Updates on the Flyers and Capitals – May 10, 2011.

More on the potential status of the Flyers free agents, and a variety of opinions on what the Capitals should do in the off-season.

PHILLYBURBS.COM/PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: reports key Flyers free agents Ville Leino, Brian Boucher and Sean O’Donnell have expressed interest in returning with the club next season. Wayne Fish of Phillyburbs reports Leino is rumored to be seeking $3.5 million per season, which could prove too expensive for the Flyers. Those sites, plus the Philadelphia Daily News, suggested this was likely Boucher’s final season, as Sergei Bobrovsky will be back, plus Michael Leighton is signed through next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of those three, Leino is the one with the best chance of returning, though I can’t see him getting offered more than $3 million per, and if he does seek more than that, he’ll likely be gone. Their limited cap space, plus their dealings with RFA Andreas Nodl and Dan Carcillo, leaves little room for a big raise for Leino, unless management dumps considerable salary at some point this summer.

WASHINGTON POST: Tarik El-Bashir recently suggested the Capitals management face three crucial decisions this summer: alter the team’s makeup with a significant trade, fill the leadership void with a long-term solution and settling on a goaltending tandem. El-Bashir suggested the possibility of shopping defenseman Mike Green, in part because the expected return of Dennis Wideman could make him expendable. Alexander Semin could also be attractive for teams seeking offense, though his $6.7 million salary and pending UFA status next summer could make him a tough sell.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: compiled a list of opinions from the local media and around the internet as to what the Capitals need to do during the off-season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Green’s injury history could also make him difficult to move. Semin could have more value on the trade market, but of course his salary and free agent status, combined with his playoff inconsistency, will adversely affect his market value.


  1. Leino could easily get over 3 mil on the open market.

  2. Semin has little trade value to most teams, but a lot of trade value to one type of team, namely, a team that needs a winger AND:

    (1) needs (or feels desperate) to make the post-season, regardless of what they do there.

    and either

    (2a) needs to get up to the salary floor


    (2b) is willing to move comparable salary to Washington.

    The fit I see is with STL – team with lots of cap (though they should be able to make the floor with Oshie, Berglund, Sobotka, D’Agostini and Polak RFAs), financial woes making the extra revenue of the post season crucial, and a need for a sniping winger. They could also address one of the Caps’ most glaring needs – another top-6 C – with Andy McDonald, who was forced to a winger spot in STL. His age and some injury trouble would exactly offset Semin’s lack of playoff clutch and pending UFA status.

  3. Any team that unanimously elects Ovie that their team captain has a lack of leadership in the room. If you ever watched Ovie at practice, you’d understand fully. I love the way he plays the game, but don’t think he’s much of a leader. Arnott had a huge leadership impact when he arrived, but that was short-lived.

    The fact that Backstrom, Green, and Semin were no-shows against Tampa can’t be blamed on Boudreau.

    Green and Semin should be traded, and more character players with grit should be acquired. They need a very strong leader who holds the other players accountable in the room.

  4. Salary dump semin to TO for the final year of his contact if they can’t find that number big ticket center. He’ll help in the regular season to score goals.

  5. No thanks Eddie. We need a center not a winger. Also Burke is trying to build a contender not a pretender.

  6. @fzusher – I agree especially with condition 1 of your statement. I think to a certain extent Semin’s lacklustre playoff performances be damned, teams would gladly trade for him because his goals could help their team just get IN to the playoffs. Wild, Panthers, and Blue Jackets could all use the added offense.

  7. Semin’s a good gunning winger for a team looking to bolster its regular season performance, ie, Minnesota or Calgary (if Calgary can dump a couple of contracts). I don’t think he’ll be THAT hard to move. Nashville suffered ridiculously from their lack of offense; Rinne’s heart pressure probably puts him at risk for a heart attack by June due to the fact that most of their games are decided by one goal. Colorado and St.Louis also need to bolster their regular season stats. He’d find a place for him in Columbus if they only had the leadership to survive one round of the playoffs.

    As for Boudreau, yeah, he might be partly the reason why Backstrom and Semin were no gos. He KEPT incessantly playing Backstrom in high roles when Backstrom was consistently not doing the job. Good coaches sit a guy out and give him perspective, good coaches actually make moves based on the psychology of his players. Boudreau has too many instances where he opens the bench doors and keeps his fingers crossed; this might work in minor hockey, but now that you’re going against the best hockey coaches in the world, you have to ramp it up.

    Boucher outcoached Boudreau because of a more psychological approach to the game, which is something Laviolette does well as well (though this year had a hard time with, thanks to Pronger’s injury).

    The caps could move Green pretty easily, but I’m not so sure they could get the leadership they need for him.

  8. What about Hemsky to the Caps for Green. Washington get a good playmaker for Ovi with a history of injuries and the Oilers get a bomb from the point for their power play with a history of injuries.

  9. How about Semin and Green to the Canucks for H & D Sedin?

  10. Since Gomez was traded, no one is untradeable.

    Watch for another silly team trade for Gomez since there is only Richards on the UFA market as a proven center.

  11. J3f, worst idea ever.
    Phil, you are odviously a habs fan. There are a hundred centers I would trade for before gomez. All would have better contracts and wouldn’t cost a kings ransom.

  12. What drapes have you been smoking since I want some. Durt is right, worst idea ever!


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