Updates on the Jets, Canadiens and Blue Jackets.

Could the Jets make a trade to replace the demoted Mark Scheifele? Is the ax about to fall for the floundering Blue Jackets?  Read on for the latest.


Jets interested in Bourque?

WINNIPEG SUN: Kirk Penton reports Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff has no plans to replace young center Mark Scheifele, who was returned on Sunday to his Junior team in the OHL. A source claimed Cheveldayoff had been telling teams he’d make a decision after the Scheifele demotion if he needed to add another forward. Rumor had it he was interested in Calgary Flames LW Rene Bourque, but the Jets general manager sounded like he was pleased with his current roster. Penton suggests Cheveldayoff should at least inquire into Bourque, given the Jets offensive struggles, but it would likely cost the Jets GM more than he’d be willing to part with to land him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’d also suggest the Jets are more in need of a scoring center, not a left winger.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Jack Todd wonders how much longer the Canadiens (1-4-2) can continue to struggle until changes take place, suggesting it’ll likely be head coach Jacques Martin who’ll pay the price if the team doesn’t snap out of its funk soon, but believes “the onus here should be on a front office that has not drafted well enough, traded well enough or hired well enough.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some Habs fans are also wondering if yesterday’s acquisition of checking forward Petteri Nokelainen is a harbinger of more roster moves to come. While I’ll admit anything’s possible, I believe the next move if the Habs don’t soon snap out of their slump is Martin gets fired. And no, they’re not going to trade Scott Gomez and his big contract. If they couldn’t trade him early in the off-season, when teams had more cap space to take on a declining center earning over $7 million per season, why in Buddha’s name do you think they’ll trade for him now that they have little available cap space? Sorry, not happening.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports the suffering continues for the Blue Jackets, 0-7-1 in their first eight games. “How many more can this team lose? How much longer can coach Scott Arniel keep his job? For that matter, what about GM Scott Howson? Is a trade shake-up coming?”, asked Portzline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The pressure keeps rising on the Jackets front office to do something – anything – to find a way out of its current funk. The reality could be there’s not much that can be done, other than fire the GM and head coach, and even then, that’s no guarantee of improvement. Still, one gets the sense a big move is coming if things don’t improve soon, and I’m guessing it’ll be a front office and/or coaching change, rather than a major trade. 


  1. I feel bad for Nash. Great player who’s best years are being wasted because their team is being run into the ground. Come on Howson. Trade Nash to the Wings. You will be fired very soon. May as well go out with a bang.

  2. who would we deal back to a division rival for nash? Cbj will want everything from jimmy howard to pavel datsyuk. it would have to be sometihng like howrad, cleary, Justin Abdelkader, brendan smith, Patrick EAves and a 1st orund pick for nash and Mason. Doubt that would make us a better team.

  3. NAsh for Malkin

  4. Todd is wrong. The Canadiens have drafted reasonably well but Gainey gutted the future of the team with some huge mistakes. He exposed players to waivers and lost them for nothing in return, he refused to negotiate with impending UFA’s and lost them for nothing, he trade the future in McDonagh for a has been in Gomez. The he left PG to clean up the mess.

    Injuries have forced Gauthier to make some emergency acquisitions and he has done that well. Martin’s refusal to play guys like O’Byrne, D’Agostini and Sergei Kostitsyn has also forced his hand. To compensate, he has picked up some undrafted free-agents. The entire process has been slowed down a bit by unfortunate circumstances but it seems to me that Gauthier has a much clearer vision of what he needs to do than Gainey ever did.

    The two main culprits for the Habs lack of success are Gainey and Martin. Let’s leave Gauthier out of this until he has had chance to work from a level playing field.

  5. Nash to the Kings for Bernier, Voynov, Penner, & a 1st & 3rd rounder. Can you imaging him with Kopi and Williams, or with Richards and Brown. I know, I know he isn’t going to be traded.

  6. The jackets could be in for a harsh lesson on why overpaid does not equal winner.
    If they trade Nash, it has to be for a huge return. If not, they will be stuck with players meant to insulate Nash, not replace him.

    Lars eller didn’t know that gustavson was in the game.
    Martin is pissy at reporters
    Gomez isn’t paying attention in practice
    Gauthier brings in …….nokelainen?
    Whose getting fired?
    And when are the habs getting some protection for price? Other teams are getting away with anything they want in front of the net.

  7. Nash has a full no trade clause in his contract that’s good for 5 years followed by a 4 year limited trade clause so I don’t see Nash going anywhere.

  8. If we’re going to do fantasy hockey here and given the G position is their most obvious weakness, I’d offer up: Schneider, Edler, Hodgson, Raymond for Nash. Schneider becomes the 1A, Mason and Dekanich battle it out for the 1B. Edler mans the 1st PP, Wisneiwski the 2nd. Hodgson centers the 2nd line, Brassard gets traded to Phoenix with Turris going to Vancouver. Raymond (when he returns) slots into Nash’s spot. Bring Martin is as coach after he gets the boot from Montreal. For the Cancucks, Nash lines up on either the Sedin (and Burrows moves to the 2nd) or he’s on the RW 2nd line of Booth-Kesler-Nash. The Canucks will still have about 400K cap space to free up but I’m sure they can swing it considering. Good night.

  9. To Alex,

    Rick Nash is good but come on you are telling me Vancouver is going to mortgage its top 4 young players for Nash. That is absurd. I can see a 1st rounder raymond and Schneider. Hodgson is going to be the captain of the future so no way he is in play and no way edler will be traded especially with our past problems with d injuries.

  10. Sorry “Bob”. Gauthier nowhere gets a free pass, nor does “leave Gauthier out of this” work.

    When Gainey traded for Gomez, who was his Director of Professional Scouting? Gauther. His fingerprints are all over it.
    Ditto the signing of the other Smurfs.
    Resigning Markov?………Gauthier (this guy probably still believes in the Tooth Fairy!).
    Letting Boucher go to the Lightning…….Gauther.
    Not resigning Hamrlik and many others….Gauthier.
    Extending Martin’s contract……….Gauthier.
    Letting Muller go…………Gauthier.

    No, he’s not completely incompetent, but he ain’t good.

    Gauthier, Martin, Pearn, Timmins were all part on the Ottawa Losers.
    Even with much better personnel, they could never get over the top.
    Now they’ve attached themselves to us:

    PG: Bob, I think we should hire Jacques as Coach I know him from Ottawa and besides, look at the great job he’s doing in Florida..
    JM: Bob, I need Perry as my top guy – he’s Great!
    PG: Bob, I think we should re-extend Jacques.
    PG: Bob, you’re leaving? You’ve done an amazing job. But remember it was me who helped you in your amazingness! So, knowing that we were amazing, there’s nowhere else to look. Why bother even interviewiing, the top guy is already right here!!!

    I except Timmins, who does a great job.
    Anyone who thinks the Habs don’t draft well is not very informed.
    Yeah, I would have taken Kreider over LeBlanc, but hey – this is Quebec and it’s local yokels.
    Sometimes it’s politics.

    Actually, if Gauthier had had a backbone, it probably would have been Kreider over LeBlanc).
    They’re an inbred, self-perpetuating gang of no-hopers.

    So the hell with Pierre Gauthier.
    Toss em all, except Timmons.

  11. I think CBJ should try and grab Nabokov from the Islanders. He may be a reasonable move to stop the bleeding, while they try and figure out what the hell is wrong with Mason. Don’t know what they would offer (and they may have to overpay), but I think they need a solid veteran in net to at least challenge Mason.

  12. I say the Jackets get a new coaching staff and they wait a bit. Wiz is going to be back next game I believe as he has now served his suspension and is going to bring a puck moving presence to the team. I don’t feel the players (Carter included) are buying into the Jackets system and that is what is needed right now. I think a new head coach, a new goalie coach, and Wiz coming back could bring the Jackets back into things.

    As soon as they get that first win and Steve Mason plays a really good game it should shake some cobwebs lose and get the Jackets playing the way that they need to. But to me its the players not buying into their coach and there has to be a reason for it.

  13. Also, if Gustavsson plays bad tonight against Philly I would love to see the Leafs go after Nabakov. I think he and Reims would make a great duo and their would be some great mentorship there. Plus the Isles are used to injured goalies so they could have Gustavsson as we’ll have Scrivs ready for next year. I’d be willing to part with

    Gustavsson + Franson for Nabokov + Kabonov, 2nd Rounder

    Franson is going to be a top 4 defender and will get playing time in the Isles while we still have Aulie, Blacker, and Percy in the system. I think adding Kabonov would be great because then the Leafs have

    Kabonov, Biggs, Colbourne, D’Amigo, McKegg, Aulie, Blacker, Percy, Scrivens, Rynnas, Sparks all in the system giving us a ton of prospect depth everywhere to develop.

  14. Timmins has been uneven. He selected stalwarts such as Price, Subban, McDonagh, Streit, and Pacioretty but he was also responsible for Chipchura, Fischer, and Maxwell in the first two rounds. The jury is out on Leblanc and Tinordi. Of course, both Gainey and Gauthier traded away draft choices for players who didn’t last longer than one season, so Timmins didn’t always have the opportunity to select in the first or second round. At least in 2005 he didn’t blow the Habs’ only chance to draft in the top five when he chose Carey Price.

  15. rattus. If you want to see timmons picks google montreal canadien draft picks .It’s not a pretty sight. I also think we have to get rid of the 3 stooges

  16. @Chria. Good to see a Canuck fan chiming in. Your comments are accurate, but all should come with an *. Taking each in turn:

    Schneider – unless Lu gets traded (highly unlikely) he has no future in Van. Eddie Lack might, given where he is in his development and by many accounts would already be in the NHL were he not in such a deep franchise.

    Hodgson – captain of the future is a huge stretch for a guy who’s shown very little to date. Plus with H Sedin and Kesler in the squad and in their prime, Hodgson won’t have a sniff at centering the top 2 lines (he is a C after all) for many years to come. You’ll note I had Turris also coming to Vancouver in my pie in the sky fantasy trade.

    Raymond – has been a largely unfilled promise to date (see the Booth trade for Gillis’ thinking on that).

    Edler – yup, this hurts. Will call Tanev up but it’s not the same. Possibly sign McCabe (UFA) if required.

    What’s the benefit? Sedin-Sedin-Burrows followed by Booth-Kesler-Nash would make Vancouver’s top 6 (and both PP) virtually unplayable. With decent 3rd and 4th lines to boot this season this lineup would give us a huge shot at returning to the final. 1 cup > years of pretty good.

  17. Habs should fire their GM for not addressing their issues on defense. No Hamrlik, no Wisniewski… I like Diaz, but Gill has outworn his stay and Spacek and Gorges just aren’t good enough. Diaz, Subban, and Weber at least have some offensive upside.

    Gill, at best, is a second line defenceman. Habs need a big minute d-man to play with Subban; that’s what’s killing them right now. Maybe they should make a pitch for Shea Weber, and possibly package Kostitsyn and Pacioretty.

    Quite frankly, the Blue Jackets are missing something like 60 goals with Carter and Wisniewski out of the line-up. It’s not fair to blame their management. Once Wisniewski flies out of the gate, that’s when Columbus can finally declare whether they need to change things up. I also think they should probably give Huselius another shot. They also need to sit Steve Mason on the bench or send him back to minors for a year; he’s not playing like an NHL goaltender at all and needs way more confidence. After that, they could make a pitch for a goaltender that can play NHL level. Mason’s been absolutely terrible.

  18. Leafs need to get another top forward like Nash. Every team in the league has 2-3 top guys in the league except Toronto. I could name them on every team at least 2 superstars, leafs are not going to make playoffs unless they trade for a superstar not a guy like conolly he is not the guy they needed.

  19. Jackets should go after montoya he will cost more than nabby but alot younger and just wants to play the game.

  20. And another thing about the leafs is get rid of komisarek, he is terrible worst palyer in the league probably if anyone watches tonight you wont be able to say 1 positive thing about his game tonight, what a waste of cap space

  21. Nash isn’t going anywhere, to say other wise is just plain silly.

  22. Once again, the Gomez trade sucked but not as badly as most people think. Gionta and Camellarie have been good for us and Gomez i why they signed. Gill was brought back because of his work with bringing along Subban. All evidence prior to the start of the year was in favour of Gill coming back. I agree that signing Markov for three years was too risky for my stomach and letting Hammer go was a mistake. The Habs have been doing okay wtih drafting and most trades. Trading draft picks though, has hurt. We have not has a real top pick since Price. the further down you go, the riskier the pick. Our late picks ahve actually done pretty well, considering where they were drafted. nokelainen is a good pick-up. He is a way better solution to our 4th line than Engvist at this point He is NOT meant to be that saviour of the team. he fills a gap that needed filling since Halpern left and Betts was injured. Muller was left to go because at the time, Martin looked good enoough that you were not going to fire him to hire a first time head coach in Muller. Same with Boucher, he got an offer to head up Tampa while Martin still looked good.

  23. Totally correct cptnobvious. Was just living a hypothetical dream for a while (can you tell it’s been a slow day).

    @Steve – I feel for you but it’s tough seeing a top C (which seems to be what you need) getting traded to the Leafs without involving high draft picks (which is something you guys really have to stop doing). The only other area you’d have to give is in D but apart from Phaneuff anyone else would likely come with a draft pick (back to that again) for a top C. Might be best to take a plunge on a young promising C and hope he fulfills his promise quickly.

  24. Not to get ff subject it appears that the Canucks have aquired Dave Booth and others from Florida for Samuelson and Sturm and picks.

  25. The blue jackets are sucking bad this year because Steve Mason has been awful for the last couple years. He had a great rookie year and then fell apart. He reminds me of Andrew Raycroft a goaltender who wasn’t drafted in the 1st or 2nd round who really wasn’t expected to be much but a depth goaltender who came out of no where to have a great rookie season, and then after that fall apart. Mason is a back up at best just like Raycroft. The jackets need a goalie and fast.

  26. It would be a great time for the maple leafs to pick up one of either Nash or Jeff Carter or Ryan Johansen. Trade MacArthur, Bozac and Nazem Kadri. Brian Burke should learn to front load nhl contracts for superstar players. Go leafs Go

    To Toronto: Spacek + Darche+ Palushaj
    To Montreal: Komisarek + Dupuis + 7th round pick

    Would actually work out for both teams… Habs & Leafs will be swapping bad contracts (Spacek & Komisarek)… Leafs receive a more reliable vet d-man while Montreal gets a rugged dman who could clear the front of the net and drop the gloves on occasion… He’ll be insulated playing back with Markov! Spacek is on the last year of his contract…

    Darche… Just so that we don’t see him on the Habs PP anymore and Palushaj since he will never get a fair shake on the top 3 lines in Montreal. Dupuis to the Habs for much needed grit and sandpaper while the 7th rounder since PG gave it up in the trade with Phx…

  28. Nash aint going anywhere fast, his $7m+ contract will put alot of teams off. The Wings could do with a big power forward thou and the permitations are endless as to who the Jax would want. Point is other than Nash theres really only Tyutin The Wings would take off their hands, and thats a combined hit of $10.65m!!
    What would the Wings give up?
    Maybe Cleary and Stuart ($6.5m) and a couple of 1st round picks, Jax would want more but they would have and extra $4m to play with now and the Wings can absorb the extra $4m as they are well under the cap. But like I said, Nash isnt going to be the one who moves.

  29. Mason has not developed as we in Columbus would like to see. Too many stoppable goals get by him. To give due credit, he still does make some fantastic saves. Another factor, the defense sucks. Too often Mason is left out to hang and goals result. Many of us are flabbergasted that Garon was not resigned, and the backup goalie is relatively inexperienced in the NHL. What a gamble the is now appearing not to be a good gamble. Since Mason so often doesn’t seem up to the task, maybe it is time for him to go and get a seasoned top noch goalie in the house. Another factor, for 3 years or so, we have seen the lines flip flop from game to game. I wonder if that is a problem, the players don’t know who their line mates are going to be, and no chemistry develops. Make you lines, and play them, let them gell into a team.

  30. bert. the line swapping has nothing to do with all coaches do it through out the year. My team Boston does it all the time Julien flips his lines around more then the weather changes. Its not a ig deal and its good for when injuries happen. Mason just isn’t good enough at this level. CBJ need a proven NHL starter not a guy who has one good rookie season and then falls into the same trap as alot of one year wonders. The nseason after teams have had a chance to know how he plays and then bam his career is finished. Goaltenders need to keep ajusting there game much like the rest of the players. Mason just does’nt do that however.