Updates on the Maple Leafs and Jets.

James Reimer and Jonas Gustavsson will battle for the starter’s role in Toronto, and Evander Kane  receives a blessing from The Golden Jet.


TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports a healthy rivalry could develop in the Maple Leafs training camp next month, as James Reimer and Jonas Gustavsson will jockey for the starting goalie role.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs have bolstered their depth on defence and at forward, but goaltending remains their potential Achilles heel. Gustavsson has yet to prove he can be more than a backup, and Reimer will face tremendous pressure to meet expectations following a promising rookie debut. If one or the other, or both, play well next season, the Leafs could have a decent shot at a lower playoff berth in the Eastern Conference, but if their goaltending falters, they’ll be in big trouble.


WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Ed Tait reports NHL Hall of Famer and legendary Winnipeg Jets star Bobby Hull has given Jets forward Evander Kane his blessing to wear his famous number 9.


  1. I dont think he really needed to ask but it was still a nice gesture by him and an even nicer one by the Jet

  2. Good on Hull for not being petty about his number, its not like its been retired or anything.

    As for T.O.’s goalies: I almost fell out of my chair looking at The Hockey News pool books prediction of Reimers W-L record!!! lol they put him at 29-19!!!! I guess two months or so of decent goaltending makes you a top 7 goalie in the league. lol Man, maybe fans in Toronto would’nt get so upset about hockey in the last half decade if some of these sports writers were a bit more realistic and humble in the thoughts they have regarding their favourite team before putting finger to keyboard. I mean 29 wins is a definite possibilty, but 19 losses? C’mon guys at THN, wake up and read the other rosters in the East and try again. At least they had Carey Price way ahead of Halak. 😉

  3. Agree that the Leafs will live or die with their goaltending. That’s why it was smart of Burke to not overinvest in primier players (Richards) and go with lesser commitment (Connoly) until he knows what he has between the pipes.

    Reimer had an INCREDIBLE rookie season statistically and can continue that kind of play… but who really knows over 50-60 games how he perfromes. Lots of young goalies come out of nowhere (Hiller, Rinne are two examples). Who knows what the Monster is all about?

    Don’t forget that Ronnie Wilson is still a likely-to-be-fired candiate this season…. esspecially if the team is terrible on the PP and PK before December.

  4. Reimer played really well… when the season was already toast… and when no one expected anything whatsoever of him. Now we have a whole new season and a 29-19 prediction. Let’s see what impact that has on his play. As for Gustavsson, I have to confess that every time I see him on the ice, I fear this will be the night he collapses mid-game. The kid has health issues that are more serious than anyone wants to acknowledge, including himself. I don’t think his body will allow him to ever be a #1.

  5. SmielmaN the second half of a hockey season is two months?

  6. Donnybrook: i said “or so”. ;). Regardless, T.O. Is better defensively and has a moderate upgrade at center, but anyone thinking grabo and MacArthur are going to be better are setting themselves up for a let down. I think it’s more likely they both lose some production compared to last year. Reimer will definitely be tested this year with more starts an infinitely more pressure. He played around three months of hockey when people were calling for everyone on Toronto to be traded/fired/burned on a stake and when the pressure was on in that last month the whole team collapsed again. I’m just saying don’t think about playoffs when this team has minimal leadership to pull that team together. I personally think the coach HAS to go before this team can come together properly. I just can’t stand when coaches take issues regarding players to the media and Ron Wilson always likes his tv time to blame the players for not scoring or playing D, when it’s his staff that’s supposed to formulate plans, lines, strategies, and motivate. Rant over.

  7. ron wilson needs to go before the start of the season,he has been a cancer to this team from day one,burke needs to get his head out of his ass and do something he is# 1 of the highest paid GM IN the nhl all talk no action…