Updates on the Maple Leafs and Flames – March 9, 2012.

Which Leafs could be on the bubble? What are their goalie options for next season?  How busy could Flames GM Jay Feaster be this summer?

Komisarek among Leafs "bubble boys".

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan considers “Mike Komisarek, Matthew Lombardi, Joey Crabb, Nikolai Kulemin, Tim Connolly and Jay Rosehill”,  along with goalies James Reimer and Jonas Gustavsson, among the Maple Leafs “bubble boys”, who’ll have to prove their worth if they hope to stick with the club after this season. Koshan believes GM Brian Burke’s top priority this summer must be landing a quality starting goalie.

Mike Zeisberger, meanwhile, examined the potential UFA market for goalies this summer, but doesn’t find much worthwhile. “Brodeur, Roloson and Hedberg are in the twilight of their careers. Vokoun puts up respectable numbers but always seems to miss the playoffs. Do you take a chance on Nabokov? Emery? Montoya?” Zeisberger suggested a trade is the better route, but given the bad blood between the Leafs and Canucks management, doubts Burke could land Cory Schneider from Vancouver. He also wondered about how much it would cost to land Jonathan Bernier from the LA Kings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Komisarek has two years at a cap hit of $4.5 million per left on his contract, Connolly has one year at $4.75 million, Lombardi one year at $3.5 million. Won’t be easy to move those contracts.  As for a goalie, Burke might have to look beyond Schneider and Bernier, especially the latter, who’s yet to prove himself as an NHL starter. Of the UFAs, Vokoun might be the best bet, but his uneven performance this season with the Capitals is troubling.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun, in a recent response to a reader’s comments about the Calgary Flames, noted GM Jay Feaster has nine pending free agents (6 UFAs, 3 RFAs), giving him a window of opportunity to bring about some real change to an aging organization which is in need of an overhaul.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The only one of those free agents worth re-signing is Olli Jokinen, but he’s 33, so Feaster must be careful not to overpay. Otherwise, I’d expect Feaster to start rebuilding his roster this summer. I don’t, however, believe Jarome Iginla or Miikka Kiprusoff will be shopped in the off-season, unless they ask to be dealt.


  1. Koshan suggesting any of these guys could be moved is absurd. No one wants these contracts except for maybe Crabb as a cheap UFA. The only way someone takes one of these overpaid underacheivers is if Burke throws in a good prospect like Nashville did in the first place for Burke to take Lombardi off their hands.

  2. I am not sure the contracts are as unmoveable as you think. Connolly, Armstrong & Lombardi have only one year so they could be buried but doubt it. Armstrong & Komi are valued as leaders to some and they might be worth taking a shot on to some? That being said i lot of it will depend on how some of these guys play over the last 15 games. But hey Burke managed to move a lot of trash contracts in the past so who knows?

  3. If you can move a player with a 10 year contract, moving guys with one year left will not be as difficult. Just don’t expect to get anything back.

    The worst thing about Grabovsky’s $5.5M contract is that you still have Connolly at $4.75… you need to dump him.

  4. I’m more inclined to side with BeerGoggles here on the Leafs “bubble boys”. Most of those contracts are insanely bloated (Connolly, Komisarek, Lombardi, Armstrong) with the only way of moving them out being to bury them – which may not be an option in the upcoming CBA – or pairing them with valuable young assets – which completely negates the point of moving them out in the first place. I’d venture to guess that Burke and the Leafs are stuck in the bed they’ve made for next season.
    I don’t believe Toronto has the necessary assets to pry Schneider out of Vancouver or Bernier out of LA. It’s possible they could try signing Harding out of Minnesota as a UFA, or bringing in a veteran back-up since Burke’s hitched his cart to Reimer for the next two years. Either way, they will have to find a way to cut some deadwood out of the salary cap for next season.

  5. I think with Carlyle as coach, we’re going to see Komi become more of an important player on this team. Connolly will no doubt be traded at nexts years deadline as a rental, but Lombardi needs to find a new home fast. He’s a good second line center on a rebuilding team, or a team that lacks offence like Nashville or Minny. It would be hard to move Lombardi, but I think it can/has to be done. Army needs to stay, his role on the team is as much off the ice as it is on. Maybe Franson can be traded in the offseason to address some of our (lack of) size issues upfront.

  6. And out of the goalies listed, I’m a big fan of Montoya, but we need somebody more established. I would take a big run at Nabokov if he becomes availible. Emery isn’t a bad option either…is he a ufa?

  7. People are forgetting Komi and Connelly have NTC’s so on top the fact they are over paid and way way underachieving they also are in control of their destination IF they choose to be dealt which makes the task of moving them next to impossible.

  8. Armstrong hasn’t been the same since his head injury. I don’t think teams would be interested in taking that chance with him under those circumstances.

    The only guys I see getting dealt strictly to free up cap room would be MacArthur or Kulemin not that is does much.
    Burke will need to don his best magicians costume and come equiped with plenty of smoke and mirrors at the draft to unload guys like Connelly, Lombardi or Komi without throwing in a low prospect or 2nd rounder. Then again some GM’s have proven time and time again how stupid they are so go ahead Burkie use your bag of magic tricks.

  9. When Burke moved Versteeg and Beauchemin he was able to show other GM’s they were proven playoff performers. What will Burke show GM’s when it comes time to talk about Komi, Lombardi and Connelly? By the time the draft roles around Komi will have shown how crap he has played for the last 3 yrs with the Leafs. Lombardi has shown his skill for avoiding any kind of physical contact and his extremely diminished goal scoring ability. Then there is Tiny Tim… Burkie can show GM’s his latest fight but then will be asked why he has mostly played 3rd and 4th line on a team that will probably finish between 20 to 25th in the league gets paid almost $5M and hasn’t scored a playoff goal in 8 years (4 of them he wasn’t in the playoffs). This is a tall order even with only one year left on Connelly and Lombardi

  10. Komi $4.5 cap hit for 2 more years and a limited NTC, salary is $3.5m so a budget team that needs to save cash but get to the cap floor with a serviceable player known for being a team guy, ya regardless as bad as he has played in toronto, he’s still a good player – look at Beaucheim when he got traded back to the ducks as an example. Both Lombardi and Connolly are good players a only have a year left and both have some value. I wouldn’t expect the Leafs getting much more than and extra SPC spot open and a low pick but after all Burke did trade away lesser stuff for some pretty good shit. Lombardi is pretty good considering he hasn’t played hockey in over a year and the reason he was thrown in was that Nashville didn’t want to lose $3.5M on a guy that didn’t look like was gonna play. Connolly has been around the PPG type player but never found his footing in Toronto, it happens. Getting rid of anyone wont be a problem.

  11. OK

    Only because I’m bored and Ducks are going nowhere, except the beach, here is my draft day trade.
    Burke will be desperate as once again Leafs miss the playoffs. They need that big center and goalie and since Murray does nothing but trade with the Leafs it will be Gerzlaf and Hiller to the Leafs for
    Gustavsson, Colburne, Frattin, Schenn @ leafs @1 Draft Pick 2012 or 2013. Spare parts can be exchanged to even it out. Ducks could then trade Lydman or Visnovsky for a forward. Leafs will get the big center and goalie they want and we can quit reading about what they need. Don’t worry Murray would never make this trade or any other trade unless he was trading AHL’ers

  12. Speaking of AHLers, the Marlies have a strong core of Leaf prospects, some of whom seem to be ready to move up the the big club. Given the discussions above, I’d like to know how Burke plans to open up spots for them.

  13. @alforducks
    I think most Leaf fans would do that one in a heart beat except the cap hit doesn’t work on the Leafs side. You would also have to take Komi to even out the salary

  14. Good Morning boys wow a leaf psoting today !! You guys are probably sick of my postings by now!!!

    Right now EVERY player on the leafs is under the microscope not just bad contracts…Burke may have to back track from his labeling of not being in rebuild mode and that this is the team he feels can win ……there needs to be a serious look at all prospects and where they may fit in or made available via trade in pacakge deals…….. …Tyler Biggs has been terrible ……..Brad Rosss missed out on the World Juniors not good enough ……Ben Scrivens at best is a back up …….what does Jussi Rynass offer ……and is Kadri a player for today right now or is he out the door times up !!!! …….does Colbornes size move him into the line up next year …find a away to move in Holzer even if it means to move Jake Gardner up to his original Junior position of Winger to make room ………and thats just to get started!!

    The unfortunate thing Burke will have to do this spring is ask new ownership if they are willing to fork out
    $15 million to buy out Burkes bad contract signings ….thats a lot of money becuase thats the ONLY way Burke will get rid of those contracts …Komi …Connolly, Lombardi ..Armstrong …..if these players were tradeable then they would have moved this deadline to a Cup contender who was in need of some depth so as of right now Burke is STUCK!!!!! may have to ask teams that are at the cap floor or have many UFAs to take on some contracts as a favour for future considerations.

    The only way to improve in goal is by giving up on a core piece or major prospect VIA a trade to get back what your needs are….. especially if you cant move out contracts ……this will have to include a multi player pacakage deal that no team can turn down that is on the up swing or in rebuild mode Burke needs to go after a serious Goalie like …..Halak .. ….Kari Leigtonen….Lindback …..
    Montoya is just as good Gustavson not a franshise goalie and is a watse of time and more money !!

    My most calculated LEAF GM moves would be as follows ………..if there is a willing partner !!!!
    I have verified this trade VIA Cap geek!

    To Dallas

    Kessel …..$5 mill
    Schenn…..$3 mill
    Connolly….$4.7 mill
    Scrivens ….$ 1 mill
    Macrthur ….$ 3 .25 mill
    $18 .5 million out

    To Leafs

    Loui Erickson …..$4.25 mill
    Kari Liegtonen…..$ 3.5 mill
    Steve Ott …………$3.0 mill
    Michael Ryder …..$3.5 mill
    Sheldon Souray …$1.6 mill
    $ 15.85 mill

    Erikson…….. is exceptional playmaker and goal scorer and plays a 200 foot game
    Leirhtonen…. is a legit 1 Goalie who will win deseprate games
    Steve Ott…… will bring in toughnesss , playmaking and scoring and leadership
    Micahel Ryder …Stanley cup great speed and a true sniper …pur goal scorer who loves to check
    Sheldon souray …Big GUY …can help out with big shot on back ned power play and penalty kill vetran experience.

    keep Kadri Frattin Bozak and Colborne for some youth good on draws and speed .

  15. Chris, I always look forward to your mammoth, franchise changing trade proposals. Especially with Dallas sitting atop the pacific, I’m sure they want a complete overhaul! You gotta learn the art of being concise. But then again, there is actual leafs news on this rumor page, so you get a free pass today. Go nuts.

  16. If I’m Burke, here’s what i do. I make two trades and two major free agent signings:

    To Leafs:
    To Kings:
    Mccarthur, Bozak

    To Leafs:
    To Flyers:

    I sign Josh Harding to a contract and make a serious run at Parise in the off season. Lines look like this.

    Parise Grabo Kessel
    Lupul Connoly JVR
    Kulemin Lombar Brown
    Frattin Steckel Ashton or Armstrong

    Phaneuf Komi
    Gardiner Franson
    Liles Gunnarson


    Reimer’s a backup IMO, but a very solid one. I dont think he has what it takes to be a starter. But with these moves i believe the leafs become a serious contender without giving up too much. And not a Leaf fan!

  17. @ Chris…your massive trade proposal might work financially but does it really make the leafs better? I view that as a sideways move. The leafs want to add to what they currently have, not take away their core and replace it with roughly the same thing. It’s not a bad proposal, just seems un-realistic that it would happen. And like Diceman said, why would Dallas make this move when they are having success with what they curerently have.

  18. Get Zbot virus warning visiting the page.

  19. 36crazyfists

    As I said at the top …..IF THERE IS A WILLING PARTNER…………and this is my wish list trade scenario

    .Dallas went on record as saying they are willing to trade any players over 27 years of age to get younger …all those players are over 27 years of age and address all the leafs faults and gives Dallsa exactly what they want in youth moving foward …give or take a propsect or 2 such as Riemer Kadri or Colborne to make the deal complete ….If the leafs are to do anything it would need to look like this typ of scenario or they are right back where they started again next October if they only add 1 or 2 players ….NOT GOOD !

    It is a big improvement all around …it gives you an outstanding goalie ….fantastic playmakers ….size …toughness and a great shot from the point ….it also adresses a veteran presence and leadership and makes the team a playoff team that can compete on all levels and different lines.

    Not a sideways deal by any means a total increase in value and makes the leafs a competitive team again rigght away …..but the center piece is the Goalie leightonen and Erickson …..

    Louie erickson was voted as one of the most skilled players in the game and most undervalued ……

    All these players are very experienced and are some of the best players at there position ….

  20. to 36 crazyfists

    Philly had better offers for JVR than Schenn…beleieve me…….Schenn can not even get you a 1st rounder anymore sorry !!!!! There is no way JVR is traded 1 for 1 for Schenn …impossible !!!!!!!!

    Harding is a bad signing …hes not the answer by any means hes a second rate back up will not be a number 1 goalie on the Leafs or any team for that matter !!!

    Blacker will not crack the leaf line up next year …if only one defenseman makes it on the roster its going to be HOLZER ….do not be surprised if Burke goes after SUTER or WEBER before a guy like Parise ….as they are in desperate need of a number 1 and 2 defense man who can score and take the body …Dion is not cutting it at all!!!!!

    This is where Souray can help out quite a bit actually!

  21. @Chris, why exactly has Biggs been terrible? You do realize he was drafted as a poor man’s Lucic right? Plus he is onlya year out of his draft. As for ross, he was a late cut and his JR coach loves him and what he brings, steadily increase pts and reducing PIM. Plus as for the World JR’s, they didn’t really braing a lot of players like him, so not sure that’s a fair assesment. Your points are well taken, just not saying I agree.

  22. @ Chris
    I understand fully what you’re saying, and yes Dallas may have come out and said something along those lines but it does not necessarily mean that the Leafs do this because the Stars said they are trying to get younger. The Leafs are attempting the same thing.

    Lehtonen and Erikson are great players, but it’s addtion by subtraction. The Leafs are not a bad team and simply need to add the couple missing pieces of the puzzle. By losing guys like Mccarthur, Bozak, Schenn, the Leafs are actually not trading anyone that isn’t replaceable.

    I believe the trades./signings i proposed also make the Leafs a better team right away while not losing too much. A general rule of thumb is it’s always better to obtain a top player via free agency then it is to trade for one because you gotta give to get.

    Again, the Leafs aren’t that far off and your suggestion would create a whole new core of players by subtraction.

    Yes they can snag Lehtonen who is a great goalie, but why not sign a free agent or trade for Bernier or Schneider? And also, why would Dallas part with Lehtonen…they’re a much better team with him in the pipes. Scrivens will be a career backup. Also, if Erikson is as good as you say, why would Dallas trade him?

  23. I think another thing to take into consideration is what the right coach can do for a team. Look no further than Maclean in Ott. did anybody see them playing as they have? Carlyle may or may not be the right coach only time will tell, but it could change a lot.

    Oh and one more question Chris. How is Souray a number 1 dman answer? I am curious as nobody else I am sure sees him that way

  24. Actually, the JVR for Schenn deal is still a huge possiblity. Holmgren really wants the Schenn boys to play together. The Flyers need d and they have some other guys coming up and guys who have performed well this year that make JVR an expendable asset. (Matt Read and Eric Wellwood) can easily replace JVR.

    Why the hell do the Leafs want Sourray? Complete opposite direction than the team is trying to head.

    Harding is a very solid goalie actually and is not a starter simply because Backstrom is ahead of him.
    If you value Scrivens more than Harding then i think we have a problem.

    and if you dont like Harding, then trade Kadri and a 2nd for Schneider or Bernier… there are far superior options theLeafs can pursue other than depleting the entire roster lol

  25. @Chris I just really see no way Dallas makes this deal. Firstly, I don’t think they want to take on any additional salary, while it’s close there is still almost 3million more going to Dallas. But more importantly, there’s no way Dallas trades Lehtonen without getting a true NHL starter in return (if that was Scrivens then why would TO trade him?). If the Stars did make this deal they would then have to go sign a FA starter, which only means and even greater increase in salary. Yes, the deal addresses the Stars apparent desire to get younger but makes no sense beyond that. Dallas would give up their starter, a very talented young winger, and a sought after instigator and get back Kessel, a young defender with some upside, and several spare parts. I just don’t see anyway it happens.

    in other news, does anyone really believe the Flames can be fixed with free agent signings? has any team ever been rebuilt through free agency? so yeah the flames have some money and some roster spots to bring in new players but what are they going to do? they’ll overpay for desired free agents, cause come on, everyone overpays for free agents. players that are either in their prime or the backside of it and then try to fill out the roster with whatever they can scrape together after that. never works. the flames need a real genuine rebuild. they need to try everyone they can for picks and solid prospects. they need to be bad and get some high picks and they need to rebuild the right way. if they don’t they will continue to be mired in the same mess they’ve been in for years, just on the the fringe of the playoffs, generally falling short but even if they make it they have no real chance to go deep. meanwhile the core just keeps getting older and less and less valuable to the team on the ice or as assets to move. blechk.

  26. Some of these trades you Leaf guys are suggesting are insane.
    A) Make numbers work
    B) Make sense.

    So while some of the Dallas trades, have numbers that work… why would a team that is always competitive in the tough West (although they’ve missed the playoffs the past few years; they’re always right there) trade to a team that finishes -10th in a weaker Eastern conference? Dallas is closer to having a cup contender than the Leafs at this point.

    Leafs will spin their wheels a bit more, they have some young players that have been blown up way out of proportion (like B or C grade prospects made out to be A++)… Now that they’ve fired Wilson, I don’t know what their excuse will be from now on.

    Now, that’s enough Leafs for me, Calgary was mentioned. This summer will be odd for the Flames. They should get younger in their free agent pick ups… but more importantly they need to dump more salary. Sven Baertchi will make his start tonight, and he is by far their most promising prospect. Next year he’ll more than likely be playing with the big boys, hopefully with some acquired skill during free agency (there’s not point having a skilled player out there playing with gooners, or grinders).

    Calgary should look to move either Bouwmeesters massive contract (and you know there are teams that would be willing to suck up that cap hit, if what they were giving up was very reasonable) or Matt Stajan’s contract (most likely impossible to move, would probably be a better buyout candidate). Really the more cap you have free the better. It would also be a good idea to see if you can move Blake Comeau out, he is an RFA… but he’s not really been a sparkplug for the Flames as he was suppose to be, and any ca you save from not resigning him would be beneficial.

    Olli Jokinen will probably get 4.75-5.25 million for a couple years (like a 9.5-10.5 mil contract / 2 year) simply because poor GMs in Toronto and Edmonton overpay for players. Jerome’s getting old, should look to start grooming a new leader (Sven might be it… but really you want to start with a Center, something Calgary hasn’t had for a couple decades). Would love to resign Jones, he looked REAL good in his short time in Calgary… would be a great third line anchor.

    It will be interesting, Flames will look different coming into next year, in that they’ll most likely be dropping in age by a few years when Hannan, Sarich & Kos come off the books.

  27. The Flames are in good position to add a couple players but also have a couple younger guys who should be able to step in next year. Backlund should produce better numbers and Baertschi will add some more offence. Feaster is a good GM and has a great chance to re-vamp his roster this off season.

  28. The worst thing that happened to the Flames is starting to play better, really. I mean they went from a position to draft a franchise type player to middle of the pack. This will hurt them down the road, IMO. I don’t think Feater is going to panic and try and fix his team through free agency. There will be some holes he will have to fill, but I think he is smarter then that.

  29. I can see Burke trading Lombardi to Anahiem for a 3rd or 4th round pick. With Koivu coming off the books, and Getzlaf and Perry already adding truculance to their top 3, Lombardi could be a good, speedy second line threat. Anahiem has six forwards due to hit UFA and alot of cap room. And with the trade history between the two, I can see it work.

  30. Miokid

    I actually did the trade VIA cap geek ….GEEK !!!….Dallas needed to make a move this year by signing Nystrom just to hit the cap floor for all you know!!!
    So to make this trade work all the leafs need to do is dump 1 million on the books ….so i donty know what your talking about.??????

    AS FOR THE FLAMES ….they are at a DIRE crossroads for sure and its time to seriously cut the cord and try and move either Kipper or Iginla to try and recoup some assets to start a major rebuild……..I dont see why everyone here is thinking that this years UFA market is so strong becuase its not …and if you think by just using that its going to solve all this teams problems ….YOUR DEAD WRONG…..this year is the perfect year for a total rebuild for the team becuase they can save a ton of money ……. to move forward by using talent from the minors for at least two years so that they can eventually sign or trade for quality players as they become avialable via the draft by finishing last to build around a young core …if they dont do that then they will end up like the leafs and stuck in a TO REBUILD OR NOT TO REBUILD MODE FOR 5-7 years …by signing dredful players worse than what they got ………….I pesonaly feel that Kipper shoudl be asked to waive as goalies are a very hot commoditiy and you can get more assets right aay in a rebuild around and still maintain Iginila until he retires as a Flame …….

    As Flames GM this is what I would do !!!

    To Flyers
    Mika Kipprusoff
    Jay Boumeester

    To Calgary Flames
    Brayden Schenn
    Matt Ried
    Sergie Brobovski
    Andres Mazaros

    On Gap Geek it works out to be within $300,000 difference for Flyers . Doable

    Flyers finally get there goalie and defenseman they have always wanted for winning right now!!!!

    Calgary gets great youth and possible franchise player who can learn under Iginla


    Oli Jokinen ….$ 4.0 for 2 years or leave
    Blake Comeau ..$ 2.5 Mill for 2 years or leave
    David Moss ……$ 2.75 for 3 years or leave


    Tom kotspoulos
    Scott Hannan
    Cory Sarrich

    Try & sign FREE AGENTS

    Pavel Kubina
    R J umberger
    Johnny Oduya

  31. Flames line up 2012-2013 it is possible..will be at cap…Feater make it happen

    Z.Paris 7.0ml – M.Cammi 6.0ml – Iggy 7.0ml
    A.Tangs 3.5ml – Joker 3.5ml – PA Parente 3.0ml
    G.Nemisz 1.05 – B.Jones 1.5ml – S.Barsteschi 1.4ml
    B.Comeau 2.0ml – R.Horak 800K – T.Jackman 640k

    JBo -6.8ml – M.Gino 4.0ml
    D.Wideman 4.5ml – Tj Brodie 740K
    D.Smith 770K – A.Babchuk 2.5ml
    C.Bulter 1.24ml

    Kipper 5.8ml – Karlson 860k

    Total Payroll $64.60 millilion dollars

    It’s possible (must loose Stajan)

  32. Man, go away for a couple of hours and NHL draft-day trades break out everywhere! On a slightly different topic, something tells me that every player in the Leafs organization will be training harder this summer than they ever have just to survive Randy Carlyle’s camp in the fall. Gary Roberts may have more guys to work with than he wants. Frankly I love it.

  33. A quick Carlyle update – I just read that, while the Zamboni was out re-doing the Leafs’ practice ice, Coach C took the guys to the Marlies ice and kept working them. I love this guy!

  34. This is the Leafs Oct 2012 training camp right now.

  35. @ Chris…I dont have enough time to correct everything you said in your last post!!!!!

    All of your trade proposals are realistic potentially on NHL 2012. Why would Calgary trade Kipper for Bobrovski? And why would Philly acquire Kipps when they have Bryz!!! Bryz has been lightitng it up lately and is signed to a long term deal which means he’s pretty much their starter for the next 5 years at least of his contract. Why would the Flyers have two goalies making nearly 6 million a piece when that money can be well spent in other departments!!??Why would the Flyers also part with Schenn? I will ask you again Chris…Where can I get some of what it is that you are having!!??

    And since you seem to be such a regular on capgeek.com, you would also probably know that RJ Umberger is signed long term in CLB and is not a UFA at season’s end.

    Also, just cause deals work out fiancially, doesn’t mean they make sense on the ice…

  36. You guys are all crazy!!!!

    1) The Leaf’s answer in net is not Kari Lehtonen…. And the Leafs have no interest in Eriksson over kessel since he is a soft player and doesn’t bring what they need. Ott is a 3rd liner at best, so nobody is goin got sell the farm for Shayne Corson (who was better than Ott by a mile in his day)
    2) The Flames are not trading Kippur, esspecially not for Bob
    3) Parise will never sign in Calgary… Parise will sign in a) detroit, b) NYI, c) Toronto, d) Boston. I dont see any other suitors.
    4) The Leafs are not going to trade away their young roster players unless they get back a centrepiece. One thing for cetrain is that the Leafs will have no interest in high ticket, old players like Souray. They already didn’t get enough out of Connolly, so they will not make that same mistake.
    5) If the Leafs had traded any one of: Schenn, Grabo, Macarthur, Kulemin for a 1st round pick it would have been a terrible trade. You would be on the lucky side of the probability that a 1st rounder turns into a real player like you’d be giving away. Not to mention that they are 2-3 years away.
    6) The leafs are not going to tank it. Tanking only works if you do it for 3-5 seasons, not once. AND, you have to get lucky enough to get the right guys in the draft.
    Good examples: Pittsburgh, Chicago –> Cup winners, but you had Crosby and Toews- without those lucky picks, you don’t win the cup.
    Bad examples: Islanders, Florida, Columbus –> Nothing to show for years of “tanking to rebuild”
    There are also teams that get good without tanking: Ottawa, Anaheim, Nashville
    Then there are the curent works-in-progress like Edmonton. Sure, GREAT young talent, but if you can’t round out your roster, you still stink.

    On another note entirely:

    The game needs Sidney back. What a great story it would be if he could return healthy for the playoffs. I just hope he can resume his career and perform to the level we all hope.
    What is confusing about the whole thing to me is this:
    Problem #1: They didnt even know he had a neck issue, so who knows what kind of damage his “recovery” caused.
    Problem #2: If you have a neck injury, there is only one doctor on earth who can help you- Gary Roberts. And you didnt even contact him for advice, a training regimen etc. That’s pure stupidity in my opinion. Crosby should be working with Roberts all off-season to strengthen his neck to repvent future injury.

    On another-nother note:
    Don’t count the Devils out of hte equation for cup conender. They are very well coached, very defensive minded, have a proven goalie playing great hockey and 2 players who are dangerous every shift. This is the kind of team that can eliminate anyone is a 7-gamer.

  37. ALLLLL righty then !!!!!

    As far as I can see if you want to do anything in the way of a rebuild ( in a cap era) you either make a significant trade to swap assets with teams that have an over abundance of talent and wont be able to sign and keep in the short term or you TANK and build from scratch ….what ever suits the market of that franchise better , in todays NHL, the trade scenario is the best route to go. and thats why I post trades because in reality its the only way to improve with in a window of 2 years.

    take your cheap shots thats ok but with the tardes Ive posted ive done research on cap space and the TRUE needs of both teams and how they can aquire the players they need in a realistic short term basis and improve for the here and now with the deficientcies and needs of each team ………for an even trade !

    On the Sheldon Souray post he would be a great throw in on a deal…….. Iam sorry you can not deny that ………he plays power and has a ROCKET and he plays top minutes and is now at only a cost of less than $2 million……….. for anyone who cares hes better than Phanueaf at 6.5 mill any day …..at least he hits the net and takes care of his back end …Id love to have the experience of his caliber player mixed in with a youthful mistake laden defense….he could be an awesome asset at a low cost and bring a solid confidence to a core willing to pull together ……you guys listen to the media to much …………make your own judgements and look at what teams really need as a player to fill holes and roles …….not the name on the back of the Jersey ……

    everyone wants 4 lines of Sydney crosby …sure……. but it takes 4 lines with multiple roles for each line to win the cup …and thats what its all about ……the CUP ….not the media …not the other bull crap …it takes 4 lines of quality players who play hard in the playoffs to win the cup ….and play there rolls ……thats why Ovechkin will never win the cup ….too busy being a rock star !

  38. Chris,

    How did Ottawa rebuild? Through a sweeping trade, or through tanking it? Neither.
    How did the Rangers rebuild? Through a sweeping trade, or through tanking it? Neither.
    How did Vancouver build? Through a sweeping trade, or through tanking it? Neither.
    What about Boston? Nashville? St.Louis? Detroit? Dallas? Tampa Bay? Anaheim?

    None of these teams have ever tanked it, not have made a massive trade to blow up their rosters.

    So while you are right that tanking or blowing it up is one way to rebuild/build, it is not the only way. There are puts and takes to everything.

  39. Lyle , I just encountered another malware alert on your site with the address being this:

    http:// headpicz.com/z/xmlget…………you will notice the ending is the same as the one I found yesterday on here so someone is determined to infect the site here Lyle

    Good luck with this

  40. @36crazyfists
    your roster for next season is funny keep dreaming looks like you play nhl 12 uh ? Brown is not going anywhere you my be lucky and get Bernier for Schenn and 1st round pick thats about it and Parsie will resign with NJ or go to a good team that HAS A CHANCE AT THE CUP

  41. @lakinngs88

    How are those nhl12 trades? Brown was available for the right price and Bozak and Mccarthur would be a strong source of secondary scoring which the kings are lacking.
    How is Schenn for JVR not a possibility when that deal may have almost gone down had JVR not been injured. Even if the leafs have to include a 3rd, I would still make the deal.
    Parise has connections to Burke and why not take a run at a free agent instead of making a big trade where you’re losing assets. Toronto very well could be a cup contender with the addition of Parise and a legit # 1 goalie.
    I say they take Harding because he would be cheap, is a very good goalie and isn’t known for letting in many softies. I do think Harding is very capable of starting 60 games and give Reimy the other 22. I would say Harding is a strong candidate if they’re unable to complete a swap for Bernier or Schneids.
    It’s just a theory of something that may happen based on reports of some failed deals that didn’t happen because of injury or disrupting team chemistry. There really are endless possibilities of what may happen but i dont think my proposals/acquisitions are not that un-realistic.

  42. Are that un-realistic… Double negative lol

  43. @Chris.

    10 player Swap. What I’m talking about what point B. MAKE SENSE.

  44. Burke’s best friend at the draft might be the salary cap. If the cap floor goes up up or looks like its going up, some teams may have to take on huge salaries for a couple of years to meet the minimum cap floor. So theoretically players like Komisarek, Connolly and Lombardi could be moved, but are more likely to go packaged along with a pick or prospect, for a better pick in return. ( an example might be Komisarek and a 6th or 7th rounder for another teams 3rd or 4th rounder. The problem is, the Leafs are not loaded with draft picks. I believe they have 2 in the 6th or 7th round, but are missing a third and 4th round pick if I remember correctly.Unfortunately Burke loves Komisarek, but he would be a fit with the Islanders. Maybe Carlyle can improve all the D – men!

    Most of the time it is a challenge to be a Leaf fan, but it sure is interesting!