Updates on Nash, Selanne and Parenteau.

Is Rick Nash all but assured of being dealt this summer? Could Teemu Selanne return next season? What’s the latest on P.A. Parenteau’s contract talks? Read on to find out!

Nash still a goner this summer?

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Michael Arace believes Blue Jackets management “cannot state the obvious truth”, which is team captain Rick Nash is “virtually assured” of being traded  before the June draft.  “The market for him will expand as the playoffs move from round to round”, explains Arace. “Teams will fall shy of expectations and will see Nash as the missing ingredient. Howson will get his price, or something close enough.”

Mark Znidar interviewed NBC NHL play-by-play man Doc Emrick, who doesn’t believe the Blue Jackets are in danger of relocation, but stressed the importance of getting a good return for Nash to properly rebuild.

Shawn Mitchell recently reported the possibility the Blue Jackets, in search of a number one goalie, could shop their first round pick – potentially first overall – as trade bait.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Wonder if the Vancouver Canucks would have interest in that first round pick? Or the St. Louis Blues?  As for Nash, I have to agree with Arace that his time with the Jackets is over, as they’ll find a better market for Nash following the playoffs than they did at the trade deadline, just as I expected leading up to this year’s deadline. There will be more teams, with more cap space, and willingness to spend, than there was at the trade deadline. That’s why most deals involving big name players still under contract usually occur in the off-season.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Helene Elliott reports Anaheim Ducks winger Teemu Selanne doesn’t know what his future will be and intends to make his decision during the summer, a trend he’s followed over the past several seasons. The Ducks also remain hopeful of getting prized prospect Justin Schultz under contract before July 1st, when he’ll become an unrestricted free agent.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple recently reported NY Islanders winger P.A. Parenteau, who could command up to $4 million per season on the open market, remains hopeful of re-signing with the Islanders.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He might have to accept a little less than that to remain with the Islanders.


  1. Why on gods green earth would Columbus give their (most likely) 1st overall pick for Schneider, Elliot or Halak??? Wow! The Jackets would deserve to be relocated after a move like that. If it were a 4-5 pick maybe, but Yakupov is a can’t miss star…you draft him, no ifs ands or buts.

  2. To: Bob Murray GM of Ducks
    Would rather have you toss an extra $ 500K or $ Million dollar bonus at Justin Schultz and get him signed
    then throw Millions and Millions at UFA and end up with a Ville Leino type player and contract.
    Suggestion on Schultz, take him down to the beach and let him look at all the “hot young chicks” running around there. Explain to him that he will now have the money and the fame of being a big time pro and
    he will have more gals chasing him then he can handle. Then take him and show him the beach in downtown Detroit, Buffalo, etc ( PS – do not show him south Flordia).

  3. @ DurtMCHurt

    At this point, the best star that the Blue Jackets can get is a bonafide goaltender. They have had a star in Nash, and yet their goaltending has always been a weak point. Yakupov is a stud prospect, but so was Filatov. So was Zherdev. So was Voracek. Brule….Picard.

    Yakubov does not fix anything significantly in the next few years.

    A top notch goaltender, and an improved defense, do. I believe that you build a strong team from the net out.

    The Blue Jackets can easily acquire an excellent goalie, and trade Nash for some quality players to boost their roster. I would take that over what their current roster is, even once Yakupov is added.

  4. Columbus first for Craig Anderson and Ottawa’s first.

  5. Micki, there’s no denying the Jackets need a goaltender. You just don’t trade a first overall for one. Voracek et al were not “can’t miss stars” a top pick doesn’t come around very often, so take advantage. Get a goalie through other means.
    Breathe easy today habs fans! Say goodbye to Gauthier. Although I can’t stand Montreal, it’ll be nice when both of our teams are respectible again. It only feels slightly gratifying kicking you when you’re down.

  6. NASAH
    In order for a team to acquire Nash they have to be very solid in depth or purely desperate and both those are ripe for for failure …..If you give up to many assets and it sets you back one player is not going to be that much of an impact and if you give up too much in deseration it will cost you success for the next 5 to 8 years !
    I think that the trade deadline was the best situation for Howson as it created the most stress to a team and Mangement to make a knee jerk trade where as now they have time to evaluate and will not offer as much as what could have been had and it all comes down to a trade …….I see Philly , San Jose, La Kings having some good assets to move and still stay competitive after aquiring Nash …there is no reason for Nash to go to a desperate team as they will be in the same fortune as the C B J and at the bottom of the league !!
    The Rangers should count there blessings they balked …and they will be out of the Nash sweeps as Parise is target # 1 and that also come into play , there is more competition for Howson hes not the big fish anymore….Parise Weber and Suter are and some other players that are Nash caliber but not as costly!

    If they are going to trade the first round pick I would ask for more than just a straight up trade player for player for this years #1 pick !

    C B J can get 5- 6 players by making two transactions …not all that bad !!! Quick turn around and fill holes, but they have to address a new young franchise type player a legit #1 gaolie and young defenseman in those trades !

    Should return for one more season but go to a legit contender for one last swig out of the silver !
    He could be just as much of an Impact as aquiring a Nash type player to a team ! especially in points and leadership at a much lower cost !

    N Y Islanders
    Just signed 37 year old John Grahame ….mmmmmmm…..lost on this one !!!!
    So now they have Montoya …Nillson …Poulin… Dipietro & Nabakov as well as Grahame !
    Maybe the Islanderds and C B J can switch franchises and rinks that might be a good trade becuase these two teams are freaks of the NHL ……..

    I am sure Snow will sign Parenteau to create his core that have played together around Tavares for the last few years !

  7. @ Durt mchurt

    Not to offend you but C B J has had Yakuoov type players come around VERY Often ..the last 6 years to be exact ….LOL …
    didnt change anything !
    He will not change anything either all by himself even if they get a good goalie ….the team just does not have the pieces to surround this type of player for him to succeded right away he will be very frustrated in his second and third year when they have gotten no where…… AGAIN !

  8. @ Lyle There is a malware script running on your site. I caught one like a week ago that tries to pull bank account info and I couldn’t figure out from where. After a recent virus scan update, it keeps flagging this site. Just an FYI.

  9. The smart thing to do would be keep the pick, unless the trade involves taking in a 2-5 pick and player. Then your trade for Nash brings in a goaltender and pick and prospect. Boom.

    The Ghost will be gone at 11:45 am EST. I wonder I’d the replacement is named today? Either way, at least it’s some positive news for us habs fans. And, Durt. You must be kicking us while laying beside us at the bottom of that cliff! Lol. :). Our teams stink. Haha

  10. Chris and Micki, consider this….here is a list of first overall picks in the last decade.
    Kovalchuk (2001) Nash (2002) M.A Fleury (2003) Ovy (2004) Crosby (2005) Erik Johnson (2006) Kane (2007) Stamkos (2008) Tavares (2009) Hall (2010) RNH (2011) like I said (with the exception of Johnson) You can’t miss with the first overall pick. No way you trade those types of players.

  11. People suggesting that CBJ not take Yakupov and/or that they should trade the pick for a goalie are crazy. Just because Columbus has had bad luck before doesn’t mean they will again. Just stupid to overlook a player like Yakupov. Secondly, if the team isn’t ready for a goalie then how do you expect that goalie to succeed? Look what happened to one of the best young goalies (Steve Mason). If you don’t have the pieces around the goalie his confidence will get shattered. CBJ needs to do what Edmonton is doing. Build a team first and then get the goalie. Edmonton is going to be dynasty in 2 years when they make a couple big free agent splashes.

  12. I’m also getting the threat message “Trojan.malscript!html” on the Nash-Selanee update.

  13. @ Kyle

    Point taken but when C B J took Mason they did have good peices and were in the prime of Nash and some cood core players …they had a very decent team surrounding Mason at that time …and on paper they had a very talented team this year as well ….Mason has played for a few years now and needed to step up and start playing like a true number 1 franchise player …….he didnt !!!! and thas why he is just an average goalie and would not fare to be a starter on any other quality team !

    Even Brian Elliott is an anomoly ….its called the Jim Carey syndrome…..thats why yesterday I explained how valuable a true #1 legit franchise goalie is so valuable ….because there really is only 5- 10 in the world …the rest are just average players who play 2-4 years in the bigs and …POOF …gone !

  14. Thanks for the heads-up, it’s obviously coming from one of the ads. I’m looking into it.

  15. I don’t see how the market for Nash is going to expand as the playoffs progress unless there is a clause in his contract; like say a window of time inwhich he can be traded anywhere. Without something like this Nash still holds all the cards and if I were Nash I would stick it to the BJ’s management for basicly throwing me under the bus in the media. Nash was classy and quietly asked for a trade and exercised his right under his contract to control where he was traded. He took the high road when dealing with the media and didn’t make it a messy afair. Then the GM comes out and basicly has a public hanging of Nash by implying that he is abandoning the club!
    No I think people are dreaming if they think Nash is going to open up the trading floor for them. If anything I think Nash might take the stance of screw you guys! I would say we see his list shorten and an ultamatum of a trade deadline imposed by Nash. In other words,”Here is where I will go and get it done before training camp because I am never putting the BJ’s jersey on my back again!”
    People who are much closer to the heartbeat of hockey then even those who write about hockey for a living are aware of the Nash saga. The teams on Nash’s list are well aware of being one of his choices and they aren’t going to sell the farm for a player that they know the Bjs have to trade. The bJs aren’t dealing from any position of stengh at all here. They have no hold back card, unless they sweeten the deal with their 1st pick this year. Then you might see the return reach close to what is being asked.
    Just think about it, the teams that were in on Nash all bocked at the asking price before the public lynching of Nash. Why would they ever pay more now that it is known that he wants out and that he feels betrayed. It just doesn’t make sense that they would pay more. All you have to do is look at similiar situations in the past; Joe Thorton or Danny Heatly, who I would put in the same class as Nash in terms of talent at the time of their trades. I bet before those trades went down not one sports reporter would have thought that they would be traded for the package thy were traded for.
    I say go Nash and srew you BJs. I hope he wins a cup and they get what they dish out; disrespect and garbage. How do you think other players will look upon the team now? Good luck at building anything in Columbus but the path to relocation! I hear that there are a few cities in Canada that know how to treat a struggling franchise right!

  16. Shawn and Steve: I’ve spoke to my ad provider, and they ensure me this is what’s called a “false positive”, and the URL associate with the flag is not malicious.

  17. I have said this before , and will say it again.
    Screw Nash. Any player that has a no trade clause and then demands a trade themselves should therefore have to void that clause and be available to be traded anywhere.
    It is ridiculous that a player under contract can demand a trade and then dictate to whom he will be dealt ,
    thus handcuffing the team and it’s fans.
    Demand a trade , lose your clause , suck it up you little millionaire babies.

  18. Mongo1732

    I have to agree with you …but if the team is willing to give the no trade clause then in essence they are also allowing you to choose your own destiny as well ….the team should make it policy to not give oiut no trade clauses ….a no trade protects the player and the team ……and you cant tell me that Howson didnt get greedy on what he wanted back …thats the reason Nash wasmnt traded not becuase there wasnt a deal to be made …as far as I hear there were unreal offers to C B J and some of thsoe teams would have made a mistake if Howson had excepted ….so its C B J fault for not completeing a deal ….it only takes one team to make a deal anyways not 30 !

  19. On PARENTEAU, given his history on being a passing winger at 1.25 mill, what teams does he look good on? At what salary?

  20. DurtMChurt…actually the 1st overall pick for a goalie is exactly the trade they need to do. For starters they have a very bad track record drafting Russians, and wouldn’t surprise me if they are a little gun shy when it comes to drafting them. Also Yakupov has already had a few serious injuries, and last its best to build a team from the back out, and they have already started that with Jack Johnson. Then they can bring in some young quality forwards with Nash. Add that to Brassard, Johansson, Atkinson, Wisniewski, Nikitin, Letestu and Tyutin and they will have a decent young team once you add a bonafide starter like Schneider, Elliot or Bernier.

  21. There has been some talk that the Pens are interested in P.A. Parenteau. They wouldn’t pay much over 3M (if that) for him though. But they do have the perennial contender thing going on and 2 of the top 3 players in the world, so I think they’ll receive consideration anyways.

  22. Canadian King, again, I think it’s in the best interest to get a guy like Schneider, I’m simply saying they don’t trade a first overall pick for him. Maybe next years first, that way with a quality goaltender between the pipes they might actually be out of a lottery pick, it’d be a gamble for both teams but if you have a first overall pick, you don’t trade for a goaltender unless he’s an already proven elite…even then. Maybe Columbus’ 2013 1st and a conditional 2nd, the condition being that if the first is not a top 5 pick then they also throw in the second for Schneider.

    ACR, good idea on Pit/Parenteau. I can see a match. I can also see Parenteau taking less money to possibly play with Crosby.

  23. I still think the jackets can get the goods for Nash. It did probably hurt their cause a bit throwing him under the bus, however it might have also gave him a little extra incentive to accept another team he might not have considered as much before. Think about it. All management has to say is you can go to this team, or you can stay with us. Who would stay now? lol. I think they can get a good deal though this summer in all seriousness. The teams Nash wanted to go to will be more likely to be interested in the off season as they won”t have disrupted the chemistry mid season so they’ll likely feel more comfortable parting with that key piece or two. Especially if they think they can then replace that next one with a UFA.

  24. @Chris

    Yes , but that player also signed to play for that team for said term of the contract.
    When he decides he wants out , the team can easily say no , not until the contract is finished.
    But that obviously does not work in terms of effort , desire , etc.
    Demand a trade , your no trade clause is done , pure and simple.
    Rich little millionaire babies need to be slapped , we or their employers should not have to eat their baby-food.

  25. Well I’m getting ads up the ying yang from your site and I now have Meebo trying to connect. I understand your need to generate a “self sufficient” website, but the ads are starting to kill me and they are driving my Norton crazy.

  26. I also get a weird report that my virus scan blocked an attack every time I go on this site.

    As for the Yakupov debate, if the jackets can get some sort of huge return for the first pick then great but I don’t see anyone giving too much and as several people have said: you usually can’t miss on the first pick. Yakupov has been in North America for a couple years he seems like a good guy. Plus the first overall pick is a lot to pay for any goalie who is relatively unproven ie. Bernier and Schneider

    As for Paranteau: i’m not sold on this guy either, he gets a lot of assists (with high goal scoring linemates) I wouldn’t take him for 4M.

  27. Steve, e-mail me the details. Also, what do you mean you’re “getting ads up the ying yang and now Meebo is trying to connect”? Are they trying to download onto your system? And which ads are they?

    Again, I need specific details if I’m to fully address the issue. I’d also ask anyone else receiving notifications from their AV to do the same. Specifically: if possible, what ad is tripping your anti-virus, your location, and which anti-virus software are you using?

    This hasn’t been a widespread problem, as only a handful of people (less than 10, by my count) have complained about this,. That’s usually indicative of a “false positive”, but I do wish to follow up to ensure that it’s not a real virus/trojan/malware.

  28. Also, please e-mail me the details. That’s not to keep it “private”, but I can address it more quickly if you e-mail me directly, rather than posting it here, where I might not see it for several hours. Please use the “contact” button on the menu bar to do this. Thanks.