acknowledged the possibility of playing in Europe if unable to agree to a new contract with the Leafs. The holdout appears to be taking a toll on Franson, who is starting to question how the club views him as a player. Still, he says his priority is to remain in Toronto.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This is the second straight year Franson’s had difficult contract negotiations with the Leafs.  If they sign Raymond (and I believe they will), they’ll have to shed salary if they can get Franson to accept their two-year, $5 million offer. Otherwise, Franson could be faced with agreeing to considerably less than the $1.2 million he made last season. An offer sheet is possible but it seems unlikely at this point. The Leafs could shop his rights, especially if he decides to head overseas.


  1. sometimes you have to give a little to get a little. The most obvious thing to do, sign Raymond to 925k
    that leaves you 1 million
    demote Trevor Smith 550k
    Demote Holzer 770k
    Trade Mclaren 700k
    Sign Franson to one year 2.5 or two years at 5.4.
    If you sign Franson to one year with all my scenarios we would have app 500k left, You can go out half way through season and get another tough guy with a million salary if they lack it which they wont.
    Option 2 trade Liles if you can which is a hard thing to do, (however Nonis was the mastermind of dumping Toskala and Blake to Anahiem so anything is possible i suppose)

    • Looking more and more like Franson will be traded instead of Liles, personally it dosent really bother me either way (Id rather get rid of Liles contract just because its bad of course but not necessarily to sign Franson), instead of Colborne and Liles as I mentioned yesterday, perhaps Colborne and the rights to Franson for something of a bit more value could be done, like a higher end prospect (center) or a prospect and a second kind of deal.

      • i feel bad for Franson, but he is an asset and he have plenty of depth at D. I am waiting for Colbourne to impress but he cant get sent down. Have you seen Levio and Biggs play, i seen Levio quite a bit (from Sudbury) he looks special, Biggs seen twice, not impressed at all. Didnt notice him until shootout lmao (only two games)

        • this is just me using my imagination lol who do you think would get the better deal and try to make it even if it isnt a fair deal shticky
          Gardiner Clobourne Franson Ashton Carter to Edm for Yakapov

          Leafs gets #1 center of future to battle Kadri and Edmonton get D men and two prospects

          • Nah cant see it 2 3rd liners and as of right this moment 2 2nd pairing D men at best (Gardiner might develop in to a top pair guy) for at worst a top 6 forward probably future top line guy…cant see it too much quantity not enough quality.

          • ya makes sense, if you replaced reilly for gardiner and added 1st rounder maybe, I would never think that would happen. im just wondering what it would take for a team to pry Yakapov out of EDM

    • 23 man roster, not 21

  2. who cares is that all we have to talk about is the maple laughs sign Raymond hes a superstar lol

  3. Leafs Cap Space $1,995,833

    Sign Mason Raymond – $925,000

    New Cap Space $1,070,833

    Demote Mark Fraser – $1,275,000

    New Cap Space $2,345,833

    Sign Cody Franson $2,250,000

    New Cap Space $ 95,833

    Make Sense???

  4. Lyle


    Mark Fraser salary meant + not –

    please edit…thanks

  5. Leafs Cap Space $1,995,833

    Sign Mason Raymond – $925,000

    New Cap Space $1,070,833

    Demote Mark Fraser + $1,275,000

    New Cap Space $2,345,833

    Sign Cody Franson – $2,250,000

    New Cap Space $ 95,833

    Make Sense???

    • Still need some room 100 k is not enough and roster is a little short if you demote someone along with Fraser (also only 975 k is saved the remaining part of Frasers salary would remain on the cap) not to mention Fraser would have to clear waivers which is a bit of a gamble. Someone Im sure would claim him. If Raymond gets a contract (which he will) there will need to be trades either Franson liles or possibly Kuli will need to be moved Franson is not going to sign for nothing under 2.5 mill. The rights of Franson will be moved if they cant sign him and the wont have enough if they dont make a trade, just no way around it I cant see them playing with a 20 or 21 man roster for long.

      • still in training camp

        as long as fraser is not on opening day roster it doesn’t count against the cap

        all moves can be made without clearing waivers as long as it’s done before season starts

        your comments are good if involving regular season….were not in the regular season yet

        this can be done and done quickly

        I’ve also heard that Cody will be signed…lots of progress made on Friday


    • You’re forgetting the new rule regarding demotions, in that anything this season over $950K still counts against your cap. It’s to discourage teams from burying expensive players in the minors to free up cap space.

      • lyle,


        but that’s regular season right…..not in training camp and pre season….teams can adjust rosters until the day before regular season starts…..

        look at waiver wire over last 2 weeks….players being sent down every day with no chance for another team to pick them up….

        am I right or wrong is seeing and believing this…perhaps I am confused??


        • You can send them down in pre-season yes. However if they make over 950k regardless of when you send them down that cap still counts.

          • Hmmm….

            calculating all the possibilities…and unfortunately can’t work one out

            imagine what Nonis is going through…so far he’s doing a mediocre job…

            only solution to keep Franson after signing Raymond I can see is releasing/trading Liles or releasing/trading Kulemin

            that is the only solution

            I would release/trade Kulemin for a 2nd Round Draft Pick if I could get that or a Grinder. A Forward is easier to replace then a Defenceman even if he is now only average.

  6. As much as I like Franson this has to stop. Sign a contract play a year or 2 and go to free agency as a ufa. If he really wanted to be a leaf, he would be a leaf by now. I get money and term is involved, but anybody has actually played at a higher level knows, how important camp is not just for you but for your team around you as well. I hope we get him signed to a 2 year deal, he is def in out top 4 d, and who knows phaneuf could want to much of a raise and franson, gardiner, ranger, reilly could step in at a lot lesser of a contract.

    • Hmmm missing training camp and by the way Ranger looks in training camp so far?… Im not so sure he is a sure thing in the top 4.
      The top 4 in no particular order on opening night would be Dion, Gunnar, Gardiner and Ranger IMO

      • no dude….it should be…

        Phaneuf (unfortunately) and Gunner 1 and 2
        Gardiner and Liles 3 and 4
        Ranger and Holzer 5 and 6
        Frazer (should be demoted) 7

        If Franson signed….

        Dion and Gunner 1 and 2
        Gardiner and Franson 3 and 4
        Liles and Ranger 5 and 6
        Holzer and Frazer 7 and 8


        • Franson missing camp is not going to automatically be put in a top 4 role…maybe down the road once he gets his legs and timing down but I cant see him going to play 18-22 mins a night with out camp, and there is just over a week left.

  7. I’m surprised more teams didn’t contact Mason Raymond to get him signed.

    He’s fast, can put the puck in the net… Would be a good fit for the already speedy Leafs…

    But that said.. a really good offensive defenseman is not as easy to find as a speedy forward…

  8. I find it hilarious when leafs fans out polo sale together for untouchable players. Yakupov is not going anywhere, esoecially for some decent talent forward and a bunch or marginal prospects. Quantity does not equal quality. How about we trade you Hemsky, Ben Eager and a 3rd for Lupul? Seriously quit dreaming.

  9. Damn auto correct. It’s should say dumb trade proposals.

  10. With Carlyle as coach I suspect Liles is the odd man out and Franson would already be signed if Nonis had been able to move him. Of course the challenge is Burke over paid Liles and now with the reduced cap it’s that much harder to make a deal. It’s a sure bet Raymand will get signed making it that more difficult to sign him.

    Honestly, Liles isn’t a bad player and could help teams such as the Islanders.

    It would be a shame to lose Franson when he’s just starting to get his game going in the right direction.

  11. Don’t want to continue to just look at the Leafs talk but they just have a few amazing possibilities right now. Reilly & MacWilliam are really impressing, Colbourne looks like he is in a rut, Franson not signed, Raymond & Ranger looking solid. My prediction at the Leafs opening night roster?

    Lupul – Bozak – Kessel
    JVR – Kadri – Clarkson
    Raymond – Bolland – Kulemin
    Colbourne – McClement – McClaren/Orr

    Phaneuf – Gunnerson
    Gardiner – Ranger
    Rielly – Holzer

    Reimer starter

    • Franson has worked his way out of Toronto …the Leafs are way to deep on D men right now and they really don’t care what Franson wants hes replaceable no matter what he did last year ….that being said I do believe that he is a $3 million dollar a year NHL D man.

      HOLZER will not make the Leafs club and I see him going on waivers …Percy
      Mac Williams, Marshall Rielly and Blacker will be on the team before Holzer is.

      Off to Buffalo can’t wait to see the speed and chemistry with Kessel and Raymond on the top line …I ve been waiting for this line to be put together could be interesting speed and finesse.

      In an interview with James Duthie Nonis seems to have an iron in the fire for a deal and is just waiting to see how the young or NEW guys will do before making the call !

      On a final note it was said up top that Colbourne has been in a funk ….LMAO …
      it would be that you’ve never seen him play before …..because thats all your gonna get from him …hes not a bonifide NHL player 4th line at best …….Nonis will have to see if he can get a draft pick for him or a minor league prospect before he gets sent down and goes on waivers if no deal …..Thanks for coming out Joe and good luck !!

      What can you get for Franson and Colbourne as a pair in a trade to a team looking to be in a rebuild mode…..

      If I was NONIS id be making a call to Steve Yzerman for a deal.

      Franson and Colbourne
      Adam Erne

      Maybe even the Jets as they are looking for a Young Center and a top 4 D man

      I d say that Ottawa should really pursue Morrow…. ..they look good and hes the perfect fit on that team for veteran presence…. can still add toughness and depth !!!

      • Morrow, would look good on a lot of teams and he’ll more than likely get a short term offer from someone before too long. Not sure where Morrow would fit in Ottawa, they have a number of young players who seem to be NHL ready and risk losing them if they can’t find places for them this season.

  12. Found a Solution :)

    Leafs Cap Space $1,995,833

    Sign Mason Raymond – $925,000

    New Cap Space $1,070,833

    Demote Korbinian Holzer + $787,500

    New Cap Space $1,858,333

    Sign Cody Franson – $1.850,000 or 1,750,000

    New Cap Space $8,333 or $108,333

    If Cody really wants to be a Leaf and play in the show he should accept that deal. If not go play in Europe. The show or Europe? Where would you rather be???

    Make Sense???

    • Found another Solution :)

      Leafs Cap Space $1,995,833

      Sign Mason Raymond – $925,000

      New Cap Space $1,070,833

      Demote Frazer McLaren + $700,000

      New Cap Space $1,770,833

      Sign Cody Franson – $1.750,000

      New Cap Space $20.833

      If Cody really wants to be a Leaf and play in the show he should accept that deal. If not go play in Europe. The show or Europe? Where would you rather be???

      Make Sense???

  13. Found even another Solution :) and this is the last one…..:)

    Leafs Cap Space $1,995,833

    Sign Mason Raymond – $925,000

    New Cap Space $1,070,833

    Demote Frazer McLaren + $700,000

    Demote Trevor Smith + $550,000

    New Cap Space $2,320,833

    Promote Morgan Rielly – $550,000

    Sign Cody Franson – $1.750,000

    New Cap Space $20,833

    If Cody really wants to be a Leaf and play in the show he should accept that deal. If not go play in Europe. The show or Europe? Where would you rather be???

    Make Sense???

    • Cody can sign a 2 year deal $5,000,000 Deal.

      1,750,000 1st year
      3.250,000 2nd year

      Makes a hell of a lot of sense.

      Come on Cody sign :) Nonis…wake up!

      • The cap hit would be 2.5. It is averaged over the term…

        • I give up then……

          if you want franson you have to….

          trade liles or kulemin….that’s it

          or wait it out through the season then sign Cody and Leo then

          other than that they are screwed…

          great job Nonis or should I say NONSENSE!

  14. Doesnt make sense, Franson is worth more, Trade his rights away
    Mason Raymond 925k
    Leaves app 1 million
    Trade Mclaren 700k
    Demote Holzer 785k
    demote Smith 550k
    That is 3 million, sign Franson 1 year 2.5 million unless you wanna keep rielly up this year
    cap space 500k

    • in my scenario he gets paid well when the cap goes up 2014 at 3,250,000…3,250,000 is damn good for a 1 year deal going into new negotiations in 2015 with an even higher cap
      as long as he doesn’t stab himself in his foot and s**t the bed

      win win win

      makes sense???

  15. i am pretty sure the cap hit would be 2.5 million, it is average salary. make him happy, give him a 1 year deal. at 2.5, if he proves himself 4 years at 3.5m to 4 million. Plus we have guys that are one year away. Enforcers are replaceable

  16. he wants a 1 year deal, leafs offered 2 years around 2.3 to 2.5 per.

  17. typed a response…didn’t go through?

  18. your scenario doesn’t work

    your scenario is based on 21 man roster….22 currently -3 +2 = 21

    roster is 23 not 21

  19. if the cap hit is 2.5 on a 2 year 5 million deal then I give up……no calculations will work…

    if you want franson you have to….

    trade liles or kulemin….that’s it

    or wait it out through the season and HOPE someone gets hurt long term then sign Cody and Leo then

    other than that they are screwed…

    great job Nonis or should I say NONSENSE!

    • dont worry we will be alright lol

  20. Found the best solution of all: trade Franson to the New Jersey Devils for Mark Fayne, Eric Gelinas and a third-rounder in 2015.THEN trade Fayne to the Avs for a fourth-rounder next June. You end up with yet another bonafide prospect on D and two additional draft picks to show for a guy who otherwise would be a disgruntled holdout. You’re welcome.

    • huh?

      who?? LOL

      lamoriello is not stupid…but Nonis aka NONSENSE is….LOL

      • Maybe pay attention to any of the other 29 teams outside of Toronto. You may learn that Fayne is an underrated stay at home d-man and that Gelinas is a highly touted prospect.

        • Maybe even keep Fayne he is solid and a cap hit of 1.3 Ive mentioned that type of trade before. We could afford him and sign Raymond for a mill. I like that idea agreed with the Ruiner.

  21. looking at rosters…

    paille at 1.3 for kulemin 2.8 is a nice trade…2.8-1.3= 1.5 + 1.0 cap= 2.5 for franson

    backlund at 1.5 for kulemin 2.8 nice trade…2.8-1.5= 1.3 + 1.0 cap= 2.3 for franson

    how about Malcolm subban for kulemin straight up…nice future pick(maybe next year if goalies sh*t bed)

    just sayin’

    right now leafs are f****d

    • Boston can’t take the extra money on the cap. They’re as tight as the Leafs are. And they’re not giving up Malcolm Subban for a 40 point 3rd liner.

  22. Its funny to see leafs fans think that other teams are going to help them out. The only way any team is going to make a trade with the leafs is going to turn out bad for the leafs. No one is going to give anything of value to the leafs because the leafs are trading from a position of weakness. The leafs are in cap jail and to get out, they’re going to have to give something up. I can see the leafs giving up a decent pick (first or second) + Liles for a third or fourth round pick and that’s being nice!

    Nonis is a bad GM, the proof is there. He’s not helping the leafs out.

    • How you figure? Made the playoffs in his first year first time in 9 years for the team. (granted with a lot of work from Burke) and we havent even played a game yet this year. If you look at the Roster changes he has made I would say he improved the team and built it a little more to his coaches taste. Its far to early to judge period. What proof the fact Franson isnt signed?