Updates on Selanne and Nyquist – August 8, 2013.

Teemu Selanne reportedly weighing three options, and the latest on the Red Wings contract negotiations with Gustav Nyquist.

Will Temmu Selanne return with the Ducks?

Will Temmu Selanne return with the Ducks?

SPORTSNET.CA: Mike Johnston cited a report out of Finland claiming Teemu Selanne will either return with the Anaheim Ducks, sign with a different NHL team or retire. Selanne is an unrestricted free agent but spent the past eight season playing for the Ducks. Anaheim GM Bob Murray said he’d welcome Selanne back if the winger were 100 percent committed to playing this season. If Selanne chooses to play with another team, Johnston claims several NHL clubs would be interested in his services.

WINNIPEG SUN’s Ken Wiebe reported via Twitter ,”I’ve heard the rumour mill is abuzz with the hope Teemu Selanne does the full circle thing and returns to #NHLJets for his 22nd NHL season.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While anything’s possible (hello there, Daniel Alfredsson signing with the Detroit Red Wings), I believe Selanne returns with the Ducks, as he has every year since 2008. They currently have over $4.3 million in cap space, and Selanne earned $4.5 million last season, but he has played for less ($4 million in 2011-12, and $2.625 million per season on a two-year deal from 2008-09 to 2009-10), so perhaps he’d consider a $3 million deal.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: George Sipple reports Red Wings GM Ken Holland said he’d “close” to getting Gustav Nyquist signed to a new contract, but their cap situation and Holland’s wish to bring back Daniel Cleary had held up the deal. Nyquist is seeking the security of a two-year contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wings need to clear cap space for Nyquist and Cleary. It’s been rumored for weeks they’ll try to move out some salary by shopping a forward or two. Jordin Tootoo ($1.9 million per season) and Cory Emmerton ($535k) have been rumored as potential trade candidates.


  1. Well its official we have hit the bottom of the barrel and exhausted all resources…not much to talk about if we are discussing Corry Emmerton trade rumors, well it can only go up from here.

    • If Emmerton was a Leaf this thread would be three miles long. Trust me.

      • Just means there are more Leaf fans out there, and they’re more devoted to their team.
        Nothing wrong with that.

      • And a lot of it would be people like you whining about the Leafs and their fans…

        • Na, people are just sick, and tired of Leafs talk when there’s nothing about the Leafs

  2. It would be neat, and fathers would go crazy to see Selanne back in the ‘Peg.

    • Southern California on a pretty safe bet for a playoff team or The Peg and -25 c on a nice day in Jan and a playoff hopeful? hmmmm….no Ill take the Ducks.

      • true.. would still be neat.

  3. Selanne needs 25 goals to score 700. Jagr needs 19. Only 6 players scored 700 goals. Not a single European player scored 700. I hope both players have strong seasons and reach this milestone.

    • judging by how Selanne plays every year (even as an old fart), he’ll get there this season.

    • Agreed! Would be great to see them both get in the record books like that!

      • Just imagine how many goals and points Jagr could have if he had not opted to play for Omsk in the KHL! Maybe we would talk if he could reach 750 this season!

  4. That is some amazing analysis out of Finland, “Teemu Selanne will either return with the Anaheim Ducks, sign with a different NHL team or retire”. There must be too much daylight over there this time of year.

    • tomorrow, he’ll either sleep in or get up early

      • or do not get up at all.

  5. @ Sportsnet.ca: Thank you Captain Obvious. Three choices, what an idiot to even report that. What other choice does he have? Play or retire. You really can tell there isn’t much going on in the NHL.

    • ummm… how about the option “play in Europe or the KHL”? oh right… apparently the only place where they play hockey is the NHL…

  6. lol, so Selanne’s either staying, going, or retiring. Way to go out on a limb with your predictions. Here’s my professional prediction for if he plays: Teemu will either have a great year, play not so well or get injured. 😛

    • Get alot of goals, some goals, or no goals?

    • lol, or an American or Canadian team will win the Cup

      • Umm…I believe that Selanne could play in the KHL..join the ducks ,or some other European team in an off-ice capacity….You guys go on about “what else can he do but sign with the Ducks,another NHL team or retire?” but there are options other than those 3,and yet,you guys call the writer stupid? Pretty funny stuff.

        • So join some a team in an ” off ice capacity” would mean retired right? And playing in the KHL is even less likely then going back to Winnipeg, but hey what ever makes you feel smart I guess.

        • KHL would be considered retiring, right. ie Kovalchuk.

          • Not really if he didnt have a contract, but again really unlikely I suppose he could play in the SEL, or the European Professional League in the UK as well but realistically there are 3 options available.

  7. On to the weather report in Finland: it may, or may not rain today stay tuned!

    Selanne will go back to the Ducks, because he loves the sport and still dominates at 40 yrs old.
    Anaheim has been good to him, and he’s been good to them. Retirement will come when the game loses it’s entertainment for him (now I’m starting to sound like the Finnish sports news! LOL)
    As for Detroit, it’ll be interesting to see how they re-sign Nydstrom and bring back Cleary under the cap. I think they can do it as they have a terrific management team, but I’m still looking forward to seeing how.

    • Nyquist, not Nydstrom *sigh* is it Friday yet?

  8. On a different note. The devils owner has missed his first payment on his huge 230 million dollar debt. It is rumoured that the league might have to take the team over. Sound familiar? I said a couple of weeks ago that this was going to happen. The devils might be a bit easier sell than the coyotes and I’m sure the league would not want the devils to move.

    • Forbes: NHL to take over New Jersey Devils, via Sportsnet

    • Owner of the 76ers is supposed to be interested.. The devils and the new building will be a far easier sell then the Coyotes.

      • You can discuss this over at today’s Morning Coffee Headlines, where I noted the 76ers ownership’s interest in the Devils. Let’s stay on topic here (trade & free agent rumors)

    • Move them to Quebec!

  9. Well Nik Antropov has signed a two year deal back home in Russia. He joins Ponikarovsky as another Russian who could not get a NHL contract during the “Free Agent Frenzy” because of his inconsistant play. Is Bryzgalov next? It is funny how some words get turned around and the Russian press make it sound like the KHL was the player’s first choice. If it was their first choice they would have left alot earlier like Burmistrov and Kovalchuk.

    • Or Radulov, cant see it being long before Russian kids are dropping way down in the draft.

      • Russian kids: One is Ukrainian and one is from Kazakhstan. Both never represented Russia in WC, wjc, Olympics etc etc..

        • Antropov is from Kazakhstan and will play for kazakh KHL Team Baris Astana

        • Fine it wont be long before kids that are from Russia or some of the countries that border Russia (Khazakstan Ukraine Belarus possibly Finland when Jokerit joins the league next year) that have teams in the KHL start dropping down in the draft….better?
          Im not saying its a good thing just saying there will be more players who will or could likely see it as a legitimate league and NHL GMs wont risk gambling high draft picks on guys that might stay home and make as much if not more money then they would if they left, especially now that some are returning the KHL will promote them as the example, and its expanding. Olympic gold medals are the pinnacle of sport to most people around the world, not the championship trophy for an American league as much as we hold it in high regard. Some will still be lured by the best competition of course and want to play here but Im betting NHL GMs hedge their bets to avoid situations of players coming to their team and retiring or just not resigning come contract time and going home to play.
          Thanks for letting me clear that up tho I didnt mean to sound ignorant.

  10. Nyquist is such an excellent player. I was really hoping that the Sharks had an outside chance of picking him up because Detroit had to shed salary…lots of speed, good north-south game….

    Geez Shticky, take it easy on those Leafs fans. Every team has lots of whiner fans in general, I’m just glad to see the Leafs coming back toward being respectable..

    • Wait a sec….Im a Leaf fan, Im pointing out (or at least trying to) that when there is a “3 mile long” section involving Leaf stuff 1.5 miles of it is people giving Leaf fans a hard time about it…lol hence the super long nature of some of those sections. :-)

  11. Selanne is still an effective player. I suspect he returns to Anaheim…

  12. After losing agitators in Torres and Lapierre over the past couple of years, the Canucks could use another one. Tootoo for a pick and stick him on the 4th line?