Updates on Oshie, McCabe and Markov

Could the St. Louis Blues trade T.J. Oshie? Will Bryan McCabe return with the Rangers? When will Canadiens management start talks with Andrei Markov?

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH: Jeremy Rutherford recently conducted a live chat with Blues fans, one of whom asked him if there were any basis of truth in trade rumors connected to Blues forward T.J. Oshie.  Rutherford acknowledged the possibility of Oshie being shopped but doesn’t think his name is in the rumor mill because the Blues are shopping him, but rather fans of other teams – and perhaps some rival GMs – think Oshie might be available because of his off-ice issues last season thinking he could be had cheap. Rutherford said he has no information indicating the Blues are actively shopping Oshie.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Oshie is a restricted free agent, which is also likely adding fuel to the fire, but while I also acknowledge it’s possible Oshie could be dealt, I wouldn’t assume it’s going to happen. Much will depend on his contract talks with the club as well as the Blues ownership status, and of course what kind of offers the Blues might get.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Jesse Spector reports defenseman Bryan McCabe failed to fully address the Rangers power-play woes down the stretch and in the playoffs, noting head coach John Tortorella pointed out McCabe was more of a shooter and not the PP quarterback the Rangers needed. Spector also noted McCabe was “adequate” as a third-pairing defenseman but his lack of speed was glaring. Spector believes for McCabe to even have a chance at returning with the Rangers he’d have to accept a significant pay cut, and then only if the Rangers miss out on signing Brad Richards.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think it’s safe to say McCabe won’t be returning to the Rangers.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Pat Hickey reports Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier is expected to begin contract negotiations with pending UFA defenseman Andrei Markov next week.



  1. I wouldn’t be suprised if McCabe signs with Florida at a reduced rate. He seemed to like it there. If not, NYI, his wife is from the area.

  2. I think it’s against Gauthier’s religion to talk contract BEFORE July 1rst with KNOWN players that actually PLAYED for the Habs . Only nobodies playing in Europe get that privillege…

  3. I hear ya Durt, but don’t see a 35-year-old guy who finally played in the playoffs for the first time in his career last year going BACK to a perennial loser; the Panthers will likely be among the league worst again next year. I wouldn’t mind seeing him back on the Rangers for cheap, but I’d much rather have a guy like Bieksa or Ehrhoff to be honest. This is a stretch because he’s restricted but Keith Yandle would be great for them, plus the Rangers and Coyotes seem to love trading with each other haha. Of course, Brad Richards would solve all their problems (figuratively speaking!) because he’s a first line center AND quarterbacks the powerplay.

  4. “35-year-old guy who finally played in the playoffs for the first time in his career last year”

    2000–01 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL -Playoff – 11 2 3 5 16
    2001–02 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL -Playoff – 20 5 5 10 30
    2002–03 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL -Playoff – 7 0 3 3 10
    2003–04 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL -Playoff – 13 3 5 8 14

  5. I could see a team with big pp problems( is it just me or does that sound wrong) like Boston or a young team like a st Louis bringing a guy like McCabe to help to teach but I have to agree that if a contender comes calling he would sign for less…… Does anyone think that he would be a good fit with the penguins as a 5-6 dman and occasional pp shooter?

  6. The rangerrover, McCabe has been in the playoffs before, although it was a loooong time ago on a couple of decent pre-lockout Leaf teams. But your point is made. McCabe always struck me as a family first guy though, in that he would move to a team based more on the preference of his family over the quality of team. Hence why Florida was the only team he would except a trade to out of Toronto (I mean really? Florida?) and then to go to NY after that (where his wife’s family is from) solidifies my point further.
    Mb4life, I think the Blues might be an interesting option, but I doubt Pit has any interest. I actually doubt most of the NHL has any interest. I think his options will be slim this July.

  7. That makes sense to me, durt. Especially with the cap and how gm’s play around it. He will earn considerably less money if he signs with an NHL team. Maybe the khl is a better option for him

  8. McCabe isn’t moving to Russia. His family wouldn’t let him.

  9. If i were Sather, funny….he never consults me, I’d go after Anton Babchuk if he’s still a UFA on July 1st.
    Spector, do oyu think the Flames will re-sign him…if they don’t I think he’d be a great fit for the Rangers. a big d-man who can score…what say you.

  10. i love Babchuk and think he had a breakout year. Even if he loves Calgary though they’ll be hard pressed to find the room. I’d call him a steal at 3 mil, but a few trips back to the K have brought him down a bracket. Anyway, there will pretty clearly be a lot of bidding on whatever offensive D make it to July 1st.

  11. Pen’s don’t really need McCabe and even if he did he’d have to come really cheap or they’d have to move someone out. The PP this year was really more a reflection on their top players being hurt and not as much on the actual abilities of both lines.