Updates on Subban, Hall, Eberle, Begin and Tanev – August 15, 2012.

Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin talks about contract negotiations with P.K. Subban, the Oilers intend to re-sign Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle, Jets player rep Ron Hainsey confident a new CBA can be reached before start of the season, Steve Begin signs tryout contract with Flames and Canucks blueliner Chris Tanev working to improve his game.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin declined to go into detail over his contract negotiations with P.K. Subban, other to say the process is ongoing and remains cordial. That’s led to speculation Habs management still has some doubts over Subban, despite his on-ice performance and strong desire to play for Montreal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perhaps, but it could also mean the Subban camp is seeking more than the Habs are currently comfortable paying, just like Drew Doughty with the LA Kings last year at this time. I’m not suggesting Subban’s is seeking Doughty money, but I think salary is the sticking point here. It’ll get resolved before the season begins, whenever that may be. Again, the Canadiens won’t trade Subban. Whatever “doubts” there may be, he’s too talented to trade away.

Eberle and Hall could be in line for expensive new contracts.

EDMONTON JOURNAL:  Jim Matheson reports the Oilers intend to extend the contracts of forwards Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle, who are in the final season of their entry-level contracts and slated to become restricted free agents next summer. Matheson suggests the contracts of NY Islanders forward John Tavares and Carolina Hurricanes forward Jeff Skinner could be used as comparables.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tavares’ contract is six years, $33 million, for an average cap hit of $5.5 million, while Skinner’s is six years, $34.350 million, for an average cap hit of $5.75 million. The Oilers will obviously get Hall and Eberle re-signed, but it won’t be cheap.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Jets NHLPA player rep Ron Hainsey remains optimistic an agreement on a new CBA can be reached before the start of the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The PA’s counter-proposal could certainly prove a step in the right direction.

CALGARY HERALD: NHL veteran forward Steve Begin is returning to the team which drafted him, agreeing to a professional tryout contract with the Flames.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Canucks defenseman Chris Tanev is working hard to improve his game.


  1. You know.. actually I’m beginning to wonder. I think it’s clear MB doesn’t think PK is as elite as PK thinks he is. When MB was asked if PK was a part of the core moving forward (like Price & Max Pac), he said he had the ‘potential’ to be. Could be a bargaining tactic I suppose..

    One thing is clear with MB, he loves good character. PK can rock that boat from time to time, and I bet it make MB wonder if PK is his type of player. Thus, if the rumour is true, a 2 year offer to prove himself. I honestly do not see a 6 year deal for PK.

  2. I also think that a two year deal to iron out the kinks is needed. However, with Pacioretty signed long term at 4.5 it takes some bargaining power away from PK. If Subban was willing to accept his own 6 year deal it would be at 3.8-4.3 million per year. I’m willing to bet Subbans agent wants a escalating salary with a cap hit closers to 5 million and the Canadiens aren’t sure what PK’s next level of maturity is or when it will hit. I think PK is great now but he’s not worth more than what they offered Gorges. Now, if Subban take his game up a level and again then he’s a elite D man in this league. Until then he’s in the salary range I suggested. If they are willing to take 4 million for 6-7 years I would be falling over myself trying to get Subban to sign it. We all know he isn’t fielding other offers, I don’t think any team would offer him over 4.8 million per year, and he has a desire to stay and play for his favorite team. It’s just up to PK to tell his agent what he wants to do. Short term, good cash, or long term, possibly underpaid cash after the first 2 years.
    Also, this is all meaningless as the season may not begin on time anyways so the deal doesn’t have to be done right now. unless Subban wants a first year signing bonus.
    To be honest, I think that Bergevin is working on deals (as I wrote in the rumors section) that involve shipping out some salary to acquire a second line winger and/or gritty stay at home D man. I have heard the Canadiens were interested in JBo but unless it’s Kaberle ++ going back I don’t see that working. However Kaberle + to Detroit for Franzen…. Call me Maybe? Lol.

  3. Spector, The Oilers have alot of really good young fowards, they need defensemen , especially with such a young goalie there, why dont they and the Habs work out a deal, since Subban is really being dissed by them right now. Habs and Oilers trade makes almost Too much sense.

  4. Habs fan site run by the Gazette called…Hockey Inside/out is having a “Western Canadian teams need to leave” live chat all week, hear Don Cherry is a guest with trivia games and prizes.