Updates on the Jets and Flames.

Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff remains coy on his off-season plans, while the Flames will seek a gritty center.

Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff could be busy this summer.

Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff could be busy this summer.

WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen reports Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff revealed little about his off-season plans for his club, declining to say if he’ll re-sign coach Claude Noel (who has a year remaining on his contract) to an extension, let alone which (if any) of his UFAs he’ll re-sign. Friesen doesn’t expect Noel will be fired as he kept the Jets in the playoff chase up until the final week of the regular season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No one should be surprised Cheveldayoff, like most GMs, is keeping his cards close to the vest heading into the off-season. Still, it’s apparent some changes are needed. They must land more scoring punch on their second line, and I would suggest a little more veteran skill and leadership on their checking lines is required. The only certainties is RFAs Zach Bogosian, Blake Wheeler and Bryan Little will be re-signed. For further analysis on the Jets off-season plans, check out my recent THN.com column.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis recently reported Flames GM Jay Feaster will continue his search for a gritty center this summer, noting he unsuccessfully attempted to sign then-UFA Brandon Prust before he ultimately signed with the Montreal Canadiens. Feaster also hopes to add more physicality to his blueline and hopes his additional cap space will allow him to be more prominent in this summer’s free agent market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Feaster doesn’t believe the club’s rebuilding process will hamper his efforts to bolster his club via free agency. I’d suggest his cap space and willingness to use it will be more of a selling point.


  1. Fletcher can try to do something a la Tallon and get a bunch of UFA players in hopes that they mesh in well and make a surprise season out of it.

    Jets should not rush things too much. I think Buff can be excellent trade bait, and any of the other 29 GMs would be interested. Still, this is an era where some GMs are expecting too much return on the trade market. Jets fans may want to see Buff traded, but they will also expect a very good return. They’d be wrong. For a guy that they want to get rid off, don’t expect a very good return, but a good one at that.

    • “Jets fans may want to see Buff traded, but they will also expect a very good return. They’d be wrong. For a guy that they want to get rid off, don’t expect a very good return, but a good one at that.”

      What? First, this statement makes no sense. Secondly, If Byfuglien were to be dangled as bait, I’m sure there would be a long line of potential trade partners and even more tire kickers. Winnipeg would get good value for him, based on his size, natural abilities and reasonable contract.

      That said, the bigger question would be, why would Winnipeg use Byfuglien as bait when they could get a slightly smaller return by offering around disgruntled Burmistrov? Trading Byfuglien could plug a hole in the forward corps, but then you need to add a top pairing defenseman with size to fill that void. By moving a guy like Burmistrov (struggling currently, but high ceiling), you could potentially add a mix of depth contributors and future assets while losing marginal production from your current lineup.

      My opinion, for what little it’s worth, is that Winnipeg will see a bit of regression next year. A full 82-game schedule where the Jets play a majority of their games against stronger Western Conference teams as opposed to the SouthLeast Division opponents will prove to be a big hindrance to their success if Cheveldayoff is unsuccessful at augmenting the talent on his current roster.

      • Ok, If I’m a GM and you dangle Burmistrov at me I’m going laugh in your face. If you think for a split second any team is going to take a 20 point center and give you a very good trade, similar to what you could get for your 50 point defense man. You are on crack and are delusional and need medical care.

        Not to mention Burmistrov is 6’1″ 180 where Byfuglein is 6’5″ 265. Russian vs American. These guys are no where near the same value. You would be lucky to get a bag of pucks for Burmistrov. (maybe a couple of picks or an up and comer)

        Byf could get you that big forward you are looking for, but virtually nothing for Burm unless you make him a piece of a trade adding draft picks or another player or two.

        That being said Buffalo may be interested in him (BYF) and be willing to offer a proven goal scorer (Vanek) in return.