Updates on Ryan, Luongo and Weber – September 7, 2012.

Bobby Ryan is singing a different tune about being traded, Roberto Luongo reiterates he hasn’t been asked for a list of trade destinations from the Canucks, and Shea Weber’s contract lacks a “no-trade” clause.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports Anaheim Ducks winger Bobby Ryan has addressed the comments he made back in June when he vented his frustration against Ducks management for his name constantly appearing in trade rumors, maintaining his wants to remain with the Ducks.

Ryan called his earlier remarks “a mistake and a slip up on my part.” He and his agent said they’ve never requested a trade, which Ducks management confirmed. Ducks GM Bob Murray has said nothing on the subject, other than saying he’d like to meet with Ryan at some point to clear the air, though that hasn’t happened yet. Ryan did admit he still know where he stands in his relationship with management, but his agent believes at some point Murray and Ryan will meet.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: At least we know Ryan hasn’t demanded a trade, but the fact he doesn’t know for certain where he stands with management will keep alive speculation Murray is shopping him, or at least is listening to offers. Until Murray states Ryan isn’t on the market, his name will continue to pop up in the rumor mill.

MIAMI HERALD’s George Richards reports via Twitter: “Roberto Luongo: #Canucks GM Mike Gillis has not asked for a list of teams he would accept trade; Gillis told #FlaPantherspreferred stop”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be very surprised if Luongo is dealt prior to the September 15th expiry date of the current CBA.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper recently reported the offer sheet for Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber has been finalized into a contract, but it doesn’t contain a “no-movement” or “no-trade” clause. Because Weber signed an offer sheet, under current CBA rules he cannot be dealt for one year from the date he signed the deal, but after that date, the Predators can move him if they wish.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been suggested Weber could be dealt this season under a new CBA if the rules governing the movement of players signed to an offer sheet are changed. Because Weber signed his deal under the current CBA, it will be honored just like every other existing contract in the new CBA. It remains to be seen, however, what the ruling will be if, say, a lockout results in a new CBA not being signed until next August.

Regardless, a lack of a trade clause will likely keep Weber’s name floating around the rumor mill as next summer draws nearer, as there’s a school of thought suggesting the Preds might dump him after a year because his new contract is too expensive for them to carry for a long period of time.


  1. If Nashville trades Weber next year, what kind of deal do you think they are going to get? What NHL team can offer a better compensation than 4 1st round picks and 25mil cash already invested into Weber.

    • Not sure but I would rather have Weber than Schenn and Couturier, man is Holmgren ever a moron for not just trading them instead of being a weasel and going the offer sheet route. Flyers will be another 2nd round knockout (if there is a season), as we all know defence wins championships, just ask Richards, Carter and Gagne.

      • What Holmgren did was freaking brilliant. Predators were shopping Weber to Van, NYR or PIT etc etc..

        You are just too simple minded to understand it.

        • just like trading Richards and Carter were brilliant? Ya brilliant for the STANLEY CUP CHAMPS. Try taking the orange coloured glasses off, and stop your teenage girl obsession on Holmgren. Newsflash buddy, a GM is graded on success with championships, not crazy trades and offer sheets or are you just too simple minded to understand that.

          • Sounds like you’re the one with a teenage girl obsession with Richards and Carter… If you actually watched the Flyers instead of harboring an irrational hate for anything orange and black, you’d see that Richards and Carter were not going to bring a cup to Philly. They were not the core to build a cup winner around, and they had plenty of chances to be “the guys” in Philly. If you weren’t biased, you’d also admit that Richards and Carter were merely role-players on a cup winning team, and not expected to carry the load, as they were in Philly.

      • Problem is it just wasn’t Schenn and couturier. There were rumors that they wanted at least three and maybe all four first round picks.

        • Richards and Carter were not the core to build around for a cup winning team as Jon said. The Kings core is Doughty, Brown, Kopitar and Quick. They are solid players who know how to play the way it takes to win. Carter and Richards didn’t have as much of an impact in the playoffs with LA as you make them out to Canadian King and I think that you fail to see. What Homer did through trades over the past year was effectively make his aging roster much younger and instill a core to build around that has both grit and talent. All that the dealt away was guys who weren’t living up to their potential.

  2. No more Doan but now we will here Luongo

  3. Luongo wont be dealt till a new cba is done.All the gms will be waiting to see what happens before taking on that big a contract.As for Doan resigning,ill believe it when the coyotes are sold for sure.Weber will be traded by end of the season.I think Bobby Ryan will be traded if he fails to produce a solid season,if there is one.And i still think overall Luongo ends up in Toronto and so does Bobby Ryan and possibly Getzlaf i believe his contract is up soon.

    • Shawn.. Weber can’t be traded for a year (from the date of his offer sheet ie around August next year). How do you think Tor. could fit Luongo, Ryan, and/ or Getzlaf under their salary cap? ..never mind how ridiculous the lack of assets available to trade for any of those guys… get real!!

  4. Puckgod,Getzlaf is a free agent next year and toronto needs a number one center badly,Brian Burke will offer him the max and Toronto is one of the few teams willing to send players to the minors even if they have insane contracts.Im not saying they will get them but im sure they are one of the teams that make enough to dump some players to the minors to make room for better talent.And if Florida really wanted Luongo it would have been done already.Also the new cba may not leave alot of choices to teams at the cap now if it gets lowered Vancouver may have to look at other offers.

    • Since all signs point to the new CBA including some sort of max limit on contract term & value, all 30 teams in the NHL would likely offer a max contract to a player like Getzlaf. Assuming all the above is true, why on earth would Getzlaf sign with Toronto on his own free will? The Leafs are not a #1 centre away from being a Cup favourite, far from it. With Getzlaf having his choice of 30 NHL teams, I would imagine that Toronto would be somewhere around the bottom 1/3rd of his list of preferred destinations.

      • The only reason i picked toronto id his connection with Brian Burke and my opinion is only that not fact or rumour just think they may go after bobby ryan as well as he is a burke type player.maybe package kessel and somebody and a pick to get getzlaf and ryan.

  5. Guys Toronto needs to rebuild.
    Adding big names and big salaries is not the answer.
    They tried that already.
    Time to dump salary for picks and prospects.
    Kessel included.

  6. With the rarity of similar players, you would think that Ana would go out of its way to reassure a player like Ryan. There are 30 teams who would take him in a minute if the deal was right, so my confusion is why team management cant just say dont worry you are here and staying here.

    Luongo is not going anywhere at the price Gillis is asking. Is he worth top trade value, based on skill and stats, yes, but there is something about the goalie that has never inspired confidence and he is no longer a young goalie with potential. He is now a vet with question marks. And the Canucks only have themselves to blame, if AV hadnt made Luongos status with the club clear by sticking with Schneider, they might have been able to do something a bit more subtle at the draft.

    I think Weber deserves the uncertainty. While I dont disagree with his right to make as much money as possible, the way he played the Predators throughout the year with his comments to fan and management left a sour taste. I think if the team could get some young offense in exchange, he is gone, and Nashville does still have tremendous young depth at defence.

  7. there is no reason for Nashville to give Weber a no trade clause, he certainly didn’t show any loyalty when he signed the offer sheet from Philadelphia. if Nashville really wanted to make a statement they’d announce that he was going to the highest bidder and currently that was Columbus at next year’s draft.

  8. Re: Weber Trade Return
    It is clear that there are teams with thick prospect lists that would be willing to offer a slew of closer than draft pick prospects and NHLers.
    You have to see a return on Weber that exceeds is long-term valur to the Predators or it is a no-trade, stay in Nashville situation.
    I just feel that the Preds would have to feel confident the dee-man on their way up in their farm would have to start showing strong NHL projections before the Preds could send him packing for a THICK surplus of almost can’t-miss forward types, from scorers to lunchpail kids.
    The REASON they MATCHED was to not lose the polished asset of Weber for maybe, could be’s that draft picks in the late / middle can easily turn out to be.
    There are teams that would thrive on the instant buzz of aquiring a Weber and making him their keystone on defense.
    Those teams would really have to gamble that the personal loss of their best prospects are worth the chance. Preds aren’t taking just “maybe could develop’s” and unwanted pieces similar to the Rangers deal (I am not trying to devalue those three guys now with Columbus…just stating they are not on eaqual footing as the guy Rangers recvd.)

    • I looked at your draft and was shocked not to see any Peterborough Petes being drafted. Did you forget about Nick Ritchie and Trevor Murphy?

  9. I think Nashville would be wise not to trade Weber. They matched the offer sheet and would look stupid turning down 4 first round draft picks or desperate if they thought they were backed into a corner. Every NHL team wants to be viewed as a destination for players. They do that with solid management, treating players well, and building depth with solid, high caliber players who want to stay. Now Weber signed an offer sheet, which could be interpreted as a lack of loyalty, but because the Pred matched, he is there for a longtime. I am sure he would like to win once and a while, so he will put up and shut up, and sing the praises of the Preds, otherwise he lives a long , lonely painful death. If Nashville is going to buckle every time they have a great player, trading them because of affordability, or losing them due to perceived lack of wanting to win, then why have a team? If they commited to Weber, then for God’s sake keep building around him. They have a base for a team with a franchise D man and an excellent goalie that many teams would love to have. Build from there and make it your goal to beat Minnesota every single time you meet……That is a winning attitude.

  10. Jon and Nitro you are spot on. Sure we would’ve loved to have Weber, but the asking price was way too steep. Trading Richards and Carter was good for all concerned, and I loved both of those guys. But, that was the reality of the situation.