Updates on Ryan Whitney and Martin Biron.

Does the Blues re-signing of Alex Pietrangelo mean there’s no room for Ryan Whitney with the Blues? Could the Rangers shop backup goalie Martin Biron?

Is there room on the Blues defense for Ryan Whitney?

Is there room on the Blues defense for Ryan Whitney?

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports the Blues re-signing Alex Pietrangelo doesn’t mean they’re disinterested in Ryan Whitney, who is attending training camp on a tryout basis. They see him as potential depth for their defense. GM Doug Armstrong believes his club’s style of play is different from that of Whitney former team (Edmonton Oilers), which could be to Whitney’s benefit. However, the Blues currently have seven defensemen under one-way contracts, and Whitney isn’t interested in a two-way deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ian Cole (on a one-way, $825K contract) is the only guy on the Blues defense I see Whitney challenging for a spot. He’ll have his work cut out for him to be a threat to Jordan Leopold or Roman Polak. If Whitney doesn’t make the Blues but has a strong camp, it could help him sign with another club.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports on the competition between Martin Biron and Johan Hedberg for the role of Henrik Lundqvist’s backup. Biron is entering the final season of his contract (worth $1.3 million) while Hedberg is there on a tryout basis. Brooks suggests if Hedberg out-duels Biron, the latter could be shopped rather than demoted.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anyone else see this as a means for the Rangers to free up some cap space to re-sign Derek Stepan? Sure seems that way to me. If Hedberg outplays Biron during pre-season and find a willing taker for the latter on the trade market, they could sign Hedberg for close to the league minimum ($550K) and put the savings from a Biron trade toward Stepan.


  1. Provided anyone wants Biron. Goalie market is tough these days.

    Whitney may not be terrible, he just played on a terrible team. I wouldn’t be surprised if he still proved to be a legitimate NHL D-man.

    • Na, he’s terrible. If he was any good at all, he would of been signed by July. The guy just can’t stay healthy at all, and just doesn’t have it anymore

  2. Makes me wonder what Stepan is looking for salarywise – probably between Hodgson and Pietrangelo $ – I’m guessing he is looking in the neighborhood of 4-6 years @ $4.5M/yr. I guess he could do a 1 year deal for $3M figuring he can extend when the cap is bumped up. Although if I were Stepan I would figure I wasn’t that high a priority on the Ranger list and take exception to being low balled.

  3. So basically the Blues management got smart and sign Pietrangelo long term at 6.5 mil a year, and forgo the “bridge contract idea” and tie him up for seven years.

    You are not in a position to play games with a skinflint company line, when you have a players who truly has the capability of being an elite all around defender for a long time.

    If Piet was still in that on the job training phase, where deficits and weakness were being worked on, they yes, you stick with the bridge idea.

    I would have had his name on the dotted line wit this deal in July before anyone else.

    We can now welcome the Blues management to the era where every other player’s re-up and all new acquistions are tied directly to trying to suit a lineup of players in each upcoming year. Each move (and necessary subtractions) becomes more closely tied to the Cap, and you end up forced to make moves you don’t necessarily wish you had to.

    Every new upcoming contract is on the GM’s mind far before it is close to ending…