Updates on Ryan Miller and Alex Pietrangelo – August 27, 2013.

How is Ryan Miller handling the trade rumors swirling about him? Will Alex Pietrangelo stage a contract holdout?

Ryan Miller downplays questions about his future.

Ryan Miller downplays questions about his future.

NHL.COM: Corey Masisak reports Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller is taking a low-key approach toward his future with the Sabres. Though Sabres management has expressed a willingness to entertain trade offers for Miller, the veteran goalie hasn’t requested a trade or publicly expressed unhappiness or frustration.

Miller said he intends to handle things differently than Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo, acknowledging the new CBA has made it difficult to move players under expensive contracts. Miller has only one season left on his contract with a limited no-trade clause. It’s possible the Sabres could re-sign Miller, but he said so far nothing’s come up, though he isn’t ruling out the possibility.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Miller’s performance has declined over the past couple of years, due in part to injuries and the Sabres woeful defense. I believe it would take a significant improvement in Miller’s performance this season and a willingness on his part to accept less money on a shorter-term contract to remain with the Sabres beyond this season.

TSN.CA: Mark Masters reports St. Louis Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo claims he’s confident he’ll be re-signed by the club before training camp opens in two weeks. He also said he’s not thinking about a hold out, but instead remains focused on training camp, as well as his current participation in Team Canada’s Olympic orientation camp.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s potentially good news for Blues fans nervous about Pietrangelo’s contract status, but just because he’s not thinking about staging a holdout doesn’t mean he won’t change his mind in two weeks time. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that.


  1. Buffalo needs to start moving in a new direction ….the Pomminville trade was a big sign of that !
    By holding up the process with not moving Miller is just giving a wrong signal to the team and the fan base …his contract is tough to swallow this year because of the cap going down and that is the biggest factor not his play ….he is a bonifide # 1 and can take a QUALITY Team deep in a playoff run if not the finals and a cup if the chance presented itself …not a lot of teams looking for that position right now and take on the cash….Buffalo should trade and take on some of his money for this one year to make the move and get a young quality goalie in return and a 1A prospect back.

    The Avalanche may be the perfect team for this type of trade as they have a deep young prospect team and a good young Goalie in Varlomov to make a trade they also want to win…. NOW!!!!
    Miller would fit in here with Roy and Sakic like a glove same intensity and leadership.
    Buffalo may be able to take on some money as its only a 1 year deal until UFA .
    Colorado is also very close to the LA region …if that helps any!!

    In other news the Henrique deal should be almost what Kadri should get …great escalating contract to help while cap increases. $2 mill this year and so forth …this will also allow to resign Franson to a bridge deal as well when Phaneuf gets let go that will free up money !

    • The escalating salary doesn’t help with the cap. The cap hit is the same for each year of the contract. In Henrique’s case that is $4M per year.

    • Yeah, nothing says “we want to win now” than sticking with your young core & being a lottery team year after year like Colorado. They’re getting better but saying they want to win now is ludicrous. They’re defence is terrible & they have a bunch of (talented but) young forwards. Sounds like a contender to me. Also, what qualifies as being close to the LA region? Yeah Denver is closer to LA than Buffalo but it’s still a 15 hour drive (I know, he won’t be driving anyway… Just like he wouldn’t be driving from Buffalo)

    • Dude, seriously! Look at a map some day. Denver is over a thousand miles from LA. That’s further than Toronto to Atlanta.

    • Although I concur that Miller still has great value, I don’t think Colorado is the team that’s looking to “win now”. In fact I dare say that Colorado is rebuilding to win in 3-4 years from now.
      If someone were to ask me which team is looking to win now, I would have a hard look at Detroit, Anaheim, and Ottawa. Those 3 have an older team and are looking to make a run as many of their players have either peaked or are plateauing talent-wise.
      In my eyes, the only teams that need a goalie upgrade are Philadelphia, Calgary, Florida, and Tampa Bay and to be honest I don’t see Miller accepting a trade to any of them if the rumors are true that he wants to go to the west coast.

      • hasn’t BUF been trying to move Miller, and GMs value cap space versus what Miller might be able to bring, and THAT’S why Miller hasn’t been moved? or is Miller really in control here?

        • He has a limited NTC, so he has somewhat of a say as to where he goes (if he goes anywhere at all)

          • yes, Cap Geek says so… but still, do you really think if there was a team who wants him that he would decline a move? Especially if it were some place like TB or FLA?

            My money is on him not being wanted, or at least at the cap space price he comes with. Especially since next season he’s UFA.

      • Don’t know why you think Anaheim is a “OLD” team. Ya, they have Selanne but have told him if he comes back his minutes will be reduced. Perry, Getzlaf, Silferberg, Belesky, Bonino, Coglino, Etem, Palmieri, Fowler, Sbisa, Vatanen and then perhaps adding Smith-Pelly and Holland is not an old team.

        • The average age of Anaheim’s players is 29.2, that’s not that young.
          Hate to break the new to you that Perry is no longer on the team 😛
          Getzlaf and Staubitz are 29, Kouvu is 39, Selanne is 43, Penner is 30, Allen and Beauchemin are both 33, Lovejoy is 29, Souray is 37, Hiller and Fasth are both 31

          Thats 11 (half) the starting line up that can be considered “plateauing” as it is rare that anyone gets better past these ages.

          • Ugh, confused Bobby Ryan and Corey Perry…. I need a coffee

    • I think NJ did the right thing with Henrique.. He is decent overall player.. But it makes me wonder, how much Stepan is looking to get. Stepan could be 5M a year type of player and NYR do not have 5M in cap room.

    • Problem with Miller is that he “effected his value” with his mouth and his actions, especially when his buddy Pommer was traded. Saying he wants to go west, doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild and putting his townhouse on the market speaks volumnes. Thing is, most West Coast teams are set at Goalie – leaving Edmonton and Calgary (both teams in the midst of a rebuild) available.

      Miller is a good goalie and while some consider him an elite goalie – I’m not quite sure of it because Sid sure has his number and although he can keep a team in the game,there is the occassional soft goal that he lets in. How often have I seen Miller make tremendous saves only to allow that soft one to squib through. Miller can also name 8 teams that he doesn’t want to go to and that can also effect his value.I have no problem with Miller moving on and I think a year ago we could have done a straight up trade for Niemi – but at this point, I think we’ll be lucky to get a draft pick unless things don’t work out in Co or St. Louis.

  2. Miller won’t get moved just because he wants out of Buffalo. The theory is nice, move him to a team that wants him and get some assets back. In practice, teams that want him know they’ll have their shot to get him for free next summer. If Buffalo were to trade him, the return would be garbage right now. He has to elevate his play this season to make himself valuable, and then he can move at the trade deadline or find a contract in the off-season.

    Moving him right now would be a bad decision.

    • Chaas, I might have to agree with you, although I think by Christmas there might be some interest. Miller has 8 teams he can name that he doesn’t want to go to….so….in looking at what teams have need for a goalie…..Islanders, Florida, Edmonton and what teams might have an interest – St. Louis or Co – how many of them are on that 8 team list. I think the Sabres this year are going to surprise a lot of people, there is a lot of skill, good work ethic and desire within our youngsters who are all fighting for playing time. Who knows – Miller might decide Buffalo is the best place for him.

  3. Not sure what you mean Konstantine when you say Ottawa is an older team that’s looking to win now. They actually have the youngest team in the league according to NHLnumbers.com.

    • Yah… I don’t get that either. With the loss of Gonchar & Alfie.. the two oldest players on the team.. the average age has come down quite a bit..

      Quite a few players under the age of 25 this year… that gets you a lot of inexperience as well..

    • My bad, I was still looking at last year’s numbers. I take that one back.

  4. 19 days until 1st exebition game. Season starts in 36 days..


  5. I’m wondering if Washington would be a good destination for Miller. Neuvirth and Kuznetsov to Buffalo? The Caps are in win now mode and Holtby could benefit from having a good mentor.