Updates on the Ducks, Predators and Senators.

Will the Anaheim Ducks free-fall spur a major trade? With Pekka Rinne re-signed long-term, could the Predators move backup Anders Lindback? Could Nikita Filatov get another shot with the Senators? Read on to find out!


Big changes coming for Ducks?

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER/LOS ANGELES TIMES: report the continuing woes of the Anaheim Ducks, whose collapse in yesterday’s 6-5 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks saw them drop their sixth-straight game for the second time this season, is raising anticipation a trade, perhaps a major one, might be in store for this struggling team.  Bobby Ryan and Teemu Selanne  are also wondering if major changes could be in store. Register columnist Randy Youngman suggested if a big trade is made, it’ll likely involve Ryan or Ryan Getzlaf, as the thinking is the team wouldn’t trade Corey Perry, last season’s winner of the Hart and Richard trophies.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A coaching change has also been suggested. This team needs a significant shakeup, but could they really part with one of their “big three” of Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan? I don’t think so. The Ducks also have limited cap space so they can’t afford to take on much salary, unless they dump some the other way. There really isn’t much of value they could part with beyond their top three players. True, they have Teemu Selanne, but he’s in his final season and I doubt rival teams would part with a quality player for a short-term investment. Defenseman Cam Fowler is definitely untouchable, and while there’s been some grumbling over Jonas Hiller’s performance, there’s no one else available this season who could adequately replace him. Lubomir Visnovsky is also sidelined with a broken finger so rule him out as a trade candidate. If they’re going to shake things up, it would mean moving Getzlaf or Ryan, which I think would do little to improve the Ducks.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger recently replied to a reader’s question regarding the future of backup Anders Lindback in Nashville now that the Predators have locked up starter Pekka Rinne long-term. Dreger noted Lindback will be a restricted free agent this summer, but suggested the Predators will retain Lindback this season in case Rinne gets hurt, plus the Predators intend to re-sign him this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sure, it’s possible the Predators could trade Lindback if they were to suffer a serious mid-season collapse requiring them to deal for depth, but I doubt that’s going to happen. They’ll retain him for at least this season, and if it appears they cannot re-sign him next summer, look to deal him then.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ken Warren reports Nikita Filatov has regained his scoring touch with the Senators farm team, which could impact if the club agrees to let him return to the KHL, or retain him with the possibility of calling him back up later this season.


  1. Getzlaf to the leafs for Kulemin and kadri???:):) Pls Santa lol

  2. Semin to flames for Iginla?

  3. Ok leaf fans no need to comment we already know anahiem first line for bag of pucks because burke has connection with ducks

  4. If Getzlaf or Ryan end up on the market expect every rumor monger to link them to Toronto, Montreal, and LA. Personally if I was a Duck fan I would let them free fall and not trade anything big away. Why? The end of the golden tunnel is Yakupov and Perry, Ryan, Getzalf, Yakupov, Smith-Pelly, Palmeri is a decent forward future.

    Then you also drop Blake, Selanne, Koivu off of the books this year and free up $10,000,000 ish in cap space allowing you to enter the free agent market. The only thing I may consider doing if I am the Ducks if I managed to pick up Yakupov in the off season I’d consider moving one of the big three to Nashville for Weber if they feel they couldn’t retain him. But overall $10,000,000 off the books and a likely top 5 pick this season should leave the Ducks in a decent position for next year.

    As for Lindback, I agree he is retained this season. But I believe Lindback could command around $2,000,000 a year and the Preds have Chet Pickard in the wings who could be yet another #1 someday. I think Lindback is shipped to Tampa or New Jersey in the offseason for some forward depth and Rinne/Pickard take over the goalie duties. Most of the Preds season will be going into defense as everyone who isn’t named Kelvin Klein becomes either RFA or UFA this season and Ryan Ellis is waiting in the wings. I think the Preds would like to add some forward depth, get Ellis playing, and lock down their D.

    I believe that if they can find one scoring forward plus add in Ellis they add the offense they are missing to be a cup team.

  5. Don’t think Murray has the guts to trade Perry / Gerzlaf or Ryan but possible trades at deadline in February could be Visnovsky as he could provide a contender with a lot of offense from the backline and his hit drops from 5 million to 3 million next season so he could bring value. A player like Koivu will bring value for a team looking for a second / third line center going into the playoffs. Ellis would provide goal tending depth for a contender that may have a injury at that position. And don’t count Selanne not being traded, he keeps saying that he come back for one more shot at cup but face it, it won’t happen in Anaheim and this will most likely be his last year, by February he may want to leave and have a shot at cup one last time.
    Murray has to start trading off the older players who are not coming back next year or are a year or two away from leaving and get picks back he can use at draft time next year or two to stock the farm system.
    Rebuild yes but not major over haul, still would have Perry / Gerzlaf / Ryan / Cogliano / Sbisa / Flower / with up coming Smith-Pelley / Holland / Palmeri / Justin Schultz / Etem etc not exactly a totally bleak future. Now if someone wants to overpay for Perry or Ryan and especially Getzlaf or Hiller – TAKE IT
    and some team close to getting the cup just may trade away a lot of the future. Murray should sit back and relax and see who offers what, it’s not like their going any place the next few months.

  6. JJB, I agree about the Ducks. I don’t think they need to blow it up. But keep in mind there is other players in the top 5 that can be a corner stone of any franchise. I’d take Dumba as a nice concellation prize. He may be mid size, but he hits like a beast! And he has loads of offence. I like this draft, but Yakupov is the next Kovalchuk…no doubt about it.

  7. Assuming there’s not chemistry problems in the locker room, I can’t possibly imagine why they would trade away Perry, Ryan, or Getzlaf. These guys are young and even if you did a full rebuild, they’d be the centerpieces of the rebuild.

    I think a coaching change may be in order. Whenever I see the Ducks play, they seem more interested in hacking and taking runs at people. Somebody needs to harness the skill in those players and get them to stop pretending to be the Katella Street Bullies.

    If it was up to me, I would move them to another city and try to pretend that the NHL never allowed in a team named after a goofy kids movie.

  8. At the rate the Ducks are going, they are heading for their worse season in team history.A 59 point season.

  9. No way Getzlaf or Perry get traded. Not this year, not next, not ever. Ryan being traded wouldn’t be quite as surprising to me but even that seems extremely unlikely.

  10. Amazing what happens when you lose to norris trophy defensemen. The Ducks have never been quite the same since Pronger left and Neidermayer moved past his prime.

  11. Okay I am going to throw out a 3 way deal for fun, to Oilers, Lindbeck and Blum, to Toronto Khabibulin and a 2nd and to the preds Gagner, Aulie and a 3rd.

    Okay tear it to shreds….lol….. (ps Khabi would be perfect in Toronto, decent cap hit, only one more year, and a stable backup to Reimer)

  12. They would be stupid to trade getzlaf, how many big skilled centerman with 90 point potential and get 250 hits a year are their out there. Kulemin and kadri would not even come close to getting him. the only team that would have a chance would be nashville and it would take webber and lindback. But if they could get a top pairing d man for ryan its something they should look into

  13. no way if im toronto do i give up aulie for khabibulin… dumbest trade ever

  14. How about Franson ($800k), Aulie ($733k), Bozak ($1.5M) and Kadri ($1.72M) = ($4.753) to the Ducks for Bobby Ryan ($5.1M) and a third rounder? Do you do it if your a Leafs fan? Do you do it if you are a Ducks fan?

  15. FireWilson I would not accept that trade if I were a fan of the Ducks. Ryan is a game changer and there are no game changers coming back the other way. Basically, you are trading a young D-man with some upside and a struggling forward in Kadri for a star.

  16. Swap up Kadri for Colborne then. You need youth that can eventually take the place of Ryan and potential top 4 guys on the back end. Colborne is a former first round pick with the potential of Ryan combined with two young top 4 Dmen.

  17. If I remember correctly the Ducks sucked for much of the early part of the last season as well and then went on a a pair of very hot streaks in the second half of the season to get them into the playoffs (without making any major shake-ups). I’d expect them to look to do the same thing this year. I don’t imagine them to do anything drastic this season unless they get an extraordinary offer or they’re well out of the playoffs come trade-deadline time -when they’ll move older and expendable pieces (i.e. not one of the big three).

  18. Toronto Fans- no one wants your junk player Kadri. If this guy can’t even make the Maple leafs team since he was drafted, what does that tell you ? This guy gets dangled in every trade rumor like no one else knows about him him and he is gonna be great. Gimme a break- he’s no better than Matt Stajan rumors and everyone wanting him out of Calgary. Problem is, everyone is fairly privey as to what these two players are about.