Updates on the Flames and Islanders.

Flames GM hopes to explore all aspects of this summer’s UFA market, while Islanders winger P.A. Parenteau still hopes to avoid free agency.


What will Flames GM Feaster do this summer?

CALGARY HERALD: Scott Cruickshank reported Flames GM Jay Feaster intends to look far and wide to upgrade his roster for next season, including exploring all aspect of unrestricted free agency. Feaster hopes to continue mining the ranks of US college free agent players. As for this summer’s UFA pool, Cruickshank noted that, in addition to Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, other possible UFAs could include “Alex Semin, Jason Arnott, Michal Rozsival, Barret Jackman, Ray Whitney, Pavel Kubina, Shane Doan, Brad Boyes, Joe Corvo, Jiri Hud­ler, Johnny Oduya, Ryan Smyth, Matt Carle, and on and on.” Feaster must also figure out which of his own free agents he’ll retain.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Feaster currently has over $46 million invested in 15 players. Assuming the salary cap were to remain at $64.3 million, that would leave around $18 million in available space to re-sign key players and add depth via free agency. Not a heckuva lot of quality options open to the Flames this summer. They won’t get Parise or Suter, and given they’re heading into a rebuild, could find it difficult to land the best of the second tier talent. It would be best if the Flames engaged in a full rebuild, but it remains to be seen if that’s what they’ll do.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple recently reported Islanders management and representatives for pending UFA winger P.A. Parenteau were likely to begin contract talks this week. Parenteau maintained his wish is to re-sign with the Isles.


  1. I don’t think calgary should be looking at any high ticket free agents. They are better off unloading their guys (except Kippur and Iginla, as I have mentioned before).

    As for coaches, they need someone who will be OK with being terrible for a couple of seasons- so o wonder why Sutter stepped down. I’d take a good, hard look at Dallas Eakins. It might be my bias since I live in Toronto, but this guy says and does all of the right things, he would not be very expensive, and is certainly a good talent developer. I think they need a younger, more inexperienced coach to get them through this losing period required to rebuild.

  2. @ Nikk

    Agaian you and I are on the right page …..I had posted that twice this week on Eakins …I also see him in Edmonton as well.

    I disagree on keeping Kipperas he needs to be a starting point in a rebuild …but maintaining your captain and a leader who still gets you 25 – 30 goals and is the true face of this organization it would be best to keep Iginla for mentorship and simply have him retire a Flame for life.

    I would explore a trade for Iggy at the trade dedline this upcoming season so you can get him into a Cup contender that would be more prevelant at that time …as for Kipper his value is sky high as there are 15 teams looking for a true legit #1 Goalie …and you havent been able to get into the playoffs with hime and Iginla anyways …
    The one thing that really makes me sit back and say …waite a minute here ….is that they are going to look at free agency this year to help them ….this is not a very freindly free agent market and if they think this is going to help them along they are dreaming ……Calgary has the Brian Burke disease …they are dillusional about the fact the can be a competitive team if they rake the bottom of the league for veteran players to just put recognized names on ther back of the jerseys for the fan base …..when in reality they need to GUT the team and put a stanley cup contender on the ice in 4 years …the problem with that is by that time most of the work the GM will have done will have been passed on to another GM and thats why they wont put the work or effort into a rebuild …the EGO gets in the way of progression and they will never reap the accalades ….but in the end they are hurting the team ownership and mostly the fanbase ….but if an owner lets this happen and doesnt know the difference then they get what they deserve …..because it falls on the owner to right the ship and put the philosophy in place with the right people …and right now they need to come down hard on Feaster and say LISTEN this what we are going to do if your not on board …get lost ….have a nice day !

  3. @ Slap
    Not sure if it a good thing we are on the same page!!!

    I still think they should keep Kippur because you cannot (it is VERY hard) replace a true #1 goaie in this day and age. I beleive he has 3-4 really good years left. I understand if you keep him it prevens you from finishing in the bottom 3.

    If they do trade him, they need a future replacement as part of the return. I’d explore James Reimer. If they can get Reimer as part of the package for Kippur, and they can bring in a veteran to show him the ropes, then they can still be terrible and have something building for the future. I think Reimer can be a stud in the future, but needs mentorship. I see him as no different than a Schneider from a couple of years ago- lots of talent, not enough experience to handle the full load. The Leafs can’t wait, the Flames need to have patience… so that looks like a win/win for me.

    I still hold my ground on keeping Iginla unless he asks to be traded.

  4. Keep in mind that the direction the Flames are headed is indicitive of how the board focus’ it attention, and it’s commitment to season ticket holders. There is a slim percentage that would love to see the team picked apart and potentially given the go-ahead for a full rebuild. However the franchises’ commitment to the season ticket holders is to put a quality product on the ice night in and night out(up for debate). In my opinion Jay Feaster has done a good job coming in and doing what he can to move this team forward. I agree that his vision for the team this year was blinded by the performance of the team at the tail end of his first season.While he’s drafted some good talent in Bartschi and Gaudreau, this off season truly will be the make or break for Jay Feaster. Not saying he’ll get axed anytime soon, because he is so articulate,professional, and really a great representative for the team. Yet with so many questions leading into the summer, a fanbase that demands results, and a bevy of first overalls playing up north in Edmonton, much could change over the coming months.

  5. Boksy – well said, and insightful. The sport is a business and there are many more stakeholders, other than just the fans, to look out for.

    If the board can go for short-term pain to get long-term gain (i.e. rebuild) then the rebuild will be in full swing, otherwise… probably not.

    TSN last night discussed how Sutter might partially have been axed/wanted to leave because he so much insisted on a rebuild and the team wouldn’t agree to it. Also, they mentioned how involved the ownership is in player personnel decisions, maybe more than any other Canadian team.

    I like Feaster, too, and think he could do a great job putting together new talent. But if he’s hamstrung by the board, etc, what can he do?!

  6. Also, sorry when i say slim percentage. i speak of the higher ups within the organization. I just dont think theres a huge interest to sell the farm on their behalf.

  7. @ Nikk
    I really make sense it just takes time to watch the things Ive said unfold as time moves forward.
    Iam not at odds with you dude …I just have an uncanny ability to sometimes be able to see how a situation can unfold.Its a business abd being a business owner its relatively the same!

    Guys guys guys !!!

    We are all falling into the same trap Feaster just did !!
    Wouldnt the fan base in Calgary rather watch what the Edmonton Oilers are doing instead of Clagary for the next 3 years for instance …….you can not drag the fanbase through a relationship that is barley just hanging on year and year out and expect them to be patient in your attempt to say everything is going to be just fine we will bring in some good players to REBUILD around Iginla and Kipper AGAIN .. ..were close ….really we are …and then fail again …and again …and again …..as they just did the last three or 4 years …like I said its the Brian Burke disease….
    What ownership needs to do is address the season tickets holder and tell them that this chapter is OVER!!!!

    And now we are committed to rebuilding a proven winner but we require patience as we want to rebuild with a combination mostly through the draftand accumulate talent and insert some proven talent to drive the bus and help with the young talent to make sure we learn from our mistakes and cut the learning curve shorter ….
    the first and foremost any and all teams need to build upon is….. raw talent …if you do not have this moving forward in youth it is fruitless …absloutely fruitless and puts the team back even further and dissappoints the fans even more point in case the Toronto maple leafs ….

    A true fan base would love to watch raw young talent struggle but be fast and furious with excitement night in and night out and loose for a little while as they grow ….Clagary has nothing to really build that on and
    I M O they have to rebuild from the bottom out!

    Baertchi is not the saviour by any means and Kipper only has 2 really good years left and Iginla 2 maybe …so thats where it stands !

  8. I know this is going to sound sooooo sac religiuos but Edmonton might be a great trade partner with Clgary …and a very good scenario would be Kipper and say Boumeester for Yakupov and Pajaarvi & Pettrell or Theo Peckham !

    Dont crucify me here guys ….just saying… as Edmonton has been seeking a Top Goalie and Puck moving Defenseman who can skate and they have gone on the recor as saying they would trade the first rounder and Kipper might just be the best Goalie available!

    JUST SAYING …dont hate me ……ok off to gallows pole!

  9. Seems like the Flames have fallen into the Dallas Cowboys category. They are allowing the check signers to determine all the hockey decisions instead of the people they hired to make those decisions. Not much if anything in the system, the majority of the team is either “2nd” tier talent and the ones that aren’t are getting long in the tooth. You could move Iginla and Kipper for at least 2 firsts, 2 seconds and prospects. That’ll go a long way towards the rebuild. Keep the rest of the guys, even Steen because of the cap floor, and get a good coach that can work with younger talent and develop this team. Doing it this year because from what I have read and heard (internet posts etc. so take it with a grain of salt) that next years draft could be a down year, while this one is going to be decent. Maybe remind the stockholders that actually making the playoffs add about 1/2 to 3/4 of a million $$ per game instead of spending to the cap and not making them. JMO

  10. Let me run down the list here!


    Why would Calgary want Reimer when they have 3 better goalies in their system currently (Irving, Ortio & Ramo)?

    Although I like that trade, except the MPS portion & Peckham, I’d rather have another draft pick instead or taking another teams garbage.
    I’d rather see Bouwmeester & 14th overall for 1st overall & EDM’s 2nd rounder or maybe even MPS. Gives Edmonton what they really need, a real defensemen.

    Never, ever, ever, ever, trade Kipper to a team you’ll play 6 times a year, or you’re looking at quite a task. Send him out to TB for for their first rounder, and maybe Panik or Namestnikov (Spelling? rofl) or to Toronto for their first, maybe Schenn (because TO has to send Salary back), and one of either Colborne or Kadri + second.

    I really dislike where Calgary’s going here. There could be a VERY strong rebuild (unlike EDM, Calgary has pieces that could get them a great return), that probably wouldn’t take as long as a 5 year plan type of thing.
    The ownership group is ridiculous, they refuse to rebuild, and so we’re stuck with a mediocre team until contracts start running out.

  11. Hey P.A. Parenteau! Forget the isle. Come on over to Cali and play for the Sharks. We would love to have you

  12. leyland irving(best name in hockey from a dog fan) may be better than reimer, but not the rest. Reimer will be better next year….he shot out of a cannon this year before gionta’s butt cheek put him on the shelf for a bit.
    At some point, feaster will have to tear it down, but IMO he will be gone before it happens. Also, getting back fair market value for guys like kipper and jerome will be difficult. For instance, miokid’s suggestion of a potential deal for kipper:

    luke schenn(5th overall)
    nazim kadri(5th overall) or joe colbourne(first rounder)
    the 5th overall pick this year
    plus a 2nd……

    Obviously you need to give talent to get talent back, but trading three top 5 picks makes no sense unless you have a guarentee that kipper will play for at least 5 more years at an all star level, and turn you into a contender. Since that is impossible, its too high a price to pay.

    But if you want to hit the gold mine,flames fans, just keep trading with montreal. Maybe kipper for price subban and mad max!!!

  13. @ Mio Kid I thought about that thats why I said it was sacraligious …I totaly understand what your saying …you post was well recieved I was just talking out loud for discussion and was of the mind set of what the desperation of each team would be and how drooling the situation would be for Edmonton to get Kipper and hwo drooling it would be for Calgary to get Yakupov and mayeb they would put that aside to get what they want ….thi wasnt a post I belive in just a thinking out loud scenario …..

    I totaly get where your coming from …good post Mio kid !

  14. Boumeester $ Kipper for the first overall pick, Paajarvi, and another roster player? Thanks Chris Eklund, but that’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. No team would ever trade the first overall pick alone for that let alone give up other pieces. Just wondering, what kind of alcohol do you drink when you make your long winded nonsensical posts? My guess is about ten budweisers. Why don’t you trade Kadri and Komisarek for Lemieux, Hasek and Bobby Orr while you’re at it?

  15. @ Slap_ never meant to imply that we were at odds. You are just on the extreme side of the spectrum, and I tend to me more conservative in my thinking. To each their own.

    -I dont think that Irving is better than Reimer. Reimer has NHL experience and has proven he can stop the puck. He faltered this season because there was nobody to lean on. I think the Flames would be interested in Reimer because he can still rebound from this poor half-season. Reimer is someone they can put in net next season, whereas Irving still needs seasoning/development in the minor leagues.

    -Calgary and Edmonton will never make a deal.

    -Kippur to Toronto would be a great deal for both teams. I don’t think the leafs part with Schenn to make that happen. And definatley not Schenn and their pick and a top prospect. I say this because Kippur is great, but old. The Leafs will not part with youth for age… call it what you want, but that’s the reality for a rebuilding team. They’d rather keep their youth. I can see a potential deal for Kippur being: Reimer, Kulemin, Franson. Young goalie, young forward, young D. That’s all you get (from any team).

    -The Leafs’ first round pick will be traded ONLY if they acquire the young, 1st line centre they desperately need. They need this more than they need a goalie (becasue they could bring in a veteran to help out Reimer).

  16. @NikK

    Calgary and Edmonton have traded once before:
    March 3,2010.
    To Calgary: To Edmonton:
    D Steve Staios D Aaron Johnson
    3rd round pick

    However it remains to be seen if they will deal with each other again, and in the capacity proposed in todays discussions..

  17. I think that one of the things keeping Iggy and Kipper in Calgary is that ownership has not buckled to do a rebuild.If Sutter wanted to go with a full youth rebuild, I can see Iggy and Kipper possibly pulling a Rick Nash and saying, enough already, get me of here.

    Personally, I think you never get ahead finishing just in or outside of the playoff bubble like Calgary (and other teams )have most years. I say trade Iginla, give him a chance to play for a contender, get a huge return, and promise you will sign him in his retirement year if that is what he wants. While Kipper would yield a great return, I think he is a better asset to Calgary to mentor upcoming goalies and solidify the confidence of a young team in rebuild. In other words, imagine where Edmonton would be now if they had Kipper backing them up for the last 2 years?

    IMO the best trade partner for Calgary for picks might be Ottawa, as Brian Murray has been building the farm well, and a veteran winger like Jarome would be welcome if Alfredsson hangs them up this year or next. Also, they are not a division rival, but they are a Canadian team which I think is important to Iginla.

  18. Trade Bouwmeester, buy out or trade Stajan, trade Comeau’s rights, even if you only get a 6th round pick or something. Let Stempniak, Hannan, and Kostopolous walk. Resign Moss and Backlund to cheap one or two year deals, make them prove they can stay healthy and contribute. Resign Jokinen for two years at $3.5-$4 million, no more, and no NTC. If he doesn’t like that deal, let him walk.Resign Jones to a two way contract, bring back Brandon Prust. Trade Kipper to Tampa Bay for a 1st rounder. Trade Karlsson for whatever you can get. Sign Vokoun as the starter, make Irving the backup, and have him start at least 30-35 games, and see if he’s ready for primetime. With the savings from Bouwmeester and Stajan being gone, go after Ryan Suter, and MAYBE a couple of other UFA’s, but this team needs youth!

  19. @ Paperbagonhead- No offence to Reimer, but I personally like not only Irving better (who is an RFA soon and we need to make a decision there)- but I also like the best goalie in the KHL Kari Rammo better. But who I also like very much and I believe he can be a really good goalie if he got the reps is Henrik Karlsson- I think this guy is a diamond in the rough and could be dominant as he has shown before, if he got a bit more polished- We are ok here in Calgary when it comes to goalies and there is no need of even talking about a goalie like Reimer who in my mind, has nothing on the goalies I just mentioned and will remain to be seen if he even ends up being good or not.

    @ Miokid- Good posts as usual.

    As far as a coach goes- I believe they are gonna give Troy Ward a good long look. They see him as brilliant with developing young talent and very good at coaching in general. If the Flames go with more younger talent next year- Baertchi, Ferland, Aliu, Reinhardt, Brodie, Neimez, etc etc- look for Troy Ward to be at the top of the list. Personally, I would like to see that as I am a fan of finding younger coaching talent verses recycling the good ‘ol boys kicking around.

  20. If the Flames were to trade Kipper, I hope he goes to the Eastern Conference. I would prefer a trade to the NYI who have talent and may just need someone like Kipper to get them into the playoffs and who knows were that could go. My suggestion is that Feaster try this…keep in mind the Islanders have a goalie in the system named Mikko Koskinen who is a 23 yr old 6’6″ 205lb Fin. Kipper could not only help the NYI potentially get a playoff berth but also really help groom this young Finn. Here’s what I propose;
    To NYI: Mikka Kippersoff, Mikael Backlund, conditional 2 or 3rd 2013
    To CAL: Ryan Strome, Evgeni Nabokov, 2012 4th Overall
    Calgary gives Leland Irving a real shot at taking hold of the number one having Nabokov as a solid back up or to come in for a long stretch if required. Calgary gets a talented young center to play with Bartschi and Iginla. Cammalleri, Joikenen and Tanguay make our second line. Keep Blair Jones, Blake Comeau, Curtis Glencross, Tim Jackman, Lance Bowma,Tom Kostopolos and obviously due to untradeable salary…Matt Stajan. These players can fill out the bottom six pairings. With the forth overall pick we trade down two or three spots to get a 2nd round pick that we don’t have and the 6-7th overall. With that pick we select from the Edmonton Oil Kings, Griffen Reinhart, son of a former Flame and brother of Flame prospect Maxwell Reinhart. With our 14th overall we again trade down to try and garner another 2nd rounder and select best available from there on. So with my suggestion, and ya…alot would have to go right, we keep our captain, gain some young talent for the future and stay relatively competitive in net while continuing to grow Irving. The Islanders get a young second line center that is young, decent size and still has some upside (Tavares number 1), and one of the leagues top three tenders plus a pick…
    Thats what Id like to see..hehehe