Updates on the Lightning and Oilers – June 3, 2013.

Mattias Ohlund’s injury status leaves the Tampa Bay Lightning in a salary cap bind, while the Oilers are unlikely to trade up for the second overall pick.

A knee injury prevents Mattias Ohlund from returning to the Lightning lineup.

A knee injury prevents Mattias Ohlund from returning to the Lightning lineup.

TAMPABAY.COM: Damian Cristodero reports defenseman Mattias Ohlund’s knee injury could create some salary cap problems for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Ohlund’s unlikely to play for the Lightning again, but could still collect the $6.75 million the club owes him over the final three years of his contract.  As an injured player, he’s ineligible for a buyout. The Lightning can place him on long-term injury reserve if they’re pressed for salary cap space, but must continue paying him. If he retires, the Lightning would be penalized by the cap benefit recapture rule.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With only around $3.32 million in cap space for next season, the Lightning will place Ohlund on LTIR next season, but it also means they’ll have to shed salary elsewhere – via trade or compliance buyout – to fill out the remainder of their lineup for next season. I expect Lightning GM Steve Yzerman could be busy in the coming weeks creating additional cap space for his club.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jonathan Willis noted the possible availability of the Florida Panthers first round pick (second overall) in this year’s draft, but notes the odds are against the Oilers trading up to land that pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers are keen to move their pick (seventh overall) but I believe they want a good young established NHL player or one on the verge of making the NHL.


  1. Malone and his 4.5 cap hit gets bought out ; Ohlund LTIR
    Gudas , Panik each 900k and Connolly 1.6 move up
    Lecavalier getting bought out is a tough sell to management , giving away 30 million
    won’t be much cash left to dip into UFA market

    • More likely Malone gets traded, His actual salary is an affordable $2.5 mil.

      • I think A GM ight take a chance on him too along as not much was going the otherway….

        • Same as Lecavalier if a bit of salary relative to his went back the other way or a pick or a prospect thrown in another team may pick up the term… Can’t see The lightning who are not as rich as some other teams around the league cutting huge buyout cheques….

        • good points , I believe the Habs were kicking tires last year prior to Malone getting injured

          • Vinny L could be traded for picks instead of for another player, IF the Lightning decide to go that way.
            I think there would be a few teams willing to add him and his big contract if they don’t give up much.

  2. There has been a rumor floating that in late March Tallon had casual conversations with Stan Bowman about helping relieve Bowman of yet more Salary Cap space in the from of David Bolland plus Teuvo Teräväinen, the Hawk draft pick who has been sited in Chicago with his agent, maybe looking to make the attempt at transistioning into the NHL. The two GMs had no agreement, but were going to discuss more later. I think this have been tied to Seth Jones dropping to that second slot, because Jones could more easily be adusted to the NHL in an enviroment were the pressure would be on him playing big minutes without a protected scheme, having to carry the burdens that would be a top pick on a weak club. Chicago would love to add a big blueliner with his skill and edge to their stable. No advocating, just sayinmg…there may be truth to Tallon’s interest to get better with a player now and a player closer than any of the three plug n play prospects he would take at slot two.

  3. I wonder if the Oilers would be willing to make a blockbuster deal including one their young top end forwards (IE Yakupov) and maybe their 1st rounder to secure Seth Jones.

    • I don’t know if Jones will be better than Yakupov. Plus give up Edmonton’s first. I know Edmonton needs de men but yak will be the number 2 RW; giving them a very good second line. They have Justin Schultz and some decent young stay at home de coming up.
      Keep Yak and take Nurse (D) with the seventh pick. He should still be there since everyone is looking to forwards this year. He will be a top 2 on the team in a few years. Nurse and J. Schultz on the same pair in a few years with all that offense up front will be scary.

      • +1

        • Gh +1 I mean…lol

  4. Lyle, it’s Edmonton trying to move up so wouldn’t they be offering a young NHL’er?

    Panthers could be interested in trading down, but you know that Gagner would have to be part of the deal, plus thee 7th overall.

    Still, not worth it. I’d take MacKinnon.

  5. Avs will draft Jones first overall. Any discussion otherwise is academic or based on boredom and pipe dreams.

    • I remember reading somewhere (can’t find it ATM) Roy wants the Avs to be an offensive team. I felt all along Jones was our guy, but the more I read about the draft, the more Jones doesn’t seem to be a lock. I can see us drafting MacKinnon, provided we improve our D by other means. I have a feeling our front office already knows who they want to draft. If it’s Jones, that is our only priority. If we want MacKinnon, it might depend on what trades are available. Stastny + Jones/Downie to PHX for Yandle seems like a realistic option if PHX is still listening to offers. or UFAs like Ference or Scuderi.

      Personally, I don’t feel our defensemen are that bad; instead I feel they were under-coached. O’Brien got into Sacco’s doghouse & couldn’t get out. Zanon was terrible and should move on. Our PP regularly featured 4-5 forwards which was a mistake. Sacco preferred D to chip the puck out or along the boards, rather than pass. I feel our D are capable puck movers, and that’s how they should play more often. We have smaller guys like Hunwick, Barrie, and even Wilson that just can’t dominate the boards.

      Furthermore, the Denver Post quoted Adam Foote as saying he knows Roy wants to get ‘heavier’ forwards. I would expect UFAs like: Horton, Bickell, or Clowe will get calls. I hope we sign Boyd Gordon to replace Mark Olver as well. It would be a huge improvement to our 4th center both in size and faceoff ability.

      • Can’t see the Phoenix wanting any part of Stasny the pricetag seems a little out of their ball park but something along those lines may work or maybe a lesser package if Landeskog was involved…steep price but Malone will try and get a ransom for Yandel I’m sure

      • are you serious?

        Stastny + Jones/Downie to PHX for Yandle?

        Ummm No…. Not an Avs fan but honestly Statsny hasn’t earned his contract, Yandle is staying put as the Yotes will have a new owner in by the end of the year.

  6. Gagner, and the 7th would not land you first through third. As much potential Gagner has, he’s small and unproven. MacKinnon, Jones, and Drouin will be Marquee players which Gagner is not. Think Alex Edler a prospect and Vancouvers first.

    • Yeah.. (please note the sarcasm) Alex Edler and a lame duck nuck prospect with a lower pick over a young, talented (8 point game) center with offensive upside is going to get the pick. I think that the smog and humidity are getting to you.

      • I would take Gagner over Edler in any deal. Gagner is only 23 years old. Edler is 4 years older and about 1 million dollars more expensive.Tough to compare a D-man to a centre as it depends on the individual team needs but it’s Gagner for sure in my opinion no matter who your’e pitching a deal to.

    • Edler, Luongo, Hansen, Kassian and 1st to florida for 2nd overall.
      Then the twins traded to det for 1st, abdelkader, smith, frk, (and tootoo if det wants to get rid of an over paid player).

      • Soooo Florida is going to take all that salary then give up the second pick? Vancouver would need the second pick overall to throw in with all that to. Drop that much salary….

        • Florida has 17 million left according to cap geek. Luo 5.33, edler 5, Hansen 1.35, kassian .875 so that’s 12.55. Florida needs a goalie and young offensive dman. Hansen will only get better once out of vancouver, and scouts like kassian ( I think he’s nothing but a forth liner). Florida would have a hell of a team.

          • Not and give up and the second pick….Gillis isn’t going to get any favors from around the league with Lou and dumping salary I doubt most other Gms will hope he is stuck and has to buy him out…. Florida could get him for cheaper and Kassian Edler and a pick are not worth any of the top 3 this year…

  7. I don’t understand how Lecavalier could NOT be bought out. He’ll be earning $10M a season for the next three years, then another at $8.5M, before dropping to $4M (which is the neighborhood of his actual worth.

    All remaining years come with a cap hit of $7.67M.

    I’m sorry – I know it would be a massive buyout, but the club would stand to save approximately $33M is salary, PLUS wipe off that obscene cap hit.

    They would be on the line for about $2M per until 2027… But still, with their current financial and cap restraints, I can’t imagine Yzerman justifying against that buyout.

    • Yzerman maybe…the owner I doubt it, plus as I said another team could possibly bite on him if Tampa was willing to include a blue chip prospect or a high pick and take another shorter or less expensive player to buyout, leaving them to pick up the term and let him play a year and possibly buy him out next summer or just buy him out outright. These guys are smart and will find away to get value or circumvent the rules to avoid massive payouts….

    • I can see your point especially in about 3 years or so when Steven Stamkos will be looking for $9,000,000,000 to $10,000,000,000 a year Yzerman will have to do something.

  8. Sorry this is a bit off topic (don’t worry, nothing to do with Toronto 😉 ) but does anyone know if there are any catches to New Jersey giving up a first for the Kovachuk issue? What I mean is could they trade the 9th overall ick to, say Columbus for their two later first rounders and give up the lower pick to cover the NHL penalty? Would be a sweet trick for them If they can. They still get a first but also pay the penalty off.

    • So, you want they to get off the punishment for trying to cheat the system by cheating the system.
      Hmmmmm, it just may work. lol

      • Personally I think it would be….scummy??? Douchie?????? I’m just wondering if the NHL anticipated this kind of thing or if the loophole exists. It would explain why NJ didn’t take the hit when they had the 29th overall pick like most people expected…

    • Habsfan …nope cant be a traded for pick ..like with an offer sheet ..HAS TO BE YOUR OWN PICK

      • Thanks!

  9. Regarding Tampa, they only have 2 big ticket players on their roster without No Trade / Movement Clauses. Purcell and Hedman, neither of which I am sure they want to move.Without knowing the particulars of those with NTNM Clauses, Yzerman will have to be very creative, or hope someone like Malone is ready to move on.