Updates on the Blue Jackets and Flyers – June 4, 2012.

The latest on the Blue Jackets potential trade efforts involving Rick Nash, potential short-term blueline options for the Flyers, and the latest on Jaromir Jagr.


Nothing new yet on Nash.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline provided an update on the status of Rick Nash, suggesting the efforts of the Nash camp and Blue Jackets management to part amicably may be strained if no deal can be found to move him through the draft and free agency. GM Scott Howson said last week’s NHL GM meetings didn’t advance trade talks, though he did say he’s been contacted by several teams about Nash, including a few teams not on the winger’s “wish list” of trade destinations. Portzline suggests the Rangers, Sharks, Maple Leafs, Bruins, Hurricanes and Capitals could be potential trade destinations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Expect the Nash trade talk to heat up in about two weeks time, heading into the June Entry Draft weekend.

CSNPHILLY.COM: John Boruk examined potential short-term blueline options for the Flyers if Chris Pronger is unable to play next season.  The chances of landing Ottawa’s Sergei Gonchar are believed “slim-to-none”, while Boruk listed the Islanders Mark Streit, the Oilers Ryan Whitney, the Ducks Lubomir Visnovsky and the Canucks Alexander Edler as possibilities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I have my doubts any of those blueliners could be available this summer, though I wouldn’t rule out one of them becoming available at some point next season, depending on how their teams are performing. 

TYDEN.CZ: reports Jaromir Jagr intends on playing next season in the NHL, and linked him with the Montreal Canadiens, but he apparently still hopes to re-sign with the Flyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jagr wouldn’t fill the Canadiens need for a quality first-line center. Remains to be seen if Habs new GM Marc Bergevin has any serious interest in him.


  1. Do you believe the Hurricanes are even on Nash’s wish-list? Wouldn’t totally surprise me, Brad Richards named it as a preferred destination. Decent core of Staal and Ward to play with, nice weather, not much pressure, great place for families, etc.

    • You could say the same thing in Columbus except for the “Decent Core” & “warm weather” parts.

      I wouldn’t be too surprised if Toronto makes a strong push for him. It seems like it’s right up Burke’s alley for this acquisition: Semi-Local kid, Brampton-ON, Big-Name player. Toronto fans would love it because of their lack-o-playoffs for a while; I’m sure they’d be willing to part with some players for a chance at the post-season.

      • Considering the Kessel fiasco… I think BB might be a bit more cautious about jumping into the Nash sweepstakes.

        It’ll more than likely cost
        First rounder, Top prospect, young top six forward or young goalie.
        First Rounders x 2, top prospect.

  2. As a Pens fan I sincerely hope Ryan Whitney ends up in Philadelphia … would love to play against him 8 times a year …

  3. Ed- Whitney seems soft as a d-man. Was he THAT bad when he played for the Pens. By the way Paul Martin is no better lately.

  4. I hope the Flyers get Ryan Whitney. I will enjoy watching the Pens forward skate around him like he was not even there…

  5. In their current stage of development, I’m not sure I agree a top line centre is the most pressing Habs need. We can draft one at # 3, give the guy a chance to develop, and he should be ready at about the time the Plekanec contract expires. At this point, we have no top line. The Pacioretty-Desharnais-Cole line is an awesome second line. Our strategy has to be to find a top line, not simply a top line centre. We can draft and develop a couple of those guys. In the interim, Pleks needs some wingers, and what is on the team so far does not cut it. Jagr would not be my preference, but if we cannot trade guys like Gionta or Bourque for real top 6 guys, he may fill the void until we can develop a top line.

  6. The Penguins just acquired the rights to Thomas Vokoun a seventh round pick in this years draft went to the Caps. Vokoun needed to OK the trade because of his No Movement clause. Very smart move by the Pens.

    • Brilliant move by the Pens… sends the message to Fleury to up his game, while securing a reliable back-up…

  7. Burke must be ready to jump out his office window over this news. Probably was the best way to go for the Leafs with Reimer there they didn’t need a younger goalie. Watch Chiarelli will allow Thomas to seek his own trade he will be a Maple Leaf next season its all coming together. I know what Thomas said yesterday I am not buying it at all.

    • Do Leaf fans really see Reimer as the future in Toronto? Realistically, Burke is probably realizing his error, looking for a true number 1 and accepting Reimer as a decent back up.

      • I think Burke should give Reimer more time and go with an older goalie. I still think he is their future #1. Getting a goalie like Thomas or Vokoun would mean you could justify giving Reimer 30 or 35 games a season so he will still have his confidence. Luongo or a younger goalie will not do that willingly.

    • An older guy was the best bet for Toronto. Someone with let’s say a two year 4 million dollar contract (not too high, and gives time for their young goalies to grow) and who can still play #1 minutes, or split time with one of the young guys.

      Vokoun was probably the best bet for T.O. I see them making a deal for Luongo no one else touches (top prospect and low-round pick), with realistic fans bummed out about how much they gave away, and normal fans making excuses for the prospect/pick, as well as planning the parade route through downtown Toronto.


  8. great now the leafs are going to pay a kings ransom to the nucks for bobby lou. Now that vokun gone what do you think, it will cost Toronto to get him from canucks??

  9. HUGE MISTAKE if Leafs go after Luongo especially if they overpay. Im telling you best course of action Burke should be on the phone with Chiarelli RIGHT NOW and it will take all of 10 seconds for Chiarelli to give his blessing in letting Burke speak with Thomas’ agent. Bruins will not get much in return for Thomas at this point. Toronto should be exploring this option.

    • That might be more crazy than even Brian Burke is interested in. Which GM wants to take on a player that is so royally screwing his old team?

      • Burke only needs Thomas for a year maybe two. But thats it. If Thomas is OK with going to Toronto he can probably manage to seem somewhat sane he’s only fallen off the deep end here in Boston the last six months. Besides Burke will probably have some say in who plays in the Olympics for team USA that is a goal of Thomas’. That would be an EXTREME long shot of course with Quick, Howard, Miller, and Schneider just to name a few seemingly ahead of him on that depth chart come 2014.

    • Tim Thomas cannot stand democratic America… In what right mind does Thomas come to Canada… where our Conservative party is further left than their democrats?

      Look at all angles and try again =o)

  10. @vinnie I couldn’t agree with you more. What do you think it would take to get Thomas now considering he’s pretty much said he wont play for the bruins?? anything of significant value? and do you think Boston would have to take some salary back, say like army,conelly and a pick?

  11. Vokoun just got traded to the Pens, then signed a 2 year deal with them. Now the Leafs will have to look elsewhere for a goalie

  12. Bruins would probably love to do this for just a pick. But I am sure Burke would insist on salary going back. Bruins are not really dealing from a position of strength if they got a 4th or 5th rd. pick for Thomas and didn’t need to take salary back they should be doing back flips. If they need to take salary back I’d say Chiarelli would probably looking for a bottom six forward help on the PK and then they won’t resign Campbell. I believe they still want Kelly though.

  13. If I was Burke you’re right, I would be on the phone asking Chiarelli for permission to talk to Thomas, to see if he would play for us next year. 1 more question if Thomas is traded and say he still decides to sit out for a year will that team own his rights after the years up? or is he a ufa after the year he sits out?

    • No I believe Toronto would have his rights.

      • They would have his rights coming into the season and up to free agency I believe. I have no idea how “Taking time off” affects the cap. I think he declined his 3 million dollars this year, so the cap hit won’t actually count (could be wrong) until he resumes his NHL career.

        I think he becomes a UFA even if Toronto trades for him next July 1st, gives them the chance to talk to him first, but not have him all to themselves.

        Quick hitter, read what I wrote about above. There’s absolutely no chance Thomas comes to Canada.

  14. Burke should act then, there is no doubt he could get him, for far less then lou, I think lous a good goalie just with a bad contract, not his fault but makes him hard to move. And considering their is no real number 1 ufa goalies this year burke needs to act fast. Would you take lous contract if Komi went the other way??

  15. I would not take Luongo’s contract at all I don’t care who you are sending the other way. He will not work out in Toronto.

  16. Gonchar has a NTC and he would probably only go to a contender.. and no contender would take him… based on his contract and his diminishing play. He will play out the year in Ottawa…

    Interesting trade the Pens for Vokoun.. makes a pretty good one-two..

    I can’t see the Bruins trading Thomas within the division let alone the conference.

    As much as I hate the Leafs… you have to recognize that Reimer is a good young goalie… but he’s inexperienced and just needs time. Scrivens has had a great AHL playoffs for the Marlies.. so they potentially have a good young goaltending duo in the future. They need a goalie for about 2-3 yrs.. I can’t see them going after Luongo…as the price would be high… and his really long contract.

    Columbus is asking for way too much for Nash… But all it takes is one team to pay that… if none do… either Nash stays in Columbus or Howson lowers his price.

  17. Nash isn’t coming to Boston now. The only trade that made sense for the Bruins was Nash and Krejci and Thomas plus maybe a 1st or a 2nd. Thomas’ tantrum is probably a reaction to that rumor. I also don’t buy a word of what Thomas is selling; he’s trying to control his destination. But Chia will only trade him to a Western team, unless the return is very strong, which at this point, is unlikely.

    At this point, I’d say Nash to the Rangers is the most likely outcome.

    Smart move by Shero to get Vokoun. Shero is a very sharp GM.

  18. There seems to be a lot of speculation Thomas is bluffing, but this isn’t a 22 year old Kyle Turris ruffling feathers to get a trade. This is a 38 year old who has won just about everything NHL related and has decided to spend more time with his family. If he’s not willing to honor his last year of his contract with his respective “contending” team. Then why on earth would he entertain the notion of playing for Toronto. I understand it’s probably the best option for a mentoring role for Reimer or Scrivens, but it just seems unrealistic at this time.

  19. Also at Jaromir Jagrs age I believe he needs to play with a dynamic center like a Claude Giroux, to be deemed a successful signing. If he were to sign in Montreal I feel he would struggle mightily. With guys like Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta, it’s probably not in the Habs best interest to consort with Jagr.

    • I agree.

      No reason MTL should be barking up Jaromir’s tree.

    • Gomez should not be in the line-up next year. If Jagr came to Montreal, which should only happen if all other options flopped, he would play with Pleks.

      • Yeah I didnt mean he would play with Gomez. Just not to try and sign Jagr if you already have a guy like Gomez, an older player with alot of question marks.

  20. If Streit is available I can see the Wings being all over that.

    • No kidding.

      In Detroit he’d be a 50-60 point defensemen wildly in the +. Too bad he plays for a bottom feeders, I think he’s really talented.

  21. I thought Thomas to Toronto would work but I didn’t realize he moved his family out to Colorado so coming to Toronto seems unrealistic given his comments. Yes, he may be semi-bluffing to control his destination but I would think if he got traded to the Av’s he could easily say I got the best of both worlds (close to my family and still playing for a team that has a chance). Toronto would be awesome for Thomas because of the spot light and the fact he could single handedly be responsible for getting the Leafs into the playoffs but his “family” comments don’t fall in line with this senerio. It would be like having Eddie the Eagle back though…

  22. Kudo’s to Burke for signing Eakins to a new 3 yr deal… He is being groomed for the Leafs head coaching job if things don’t go well in the next two seasons. Then again Burke won’t be around if the Leafs flounder for two more seasons.

  23. Burke will look into Thomas but I doubt it would materialize.

    To answer the questions about what happens with the contract of Thomas. If he does not show up to training cap whoever has him will suspend him until he reports. They will not have to pay him, however his cap hit will still stick because its an over 35 contract. The team will then also be able to carry that final year of his contract into the next season.

    What I see happening is a team with a low internal budget will try and trade for him to get a free cap hit for the season. This will likely happen once his NMC ends on July 1st.

  24. Burke likely had a call in about Vokoun also and either Vokoun had no interest in signing with Toronto or Burke just did not want him.

    • If Burke didn’t want him, why would he bother calling????

      I bet Burke was hoping he would make it to July 1 and not have to give up anything. Same thought from a few GM’s I bet.

  25. A 7th rounder isn’t exactly giving something up and don’t bother posting all the great players selected in the 7th round. lol

    Vokoun obviously wanted another shot at a cup and decided the Pens had the best shot at getting there out of the contending teams that were interested in him.

  26. Hey Specter I just had a quick question about Thomas and ‘his year off’.. I mean he is under a contract that he signed, wouldn’t he have to honour it and play? I find it hard to believe that there is nothing in these pro contracts that prevent players from doing this. In the real world if I sign a contract with a company for 1 year I can’t just leave becuase I feel like it, why are these contracts any different?

    If there is nothing in the contracts to prevent this will it be a topic of discussion with the upcoming CBA agreement?

  27. Jeromir Jagr is going to play somewhere where he can produce and have the best shot at winning the Stanley Cup one more time. I do not know if he would want to finish his NHL career as a Penguin.

  28. First off, sympathies to Durt McHurt, who for a long time was really pulling for Vokoun to the Leafs, although I never saw it happening myself.

    If Jagr does not resign with Philly, I see Rangers or Washington as possibilities.

    As for Nash, at least as far as Leafs are concerned, I think they pass on him, and focus on getting a veteran goalie like Luongo, as Thomas and Vokoun are now out of play. Makes sense especially if they land JVR.

    As a Leaf fan (dreamer,Here is what I would like to see happen:

    I still see Flyers going after Luke Schenn for JVR, as they need defense and survived most of season without JVR.

    Leafs Trade this years 5th round pick and Matt Lashoff to Anaheim for rights to negotiate with Justin Schulz.

    At draft, Trade Lombardi, Rynnas, and this years second rounder for Luongo and Canucks second rounder this year.

    At Draft, Leafs Trade 2013 first rounder, Franson,Kulemin and a prospect to Pittsburgh for Staal and their 2012 second round pick. Even with re-signings salaries will be a wash.

    Leafs pickup #1 goaltender, a topline centre, a top 6 winger and a major defensive prospect in Schulz, who pairs with Gardiner, which leaves Phaneuf-Gunnarsson, Liles-Komisarek, and Holzer (from Marlies) as the 7th defenseman.

    Last but not least, Leafs buyout the last year of Tim Connolly’s contract….

    • Most of these are heavily leaf favoured trades. Outside of the calgary and nashville trades, leafs have yet to really rip people off, and in both those cases, both those teams were all kinds of desperate. So I mean, in these trades outside of the staal one, you have bags of pucks for high echelon players.

      You’re going to have 28 other teams trying to land Schultz, Vancouver won’t want a pylon like lombo, and I don’t see a second coming back the other way on the staal deal.

      These are ridiculously hopeful trades.

    • I like those offers but they won’t all happen! The Staal trade just simply won’t happen! He’s prob going to PHX for Yandle+. Schenn for JVR is very likely! I like the Luongo trade as well but I’m sure it will be Komi and not Lombardi going to VAN with a Rynnas, Armstrong and 3rd round pick at best. Might include MacArthur if Raymond is included in this deal. Instead of over-paying for Staal I see Burke likely targeting Stasny who played with Kessel at the Olympics and who could probably be had for Franson, Kadri, and a pick. Would also reunite him with Liles and bolster our PP. I absolutely believe Schultz is going to become a Leaf as Burke loves to obtain all of his former picks and for nothing I might add! This would leave us looking somewhat like this…



      There’s no way Connelly will be on our roster either being bought out or send to the minors for the final year of his deal. I think Burke will sign a grinder like Tootoo or Parros to go with Brown & Steckel.

      Not a bad team and not far-fetched from happening! If you’re a Leaf hater nobody cares what you think and focus your attention elsewhere!

  29. RK: Under the current CBA, if a player refuses to report, the team suspends him until he returns or retires. He cannot play professionally anywhere else, and if he skips an entire season, his contract is “tolled” to the following season.

    I daresay something like Thomas’ situation could be addressed in next round of CBA talks.

    • Ok thank you.

  30. @Murph I like the Jvr for Schenn, I think it would work out for both teams in a trade philly needs D men in a Bad way, and we need a top 6 forward with size and skill of JVR.

    It would be awesome to see schulz in blue in white, but giving up our first for his rights is to much, considering he is going to walk, but then again after seeing vokun go for a 7yth rounder might be worth getting his right before july 1st.

    I think lous a great goalie with a bad contract, I know he can be bought out in 5 or 6 years, but if we sign him, we loose scrivens( who i know is unproven but look what we did with Rask to get Raycroft.)

    And the trade for stall I would do in a heartbeat if the pens will consider trading him, a big bodied center GOOD center in just what we need