Updates on the Hurricanes, Oilers and Ducks – April 12, 2012.

More speculation the Hurricanes could target Zach Parise in this summer’s UFA market, Oilers Linus Omark takes to Twitter to request a trade, and Saku Koivu hopes to return with the Ducks.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Luke DeCock recently reported Carolina Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford confirmed he’d spoken with team ownership regarding the possibility of adding a top-line player in the off-season, stoking speculation Rutherford could target New Jersey’s Zach Parise if the winger tests this summer’s UFA market. “If it’s available by free agency or trade, we’re going to do everything we can to make that happen this year”, said Rutherford.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rutherford never said he’d pursue Parise, as that would be tampering, but TSN reported several weeks ago the Hurricanes could make a serious push for a top line player like Parise. It’s interesting to note Rutherford isn’t ruling out a trade, which might be his best option if Parise becomes a UFA and wants to sign with a Cup contender like the Red Wings or Rangers. It could cost Rutherford a couple of good young players, but don’t expect Jeff Skinner to become trade bait.

Omark tweets a trade request.

EDMONTON SUN/EDMONTON JOURNAL: It’s appears Linus Omark’s days with the Oilers are done, as he recently took to Twitter to say, ““I really hope edm let me have a chance in another nhl team.” GM Steve Tambellini declined to say if Omark, a restricted free agent, will be on the trade block. In other Oilers news, contract talks between the Oilers and Ryan Smyth appear to have stalled, and Tambellini said it would be “business as usual” for the Oilers goalies next season, meaning the current tandem of Devan Dubnyk and Nikolai Khabibulin will return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: To trade Omark prior to July 1st, the Oilers must qualify his rights, or he’ll become a UFA on that date. It wouldn’t cost much to qualify him, especially if Tambellini gets some interest in Omark from other clubs. As for Smyth, it sounds as though Tambellini isn’t going to waiver from a previous offer, suggesting the decision now rests with Smyth. Things might pick up again in June, but Tambellini knows Smyth wants to finish his career in Edmonton and will try to use that to his advantage. Can’t say I blame him.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens recently reported Anaheim Ducks center Saku Koivu, an unrestricted free agent this summer, hopes to return with the Ducks.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson recently claimed the Ducks plan to move Koivu to their third line, putting them in the market for a second line center. Matheson wondered if the Ducks might have interest in Oilers center Sam Gagner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Remains to be seen if the Ducks, or anyone else, are interested in Gagner, or if he’s even available. It’s more interesting that Matheson claims the Ducks want to move Koivu to their third line, as that would indicate their intention is to bring Koivu back next season.


  1. Edmonton

    Omark is in BIG trouble for that tweet !!!
    Tambelini & bLowe will bury Omark as they did Sheldon Souray …like ive said about Omark before this he will not work out in Edmonton as he is a ME guy before team guy !!! He could be hard to move due to this quality and his desire to be to fancy and not buy into a coaching system to play a full 60 minutes!
    No need for him on the team at all!

    Side Note
    Dallas Eakins would be a great coaching option here moving forward !!!

    Very surpirsed Smyth has not signed …I wander if its term due to his age as I dont think its money but purely speculation, obviuosly!

    The Ducks could use Koivus leadership and veteran experince especially if Selanne doesnt return ..Koivu likes the Sunny weather I guess as he could go pretty much anywhere for league minimum !
    Anahiem should recover well next year I think this was a wake up call ..if they can find some good complimentary peices they will be a force, However they are loosing there top point guy in Selanne…. wow!

    Unless the Oilers can get bigger and more crafty up front replacing Gagne why bother moving him, good centers are a rare commodity! They should keep him for one more year trade him at deadline next year and look to the next UFA 2013 to replace him …its very deep!

  2. Still can’t read your blog on Twitter … the dark gray background keeps loading over the top of the text … this problem started last week … everything used to work fine … now I have to go without reading your postings first thing in the morning … PEI fan … Dale

  3. @ Chris – I agree about Omark’s personality, but Tambellini can’t bury him. His best option would be to qualify him cheaply (since you know Omark won’t sign) and trade his rights rather than letting him walk as an unqualified FA.

    It would be interesting to see if Gagner netted any interest around the draft. He’s not a bad 2nd line pivot moving forward, but Tambellini should be shopping hard for some D. Dangling bait like the 1st overall pick along with guys like Paajarvi and/or Gagner should be enough to entice a GM to part with a decent asset.

  4. @ Dale
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  5. Classless fans in Toronto Boo’d Lupul at a BlueJay game. For What I have no idea? He was the hardest working, grittiest player all year long. Stupid Leaf fans make me sick…

  6. Omark is not a top prospect by any stretch of the imagination. For the Oilers, he will certainly rank behind RNH, Hall, Eberle, Yakupov?, and Pajaarvi.

    The Omark hype reminds me of the Oscar Moller hype. A small, skilled guy who probably doenst have what it takes to cut it in the NHL long term.

    I have no doubt that Edmonton will have him in the AHL next season, and if he doesnt like it,

  7. @beergoggles

    I agree would rather have Lupul as the Captain.

    The unfortunate thing is that they were booooing the Leafs in general not Lupul …I kind have to say I know where they are coming from but Iam sure that if it was any other leaf up there it would have been boos all around !!!

    I have to say Iam really sick and tired of heariung Brian Burek talk and LIE out right for almost everything he says …its really starting to make him look like a Joke ..he lies about absolutely everything he talks about .

  8. @ Nikk
    I agree on Omark ….he kind of reminds me of Grabovski when he was vanished form Montreal …loads of talent …however Omark is not as tough a player than Grobovski …I think he could be a good pick up and play some role other than shoot out but he needs to play with a smart talent ..like Kovolchuk or Radulov!

  9. Is there really any team with cap space that wouldn’t at least look at Parise?, I mean it’s kind of a given if he hits the market that all the teams that need help will look at him, doesn’t mean all will be willing to spend, but they will all look

  10. @slap & shot What has Burke lied about?!

  11. Parise goes to Minnesota, a strong cup contender or stays with the Devils.So that rules out Carolina and Toronto. Sorry.

    Leaf fans are angry. Period. If the highest paid front office in the league did not see the collapse coming, why would Leaf fans?

    When Burke brags about having the youngest or one of the youngest teams in the league, it shows when it really counts. They lost confidence and had no one to put them on their back, no true veteran experience. They will fix that and provide Phaneuf with Leadership support.

    I do not think Burke is lying.Its just that the truth hurts, and he underestimated and overvalued. Why is it that when players leave Toronto they blossom? One of the best current examples is Alex Steen. How about Viktor Stahlberg? Over 20 goals with Chicago, from an NCAA pickup!

    In general, I like how Burke has been drafting (no debates or comments please on Kessel deal. Agree or disagree, it is what it is). He has generally drafted how he said he wanted to build the Leafs, size, skill, grit (Devane, Biggs,Broll)but it appears he acquiesced to Wilson on the “speed model”, when building the Leafs, which bites you in the ass late season when other teams “catch up” or just plain body check you into next week. If he had added and traded for forwards with more truculence, belligerence, testosterone, etc. there would be no Tim Connolly, and no Matthew Lombardi for starters, and Kadri would be playing somewhere in the Western Conference.But since he finally threw Wilson under the bus and hired Carlyle, he has no choice but to start trading for and rewarding the guys that Carlyle, and he in his heart of hearts, wants.

    Not saying he will get them, but players “like” Dustin Brown, Travis Moen, Ryan Malone. Think about it. What forwards feel like they have have had a horseshoe up their butt since Coach Randy arrived? Steckel. Crabb. Brown.Grabo.Grit and heart with varying skill. Wear the other team down, then pop one in the net. Really looking forward to next season.

    As for Omark, he will get his wish, and a roster defense man will take his place.

  12. agreed on the lupul booing incedent
    i mean seriously, the guy played his heart out last year and is probably one of the only guys on the leafs that we shouldnt boo. But it is what it is:leafs fans are pissed, and have a right to be.
    If the canes get parise, then would they not have to ship out a staal or ward? Without skinner being inked longterm, they would have 20+ million for three guys? it can work in pittsburgh, but not in cane-ville

  13. @ Dizzle……& Murph ( good post by the way )

    Burkes lies :
    …he tells fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs to be patient with the team and with him, and then in a recent interview says that he is the most impatient person he knows. He says that he was born impatient and will die impatient. Why then does he get upset with the fans and the media for being impatient with him and the team?

    Wants to build a Truculant team and builds a soft team.

    Tells fans that some players play a certain styl i.e. Kadri and can not compete in the NHL but scores all the time he is up and scores almost every game in the minors and is a better player in that roll at $4.75 mill

    Says that his second line is fantastic and that is one of his pride and joys and that it is complete .HAAAAA…Joke!

    Jake Gardner is an unbelievable defenseman ….LIE…he was a winger his whole life except just before he got drafted …he is not physical and he can not play defense as a # 1-2 at any time in his career to be a top defender so thats a lie.

    Says Ron Wilson was driving the bus and the coach picks the team not the GM …LIE bullshit ….the GM picks the players to give the coach ( what did he have that was better for Ron Wilson then ) LIE

    Says Holzer is NHL ready …WE NEEDED SOLID DEFENSE ALL YEAR where was he all year …WTF ?????

    He got Lupul by a HUGE mistake by taking on cash to help a freind and now he uses Lupuls name as if he was a sought after guy like ” we have the Lupuls …the Kessels ..The phaneufs …Bullshit …you got lucky and Lupul saved your ass by playing his ass off ..if Burkes mistake didnt get 60 plus points they would have been in last place all year …LUCKY BURKE…. let me tell you !!!!!…LIE

    The Pittsburgh model was lucky >>>BIG TIME LIE …..
    It was calculating Stall Malkin are from the 1st round draft from finishing close to last and building through the draft!

    Says he doesnt want to make the playoffs and get kicked out first round ….WTF I thought it was his first mandate to get into the plaoffs and compete just like everyone else …so whats he saying …that this team isnt a playoff team and that it sucks and would take an ass kicking in the first round so they arent even close yet to make the playoffs

    Circles and circles and cirlces …hes alawyer and thats what lawyers do best …if this team wasnt good enough to win in the first round why didnt he make trades at the deadline to make sure they could compete instead of lieing to everyone he thought they would loose in the first round WOW …great motivation from your GM …JOKE!!!