Updates on the Canucks and Predators – May 8, 2013.

A call for bold off-season moves by the Vancouver Canucks, plus a list of potential unrestricted free agents who could help the Nashville Predators.

Changes likely coming for the Canucks this summer.

Changes likely coming for the Canucks this summer.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Tony Gallagher recently called upon Canucks management to make bold moves this summer to improve the roster so they don’t “become  the equivalent of the Calgary Flames.” He suggests offering Alexander Edler to the Philadelphia Flyers, who have some “outstanding frontline talent” they might be willing to part with for Edler. Another is to shop Alex Burrows (whose “no-trade” clause doesn’t kick in until July) for a young prospect and move Zach Kassian onto the Sedins line. Gallagher also suggests the Canucks might get better value if they shop Cory Schneider instead of Roberto Luongo. He also wondered about the future of the Sedins, who have one season remaining on their contracts and become UFAs next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks definitely need a shakeup, and it’ll be interesting to see what moves GM Mike Gillis has in store. Edler to Philly isn’t a bad suggestion, though I daresay Flyers management would prefer someone a little more physical. Moving Burrows also isn’t a bad idea, though I don’t know if Kassian is the right fit with the Sedins. I also believe they should use one of their amnesty buyouts on winger David Booth (provided he’s healthy and thus qualifies for one) and maybe Keith Ballard.

Shopping Schneider might fetch a better return at this stage, but it won’t improve their goaltending. Luongo’s still good but he’s also ageing, while Schneider is their future. Luongo has also put his Vancouver penthouse up for sale, suggesting he’s gone one way (trade) or the other (amnesty buyout) this summer.  Even if the Canucks end up practically giving Luongo away in a trade at this point, I believe they’ll do it.

As for the Sedins, it might be a good idea for Gillis to meet with them this summer, determine their future plans and the cost of keeping them with the Canucks.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper listed Florida’s Stephen Weiss, Boston’s Nathan Horton, Ottawa’s Sergei Gonchar and Vancouver’s Derek Roy as potential UFAs who could help the Nashville Predators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: All but Weiss have issues (injury history, age, declining production) making them “buyer beware”players, but if they could be signed to reasonable short-term deals might be worthwhile. Weiss would be the best of this bunch, but the Panthers hope to re-sign him, and should Weiss hit the UFA market, the Preds will face competition to sign him. 


  1. Many of us Canucks fans have wanted Edler gone a season ago, he has all the tools, but no toolbox. maybe a change of scenery will help, and the flyers have coturier and read, although coturier for Edler straight up will do just fine. With Tanev, and now the emerging Corrado both beginning their NHL journey we have no need for Edler. Both rookies are steady although not NHL size just yet. I would also re-sign Alberts who has played really well with Corrado. Put both of them in the third pairing, Tanev with Garrison, and the Juice with Hammer. Next, you buy out Ballard, let Raymond walk. Keepers: Kesler, the Twins, Kassian, Hansen, Higgins, Weise, lappy.

  2. Spector,

    You keep alluding to the Canucks buying out Luongo. For a guy as prgamatic with rumours as you are, I find it really hard to believe you keep floating this or at the least, agreeing with that idea. There is zero chance the Cancuks ownership are going to write a cheque for 27 million to rid themselves of the best goalie in franchise history and a player at 33 who has a ton of elite hockey left in the tank. It will not happen. If it comes to that, their best move is trading Schneider.

    • I allude to it because it’s a possibility which cannot be blithely dismissed. Furthermore, if you’ve followed my coverage of the Luongo situation, you’ll see that I’ve consistently stated my opinion the Canucks prefer to trade him, rather than buy him out.

      • All things are possible, but that does not mean we cannot dismiss them. You readily dismiss the notion of trading Schneider all the time.

        It is not even remotely possible that this ownership group or any other in the NHL would write a 27 million dollar cheque to buy out a player that is still performing well. If there is no trade market for Luongo, they will move Schneider.

        Luongo may prefer to play in the east but he signed a contract in Vancouver. With a change of coaching and no goalie circus, I have a real hard time believing he’d rather retire than see out his deal here.

  3. The Canucks were beaten by the better team for sure and I didn’t see the overtime portion of the game but to have the season end on what some are calling a questionable boarding call on a player not known for anything like that does make me wonder. Summer of change coming for sure.

  4. The Canucks need a total roster make-over top to bottom. There’s just something wrong with the culture of that team. The team is chock-full of whiners and divers and they lack class. There’s a reason why – outside of Vancouver – the Canucks are one of the most hated teams in the NHL.

    The Sedins run around throwing elbows and slashing opposing players, and then when you push them they fall down like they were shot. The Canucks will not win a championship while these guys are the Captain and Assistant Captain. They should trade these guys somewhere else. This should be Kesler’s team. He has heart.

    When I watch the Canucks play, they remind me of a bunch of kids who never had adult supervision. Trevor Linden must be sitting back thinking, “I taught them better than this.”

    • Because Kesler never whines or dives either, right?

      • lol, Kesler is the biggest diver in the league.

      • He dives, but he at least has heart. If he can learn to play a little more respectably I think he’d be a good captain.

    • Could you really trade the Sedins?
      Could you split them up to trade them?
      And if so don’t you think their value goes way down if they aren’t a package deal?

      IMO Van has a bunch of good but not great players and thats what was missing in this series, they had no one that seemed to be able to take over a game or even a line that was rolling. Game 4 the best player on the ice for them was Mason Raymond atleast he was skating.

      This team is following the same path the Flames did and if they dont make some drastic changes soon the value of the players they do have will start to drop (Think Iggy).

      I would trade Edler, Kesler, Borrows and Schiender, These players would bring the best return and change up the roster enough where you might have a few more years to challenge for the cup. Bobby Lou can still get it done for the next few years and this lock out/half season means he is well rested with a little less ware and tear then expected.

      • I think the Sedins are a perfect second line component. Two teams came to mind: Detroit and Anaheim (mainly Anaheim). If Selanne retires and Koivu moves on or retires they’ll have like $8M in cap savings of the Sedins’ $12M cap hit (I did the math this morning and I don’t remember what it was offhand).

        The Sedins would be a great replacement for Selanne and Koivu and would be on a team that is much closer to being a winner. In addition, by with Getzlaf and Perry as your top line players, the Sedins wouldn’t be expected to carry the entire team all year.

        The scenario is kind of the same in Detroit. They have Datsyuk and Zetterberg.

        • The ducks would then have – $28mill in 4 players ( 2 centers and two wingers) Doesnt make alot of sense. And what would they give Van to make that trade of basically their entire top line?

          The Wings would have – $25 mill in 4 players (3 centers and one winger) What would they trade to Van for their entire top line?

          Van isnt going to rebuild right now and trade everyone for prospects and draft picks, doesn’t make sense to try and trade the Sedins, they need to ride them out now.

          • With regard to center, many forwards can play center or wing, so I’m not sure if that’s a huge factor.

            As for the money, the $6M a piece cap hit would only be for next season. It’s hard to say what it would take to re-sign them as we don’t know what the market is under the new CBA.

            What the other team gives up to get the Sedins is a good question. It’s hard to determine the Sedins’ value as they’re UFAs after next season.

            I’m sure Vancouver will keep them, and maybe they’ll walk and go sign with the Rangers. Then you get nothing. Or maybe you re-sign them and get the same results next year and the year after.

            In my opinion, this is the time for Vancouver to make a bold move and change things up. I suspect that Vancouver will stand pat and watch their team decline like Calgary.

    • And this is why it’s hilarious to watch Leafs fans try and rebuild other teams.

  5. By the way, does anybody else think it’s ironic and comical that the refs made a horrible call on Daniel Sedin in overtime, and San Jose scores to eliminate the Canucks. For all of the diving that the Sedins have done, they got eliminated by an undeserved penalty. Karma baby!

    • Considering Derek Roy received a minor instead of a match penalty for that ridiculous elbow on Brad Stuart, the “questionable call” was within reason.

      As far as their being eliminated on a questionable call, the Sharks dominated the Canucks for the better part of four games over the course of 13 periods. The questionable call was a minor factor in deciding the series. The Canucks were just plain terrible.

      • chaas,

        I know exactly which hit you’re referring too and I didn’t think that should have been a penalty. Maybe I saw it wrong, but it appeared to me that Stuart got shoved into the boards by the bench and lost his wind. I didn’t see any elbow to the head.

  6. I am not a Canucks fan by any means but I think you are targeting the wrong guys. First, the Sedins take a lot of abuse and at times fall easily. However, the referees seem to not want to call penalties on their abusers very often so who can blame them. Second, they are victims of the actions of others on the team. Guys like Lappierre and Burrows who seem to fall down every time someone farts.
    The Canucks need a shake up and I believe it begins with the firing of Vigneault. He has done well but it is time for a change. They also need to bring in 3 or 4 2nd and third line guys as most of what they have now are not 2nd or 3rd line guys with the exception of Kesler and maybe Higgins. Roy will not re-sign.
    The canucks will move Luongo and not Schneider. Schneider is the future. The canucks are going to have to bite the bullet on Luongo and will get much less than they want because everyone in the league knows they have them over a barrel.
    Agree with the hit on Wingels, it was a clean shoulder to shoulder hit. Hits to the head must stop but calling penalties on good old fashioned hockey hits is slowly turning the game into a game for pussies.

    • As I understand it, the hit on Wingels was not the issue, but where it occurred…. within six to ten feet of the boards, thus the boarding call. I agree it was a weak call, nonetheless, but, in and of itself didn’t really contribute to Van’s downfall. That groundwork was laid in the previous three games.

      • Agreed, the sharks seemed to have done their homework and had a plan and stuck to it. Van just seemed to be overwhelmed and discombobulated. The canucks were also pushed around and should have gone down fighting, instead whimpered home

        • You’re completely right, the sharks did their homework, the canucks did nothing, came unraveled and took too many penalties.

          Surely this is the realm of the coaching staff, focus and strategy. The whole staff should go.

  7. gillis and canucks’ management has made bold movies in the past. garrison, hamhuis, kassian, booth… sure none of those are as big as trading the sedins but they are substantial moves. the canucks have had the horses to go deep for a few years now and short of their loss to boston just haven’t get it done. at some point you have to look at the guy driving the horses. vigneault needs to go. for whatever reason he can’t get these guys win. you talk about character and culture of winning, those things start at the top.

    and i can’t believe anyone would suggest they should trade burrows. he’s a little punk but he plays hard, the rest of the team needs to play with his type of heart.

  8. Roy will not be “signed to reasonable short-term deal”.

    That’s the whole reason the Stars traded him. He’s looking for a 5-6 year deal at around $6M per. Someone is going to be stupid enough to give him something close to that.

    • Probably Toronto. But he sure didn’t perform during the playoff and I can’t see any team paying that much for him. You see the thing is with Roy – he is all about himself – not a team – we’ve seen it over the past few years in Buffalo.

  9. Does Gillis make it to the summer ?

  10. Trade Bait:

    Luongo ( young forward with upside and decent contract 1.8 est tops ) – 3.5 mil gone off cap

    Ballard ( high pick ) – 4.2 mil off cap

    Booth ( rugged winger 1.25 est tops, 2nd rd pick ) – 3 mil off cap


    Edler ( 4.6 x 4 years )

    Lappy ( 1 x 3 years ) solid 4th c

    Raymond ( 2.5 x 3 years ) sign and trade if he goes missing again but has an upside still


    Weise ( brutal with no game or ability to contribute, learn to fight bud this off season you will need it in the AHL next year )

    Alberts ( good team guy but at 1.1 mil there are better options with Tanev and Corrado etc or other FA )


    Jensen ( could shock a few next year )

    Lack ( backup to Schnieder, could be the next Schnieder when Van fans go for the jugular on another tender not deserving to be crucified )


    Role guys bottom 6 forwards, ? back up tender, Rugged winger with decent hands.

    • Edler was already re-signed to an extension during the season ($5m/per.) Would love to see him traded out of town before his no-trade kicks in on July 1st.

      Ballard will not fetch a high pick. Maybe a 3rd at best, but more likely a compliance buyout.

      Lappy could go either way. He’s solid on the 4th line but might be too expensive to retain there at this point. Not worth keeping if he’s still playing the 3rd line most of the year, though.

      Booth – probably a compliance buyout too unless he’s not fit for it (still injured.) Unlikely anyone will want him at his salary/contract length and his recent injury history.

      Raymond is a goner – UFA and they will not resign him, good riddance. My money is on him landing up in Calgary.

    • Well put. I have slightly different ideas, but I like the way you think :-).

  11. For better or for worse, I would like Vancouver to take a lot bigger chance than one trade. I would like Gillis to put his money where his mouth is and go for youth. For instance, start by seeing if Florida would be willing to engage in a blockbuster deal at the draft…Sedins for Huberdeau…perhaps adding Luongo and another player (Edler?) for their first round pick. This way Vancouver would suddenly find themselves with Jonathan Huberdeau, Nate MacKinnon or Jonathan Drouin, and Brendan Gaunce all at training camp in September. Gillis mentioned making this team “younger”, and what better way to do that than with 3 first round draft picks.

    Then…with the money saved on high-end contracts Vancouver could search for two 24-28 year old free agents in summer….guys that know where the other team’s net is, and how to put the puck into it. In less than a month Gillis could put together a more youthful cup contender for sure. All Gillis would have to do then is to figure out how to get 2-3 young centres into the lineup…more trading perhaps?

    And for all the nay-sayers out there who think the Sedins are Gods that should be “untouchable”, think about this: Look at all of the other teams winning cups without the Sedins :-). And then look at the teams that are winning cups with tough, gritty goal scorers (i.e. LA).

  12. Another point worth making. Vancouver is no longer going to be in a “push-over” division starting next season. Realignment will soon see Vancouver in the same division as LA, San Jose, Anaheim and Phoenix. If Vancouver does not become younger, faster, tougher, meaner and more goal savvy very soon I would have to think that the Canucks will be battling for last place as early as next season.

  13. Trade the Sedins for Ovechkin. They all need a change of scenery, and their teams need a major shakeup to win the Cup.