Updates on Semin, Hejduk and S. Koivu.

How much is Alexander Semin worth to the Capitals? Is Milan Hejduk contemplating retirement? Does Saku Koivu hope to return with the Ducks? Read on for the latest.


What's Semin's worth to the Capitals?

WASHINGTON POST: Neil Greenberg recently examined the worth to the Washington Capitals, suggesting he could earn $6 million next season on the open market, perhaps less per seasonover a three-year deal. Greenberg notes there’s few available replacement options for Semin in this summer’s UFA market, and believes he’s worth bringing back next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Greenberg pointed out, it remains to be seen if Capitals management believes the same thing. If he were willing to accept a pay cut, perhaps they might bring him back next season. While Semin has received criticism for the decline in his performance, it should also be noted he was hampered by injuries earlier this season which he tried to play through.

DENVER POST: Mike Chambers reported Colorado Avalanche captain Milan Hejduk, the sole remaining member of their 2001 Stanley Cup championship team, is considering retirement at season’s end.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This season will mark the first time since 1998-99 (his rookie season) Hejduk won’t reach the 20-goal mark. It’s been obvious this season age has caught up with the 36-year-old, who was demoted recently to the fourth line in the Avs 1-0 loss to Vancouver. 

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports Saku Koivu, an unrestricted free agent this summer, would like to return with the Ducks next season. While Koivu’s point totals are down this season, he’s been strong in other areas of the game. Stephens suggests if the Ducks do decide to bring Koivu back, it’ll be for less than the $2.5 million he earned this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Koivu understands if he were to return he would no longer be the Ducks second line center. If he were willing to accept, say, a one-year deal for less than $2 million, the Ducks might bring him back. Despite his age (37), Koivu would be effective for clubs seeking short-term checking line depth at center.


  1. Having season tickets to the Sabres (being a Leafs fan) only way to get to see NHL games without going broke….
    I had the chance to see Washington a couple of times this year and was really dissappointed in seeing them, Semin is a player like Kovalev simply plays when he wishes to play and floats around ..hes a really big guy with an awesome shot but not a well rounded hockey player and IMO does not fit into most NHL models of how a cup contending team needs to play to win… id say he ends up in Euorope unless some desperate team makes the BIG mistake to sign him for more than $4.5 million becuase hes not worth a penny more and Iam being gracious!

    This guy si more valuable to his team than a guy like Semin ..leads by example had a great goal last night on a blast from the point and would be a good player to keep around for one more year in Colorado…the Avalanche have a great core !!! This team is ahead of Edmonton in a rebuild and has more talent spread through its entire lineup right to the Golaie than 80% of the league at the youngest team in the NHL …..watch out !!!!If I ws hejduk Id take a hoemtown discount to play one more year and if they find themselves out looking in at trade deadline next year move him to a cup contending team and part ways!
    Then retire his jersey the following October !

    You no this guy has nothing but fight & determination as per his personal life ….so it would be fair to say he really wants to win but is it with the Ducks ???
    Maybe he would want to play his final year with his brother who knows !!! But Koivu would be a great player to have for leadership and depth on a serious contending team who can get you close to 20 goals …I dont think hes done yet…and he may be happy to have a smaller role with les Icetime and just play a skating and checking game as opposed to the preasure to fight it out in the corners !
    I know I would at 37 years old against 24 years olds …the 3rd line would suit just fine !

    I can say without a shadow of a doubt after seing Sydney Crosby in Buffalo last night he is far and away the best hockey player in the world and hios pass at Ice level to James Neal on the rush between traffic placed with one skip 2 inches awy from the tape for the 3rd goal was absolutely unreal …I mean unreal!!!!
    Malkin is a force as well as Neal and if Fleury stands on his head this playoffs there is no one that SHOULD beat this club …..Go Pens !!!!
    Sincerley leafs fan

  2. Lyle
    The new site looks awesome!! Most of us could still use a spell check though. lol

  3. I agree with both Slap & shot and BeerGoggles (AKA firewilson)

    I think that one of the big problems with Semin is not only his work ethic as a team player but also his attitude with the team. From what I’ve heard he’s a cancer in the locker room. I can honestly see him back in the KHL within the next few years.

    The new site does look completely awesome, I’m a big fan of it. As for the spellchecker, just use Google Chrome, it has one built in.

    Lyle, kind of a side note but I think both the Habs and Leafs fans are wondering the same thing these days; what’s your take on the NHL draft this year and the top prospects who are projected in it. Where do you see them standing?

  4. I second Big Boss re: the draft.

    As for Koivu, I have no doubt that he will retire a Hab, if only for a day, like Gilmour and the Leafs.