Updates on the Maple Leafs and Predators – April 16, 2012.

Should the Maple Leafs make a pitch for the first overall pick in this year’s draft? Is this Anders Lindback’s final season in Nashville?


Would the Oilers have interest in Schenn?

NATIONAL POST: Bruce Arthur recently suggested Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke should contact the Edmonton Oilers and make a pitch for their first round pick (first overall) in this year’s entry draft, using it to select Sarnia Sting RW Nail Yakupov.  Arthur believes Burke has a better chance of landing that pick, unlike his efforts to acquire the first overall pick in 2009, because he might have the assets this time to pull it off. “The Leafs, who had more defencemen than they knew what to do with this season, could offer Cody Franson or Luke Schenn, as well as a second-round pick, a minor-league prospect (Nazem Kadri, Joe Colborne, Carter Ashton) or both”, writes Arthur.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Now, before some of you go off about a Toronto-based writer overvaluing the Maple Leafs assets, understand Arthur is merely making a suggestion. He’s not a rumormonger, and what he’s suggesting isn’t ridiculous. That’s not to say the Leafs will pull this off, or could out-bid other teams, or that Burke is even interested in trying to land that pick. Still, if Burke were to offer up Schenn, Colborne and a second round pick, the Oilers could listen. It’s believed Edmonton GM Steve Tambellini will be more open to trade offers for this pick than he was for his last two first round picks, which were also first overall.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance recently mused over the future of Nashville Predators backup Anders Lindback, suggesting the restricted free agent, who has no chance of becoming a full time starter with the Predators, could be on the move this summer, perhaps via offer sheet, but most likely via trade. Tampa Bay, Columbus and Toronto could be three potential destinations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barring a career-ending injury to Rinne during the playoffs, it’s possible this could be Lindback’s final season in Nashville. Predators management have to re-sign Shea Weber and Ryan Suter, or at least replace Suter if he bolts for free agency, plus they may be interested in re-signing right wing Alexander Radulov. There might not be enough money to re-sign Lindback. Even if they don’t move him this summer, it’s a good bet he could become trade bait at some point next season.


  1. Toronto won’t make a pitch for Lindback. Burke himself has said that they are looking at veteran 1b type goalies to carry some of the load for the young Reimer. Getting another unproven young goalie is a sure fire way to end up in the lottery again next year.
    And I’m sorry, I can’t stay away from ripping Toronto media. Who the F is Bruce Arthur?? Oh that’s right he works for the white collared “national post” reading the sport section in that paper is like doing a sadoku puzzle in a playboy magazine…nobody reads that paper for sports.
    Edmonton keeps their pick, unless they ship it to Columbus in a deal. That’s the way I feel about it, cause it’s pretty frikin logical.

  2. I think Toronto (or anyone for that matter) would have to give up at least their first rounder + prospect/player for the first overall.

  3. I’m still not sure how to follow your first item there. Don’t go off on a writer overvaluing Toronto players but it’s not unreasonable? It’s not even close. Would that package land Stamkos? Not saying Yakupov will be Stamkos but that’s what Tambellini price tag has to be.

    I would go as far to say there is nothing the Leafs could offer in return for that pick. NOTHING.

  4. Trading the 5th over all and Schenn AND Colborne for the first over all??? That seems a bit steep considering this years class. I’d say the Leaf’s 5th over all and Schenn maximum. You are talking two 5th over all picks for the first over all which may I remind everyone is Russian and could split back to Russia at any time if he so chooses. The Leaf’s don’t need the first over all pick but if it’s reasonably priced then go for it.

  5. I think the Yak at 1st overall is worth a first rdr, roster player (top 6 O, or top 4 D), and a moderate prospect.
    Yakupov appears to have explosive offensive talent and is a Taylor Hall type player. Schenn is not enough to get this done. It will take a overpayment to get this done or a D man that the oilers covet

  6. Hook, line and sinker. This is exactly why Toronto fans get a bad rep. Trading up for the first overall pick (without using our 5th overall mind you) is radiculous. Most Leaf fans will hope, but know it will never happen. But Leaf haters will chalk this up to Leaf fans over-valuing our assets, and be accused of being in fantasy land when it comes to what we can trade for. Let me recap, this year alone we where trading for Getzlaf, Perry and/or Ryan, Eric Staal, Cam ward, Weber, and in the off season Suter and/or Parise were coming here. Who brought this convo to light? Toronto media. And the minute we give it the time of day, we look like idiots. Sigh.

    • Don’t forget Nash!!

  7. There aren’t enough assets in all of Hockeydom to land Stamkos. Lindhback would be decent, but I would prefer someone with more NHL experience. Harding possibly?

  8. Yakupov has never even played a game in the nhl, Stamkos is 3 years in…did anyone really know stamkos was going to be back to back 50-60 goal scorer…knew he was good but that good? cant overvalue a 1st overall pick and lose 3 players for 1. id say Schenn (5th overall), Colborne 19th(i think) and a second round pick is not entirely unreasonable. yakupov could be a dud(doubtfull). he might also not be has offensively potent in the nhl(doubtfull again) not trying to up sell leafs but lets be honest, the kids never played nhl and any gm throwing away players for pick could land in a whole lot of trouble.

  9. This year’s draft class is fairly deep. I say Burke keeps his 5th overall. He’ll get a quality player with that pick.

  10. if tambellini can get schenn, colborne, and a second i’d take it. yakupov might be the next stamkos, but then again so could nugent-hopkins, eberle, or hall. they need to fill out the roster with quality rather than top end talent -which they have loads of.

    i’d probably look to get toronto’s first next year rather than a second. or might look for a package from another team that includes a young stud blueliner and a solid young goaltender, but still the proposed package is worth serious consideration for a player that’s never even played in the nhl.

  11. Ya Poultsy, I’m good with keeping that 5th pick. I’ll be excited if the Leafs can draft Galchenyuk. He’s a guy that won’t step in right away, but he’ll be another quality center going forward. I’d personally like to see a future line of Galchenyuk centering Kadri and Ross or Ashton in a year or two, on a young second/third line. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I digress.

  12. I posted the other day that a package around Phaneuf might be what edmonton is looking for. They need defense badly- moreso than they need another scoring winger. Sure, Yakupov would be great with the Oilers, but their window to win would be smaller given they would need to resign these guys in the next 2-4 years (to HIGH $ contracts). Pittsburgh did it and won, but they had a golie and defense… the Oilers have none of the above.

    Phaneuf isnt the best d-man out there, but is one of the better ones you can actually go out and get. If the Leafs could couple that with another d-man and prospect, or depth forward, Edmonton would have to make that move.

    This is all predicated on the fact that Yakupov isn’t as highly ranked as Tavares, Stamkos etc who are no-brianers to draft.


    I know everyone who posted today is a HUGE hockey fan becuase all you guys are here posting everyday ….so in saying that I would imagine that all you guys are watching the playoffs…..RIGHT !!!!

    Ok then has anyone noticed the MAJOR INCREASE in compete level and pure talent by all of the teams right now …the Leafs are NO WHERE even close to being a compettive team on any level with the current roster and would be absolutely stupid to try and land a 5foot 10 185 pound center in Yakupov who get absolutely demolished come the playoffs ….the leafs need MAJOR size upfront …its is very clear that Rimers game is not made for the playoffs either has a goalie needs to make at least 5 MAJOR game saving saves or you end up like Philly & Pitt at 8-4 or in the Leafs situation maybe 12 – 2 or worse in a game like that ….Kessel would be rendered useles as his compete or even playoff toughness would be not even relevant …..
    The Leafs are in MAJOR trouble they have no one I can see that can bring a new level to ther game to compete in the playoffs …they have NO size ….no toughnes….no goaltending, defense is way to slow and there is no raw talent to compete in any way for the next 3 years in a playoff match up ……SORRY ……IMPOSSIBLE.

    They need to move out Kessel forget about a small center like Yakupov and go big size good hands power forwards for the first 2 lines …there is no choice if even winning one playoff game is a chance!! They need a true#1 Goalie cause Riemer is NOT it ! They have no choice but to go after power …grit …and size with skil ….Burke has to stay this path somehow!!!

    They need the players like a ….Nash …Getzlaf …Ott …Morrow …soem sort of past sStanley Cup winner in the room FOR SURE ….and if they have to seel some major assets to do so …the you have no choice ….Jake Gardner will get demolished in the playoffs as a # 1 – 2 defensman sorry guys just the way it is there is nothing in the system or so called cupborads that can even come close to helping them come a plaoff match up …no chance in hell …they need an almost complete overhaul to build a plaoyff team not a 4o or 50 game regular season team for season ticket holders ….looking back on th eteam now its embarressing of what they have …total embaressment ..theuy can not compete on any level with the current roster or minor changes !!!

    • dude its obvious you are a leafs hater…im a detroit fan but can at least see that the leafs do have some solid pieces…they do need KEY pieces that help bring the players around them up to another level…just remember you are talking about a team up until beginning of February had a 5 point lead over the 9th spot when they were in the 6th spot…yes they did collapse and yes they require some serious size upgrade but at least give credit where credit is due

  14. Left field prediction….Nashville trades the rights to Suter and Lindback with a 1st rndr to the Oilers for their 1st rndr and a goalie prospect (bunz or roy)


    1)Colborne is not a very good skater has size but plays no physical gaem what so ever he is not a Courtourier……. B Schenn ..or or Foligno in Buffalo who are all the same age or younger…TRADE HIM

    2)Kessel has no compete to work hard for the puck in the corners or scrums which wingers have to do to get the puck infront for scoring chances for a big center …he very one dimensional ..have to trade him for a Nash or Getzlaf.
    …..TRADE HIM

    3)Luke Schenn has some of the worst hands Ive seen in the NHL for a defensman and his pivot to get back in a play is minor league …no speed and can not match up to the other teams top 2 lines and compete …TRADE HIM

    4)Jake Gardner is winger by nature not even a defensman …unless this guy is rushing the puck hes not a d man who defends against top lines either …he is your biggest pawn to get back a top 6 forward ….USE IT and package him in a deal for Mika Kipprusoff on July 1st has to be done …Reimer can not take a team by the horns and win out right games ..cant do it !

    5)If the Leafs keep there draft pick they haveno choice but to take the biggest and best ceterman possible Radek Faksa or Grigeranko and should really look at Doumba for his physical aggressive play which they are soooo desperate for !!!

    They have to buy out or demote at least 5 players to make room for bigger assets to bring in as at least 5 guys Armstrong Conolly Lombardi and Komisarek are not NHL materail anymore moving forward ..disgrace!

    • Well, geez, why don’t we just trade the whole team and be done with it!

      Along with stupid Toronto media predictions, this is the sort of stupidity that gets Leaf fans bad reps. Only Leaf fans seem to think the Leafs have nothing at all.

  16. Burke stated that he wants to get bigger and tougher. Yakupov does not fit that bill and trading away phaneuf only compounds that problem.
    Look for Burke to try and draft one of he big centers or a big Dman. He will tweak the roster and maybe trade a Dman or two and try to get a couple of bigger forwards up front.
    Also, he will try and address the goaltending issue, maybe Martin Biron or a Josh Harding type

  17. @ slap
    Yakupov is a winger.
    And just because he is small, it doesn’t mean he cant be a force. Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Bure, S. Louis, Kariya, Briere… All examples of smaller guys who compete.

    Any team will be more than happy to get Yakupov.

  18. @ NIkk …yes I understand that my point exactly I was simply trying to say that if this playoff is any indication of what needs to be done to be at all competitive the leafs need to address size and Yakupov is not the answer maybe two years ago they could have gone down that road but moving forward unless the get bigger somehow upfront he will be useless in a Leaf uniform ..maybe better suited with a supporting cast on a veteran team but hes usless in Blue & White no room or need for him ! They have much larger issues they should not be trading away other players to get smaller ..they should be trading assets to get bigger and better …Yakupov would be useless to them !!

    Three of the most important things leafs should try and do in order of importance is:

    1)I honestly would throw the bank at Weber in 3 months and start there ..

    2)Trade anyone or do all I can to get Kipper.

    3) Address size any means possible no untouchables !!!

  19. That trade actually seems relatively reasonable for the first.
    Probably would have to throw in another first… and to be honest, who are we kidding saying either Cody or Schenn are 1 or 2 on D-scale.

    If it were something like:
    Toronto’s 1st, Kadri/Colborne (one of the two), Cody Franson… then we’d be talking game here.

    Less than that, you can kiss the first overall goodbye. TO doesn’t have a real defense; so even if EDM had one of the worst D’s they’re not really upgrading getting them from Toronto (Same boat as Calgary, you have a lot of young defensemen with some potential, however at this point of time none of them are real 1-2’s).

  20. NiKK
    I like where you were going with the Phaneuf deal. Maybe him and Liles or Franson. I just wonder what his Value is with that huge contact . If I were the Oilers I’d keep my first and go free agent for the d. My father always said it takes 4 years to become an NHL dman. So if you draft them at 18 it leaves you with 3 years of play before they are free agent eligible. Not great value for 4 years of devolpment and an early draft pick. Short recap draft forwards sign defence

  21. If Toronto were to offer players for the 1st overall pick… in addition to what you suggest… then it would also have to include Toronto’s 5th overall pick….

    Edmonton is not going to trade the overall #1 pick.. if they don’t get a #1 pick in return…

  22. How about Burke keeps our 5th over all pick and goes after Edmonton’s first overall using Schenn, Franson and Colborne or Kadri? The Oilers get two young NHL ready Dmen and a forward to build along with their current explosive roster. We have an abundance of Dmen on the Leafs and on the Marlies and we can still sign Justin Schultz to play with his old teammate Jakey boy for next year.

  23. @ Beergoggles

    Iam very surprised you dont see the lack of size grit and talent in the top 6 and that you feel another small player upfront is worth trading for …..If at all you have to maximize all potential trade scenarios to get bigger and acquire veteran presence with quality talent and leadership to supply substance to the youth of the club ….if youve seen any plaoff game so far you can plainly see that speed and skill is only a fraction of the game and that size spedd and toughness and a willingness to drive the net and battle in front is HUGE !!!
    Leafs do not need another smaller player he would not fit in and struggle in the NHL on that club !!

  24. Franson and Schenn aren’t game breaking players. Yakupov most likely will be. No matter how much trash you throw in, it won’t change how bad of a trade this would be for the Oilers.

  25. @Slap

    I do buddy but I figure that Oilers first will get us a top center or Kiper in the trade market. I didn’t say I wanted to keep YAk. lol

  26. Some of you are getting a tad silly with these trade proposals. If that’s what Tambellini would want for that first then no thank you.

  27. Free agent D (top pairing guys) are not going to sign with the Oilers… they are last place. They have no abiliy to attract high end free agents. That being said, their only opportunity to get them would be to make a trade. If I were Edmonton, I’d dangle that #1 pick to a team that can desperately use High-End young talent to rebuild and get a #1-2 DMan. This doesn’t leave a long list of teams/players that a) have a 1-2 to trade and b) could benefit from a #1 pick: Phaneuf, Subban, Streit, Hedman, Jack Johnson(will Columbus be so brave?).

    I think it is pretty obvious that the Oiler’s time to tank and draft is over. They need to start to get competitive now… and desperately need defense.

    Small or not small isnt the issue with Yakupov… highly talented players can be difference makers regardless of size. you can always find size, but you can’t always find talent. Would you rather have Datsyuk or Thornton?

  28. I agree with Durt that Yakupov is nice, but not your #1 pick, #1 prospect and a roster player nice. I’d rather just draft 5th and see who I get. If the Leafs want the #1 pick, their 1st (#5) and 2nd (#36) is enough to move up a few spots. But… Edmonton needs NHL calibre defense, preferraby a top-pairing guy.

    I wish the Ducks were in a position to do it, but Visnovsky isn’t enough to get the pick, and they are unlikely to trade Fowler.

    • I agree with Nikk in keeping the 5th overall pick but attempt at trading for another top 10 preferably top 3 pick to try and land grigorenko, galchenyuk or forsberg…at least 2 of the three

      • BINGO.
        Best thing for the Leafs to do.
        Best thing for the Habs to do.
        Best thing for Columbus to do.
        best thing for the Ilsanders to do.

        Who’s actually going to do it? Remains to be seen…

  29. The Leafs do not NEED someone like Yakupov. They NEED a big playmaking center which they can get at 5th overall. I do believe Edmonton should trade that pick though. Get a defenseman from a team in the top ten of the draft order along with their pick. Then you get two halfway decent D-men. I’d look Carolina’s way ask for Mcbain, swap 1st rounders, and Carolina could throw in a mid-round pick. Carolina needs another winger to play with Staal. As far as Edmonton goes you get Mcbain and draft Trouba, Murray, or Dumba. Whoever is there at #8. Thoughts?

  30. Vinnie, why would Edmonton take that package when apparently Toronto would give their 5th, half their defence core and both of their top prospects? Think about it…lol!
    In all honesty I don’t think you’re too far off. But it will take more. Maybe add a good prospect, or Anthony Stewart, Tlusty type as well. Hard to say what Tambellini would want, but i think a high first, good prospect/young dman, a 2nd rounder and decent roster player would do.

  31. I have to agree with S&S regarding getting bigger. BUT I don’t think Kessel is a complete waste to this team. Scoring 80+ on a team this bad is a sign of his abilities. He has great potential to dominate the scoring race for a number of years, but he needs someone else to lead the team.

    They need that big center to replace Sundin. Ye, they have been really bad since they lost that type of leadership. Pha-enough is not captain material he should have the A not the C. He is the one that should be on the block. They need bigger and faster D. Look at the Bruins and Chara. Or Buffalo and Myers. Huge guys and fast.

    My concern, although I am a Sabres fan, is that if the team gets bigger up front they will still struggle without the big leader up front. Just look at the leadership in LA. The capt scores two shorties in one game. Leadership like that allows Kessel to be a secondary scorer and a huge threat on the second line.

    My other concern is the Leafs fans will not be satisfied even if they make the playoffs. They long for the cup to return to the great white north. Then they will be happy, at least for a little while. lol

  32. One more thing:
    Ever notice the refs are letting the Bruins get away with more and more. They ruff up teams with little to no repercussions from the league. Buffalo tried the small but fast team for years and got destroyed come the playoffs. They haven’t learned their lesson either. Get bigger or beat up, your choice.

  33. You Maple Leaf fans must be sick in the head to offer the likes of Dion Phaneuf as the center-piece of any trade to EDM…this is the player who was TWICE voted the most over-rated player in the NHL in a row!!!!…BY HIS PEERS!!!!!…as for Kadri he is sooo not the player they thought he was gonna be….3rd liner MAYBE a second liner….Toronto doesnt have enough stock to get the first pick over-all…your crappy team can keep its garbage players and suffer…with trade proposals like this it’s little wonder you Leaf fans are the running joke in the league…Here’s a trade for ya….horcoff and hemsky for torontos 5th overall…there would you take our garbage for your 5th….i didnt think so…give your collective heads a shake and wake up….YOUR TEAM IS CRAP…YOUR GM IS A MORON AND YOU HAVE NO TALENT!!!

    • A tad bit angry here ^^.

      Yeah, most of the trades are pretty bad. I suggested Leafs would have to throw in their top prospect, their first and a young Dman… but I honestly don’t think Leafs have the juice on the blue line.

      To be honest, I keep having a sneaking suspicion that Calgary might be the team that might land that first overall. Jay Bouwmeester hasn’t worked out in Calgary, he’s a proven top pair Dman. In addition, Calgary’s got a clutter of young puck moving D-men in Abbs and on the lower lines in the big leagues.

      Bouwmeester, Wilson/Connelly + Calgary’s First (14th) for First overall and maybe Omark or MPS (both those two don’t fit in EDM, just a way of giving kids a new chance).

      Edmonton automatically gets better on D, where they no longer have to fill in plugs on the blue line. Calgary gets better because they finally have a top young talent.

      Only thing I see limiting this trade might be the battle of Alberta… but that hasn’t been a factor in a decade.

  34. I say that if Toronto trades the 5th pick its more likley to move up one spot to ensure the get on of those forwards. Either one of Forsberg,Galchenyuk or grigorienko. I don’t think the leafs will draft a D-man if not only because, Defensmen typically take longer to Develope,that the Forward group has more upside that can play sooner and thats what the leafs need.

    and if i’m burke, rather then go for Nash i sign the older but still effective version in Shane Doan as well as dustin penner both players with size skill and pardon the expression “Truculance”and the if able to, trade for a top line Center.

  35. To any Oil fans that think they will get a bonfide number one Dman for your first overall pick. Not happening… No one will give up a top pairing D man for Yak the russian. He is to high risk. The best you will do is a couple of 3 – 4 Dmen ie Schenn, Gunnarsson, Franson type of guys. You won’t be getting guys like Weber, Suter, or Chara.

  36. The Russians are too dangerous now. Look how many have run home to Mother Russia when they don’t get what they like here.

    @Muke, not to be harsh man but your team finished last again, so you are still looking up as you throw that mud.

  37. Sorry Beer Goggles normally i respect ur views as they arent as retarded as some of your fellow leafers however you badly undervalue Yakupov as an elite prospect…if the Leafs were to land him they would finally have ONE elite prospect…as for your comment that a first over-all would on,y fetch a couple of 3-4 D-men is laughable…the Oilers have the richest prospect system in the league 2 years running and if they were serious about landing a top dman they could easily do it with the first(yakupov) and any pkge of their top flight prospects…and i dont know what all the fuss is aboot regarding their defense…we have Klefbom, Musil, Marincin, Gernat all playing at a high lvl on their respective Junior teams and Smid Petry Peckham and Nick Schultz if we were to add Justin Schultz and 1 top defenseman the rebuild is over and playoffs arent out of the question…if we dont add a dman that is ok too as we have some guys like i said on the farm and i dont mind waiting a couple more years till they develop….to have 4 elite players at a young age to play up front we will be very explosive…so either way i think we are in a prime position to get whatever we want in a trade or sit tight and take yakupov and you will see players wanting to sign in edmonton soon as they contine to collect amazing talent…first and foremost players want to win so when they begin to see edmonton grow players will sign there..

  38. Maybe so Oss but the collection of talent being acumulated is telling the hockey world that it wont be that way for long…i PROMISE you that inside of 2 years the Oil blow past the Leafs in the standings while Brian “Im a genious” Burke tries to sell the Leaf faithful on another plan to produce a winner…

  39. @Mule: that 2 year statement is one that I would agree with.

    If Burke continues on his current path, we will never know how his plan will be in two years cause he won’t be there.

  40. I figure it’s about time I weigh in on a few things here:

    In the last few games of the QMJHL playoffs I’ve been watching 3 players in particular. Grigorenko, Nathan Mackinnon and Zach Fucale. I am confident that Grigorenko will be an NHL flop and be bound for the KHL in next to no time at all. His style of play will not transition well to the NHL game. He already looks nothing more than average on a big stage game. Mackinnon will be the first overall selection in the 2013 entry draft. He has a rare explosive speed on the first two strides which lead him from stop to full speed. his vision of the ice an natural talent is something which the NHL has not seen in a long time draft wise. He will be a francise player. Fucale is a goaltender who will fly completely under the radar. He’s a prospect for the 2013 entry draft and will be a strong NHL starter. I think he’ll fall in the middle of the first round. As a Leafs fan I hope that the Habs go for Grigorenko.

    @ Nash – The asking price that Columbus is asking is absurd. They will not get it. They will end up settling on some good young talent, a salary dump and a pick. No team will pay their price because to do so would put Nash’s new team in a situation which is VERY similar to Columbus.

    Word has it that right now the Bruins are looking to put together a package for Nash which would be a multi-player deal. This would involve Nash and Mason from Columbus and Thomas/Rask, Kreiji, a young prospect and a first rounder.

    @ Kipper – Kipper wont be moved. Sutter parted ways with Flames management for a few reasons, the major one being the perspective on a full on rebuild. Iginla has stated that he does not want to be part of a full on rebuild. Sutter left because management stated that they will not deal Kipper.

    Faksa is the hidden gem in this draft.


    @ Slap & Shot – are you Elkund?

  41. And here come the trolls. I honestly don’t understand the Toronto hate coming from the west coast. I cheer for Calgary, Edmonton and even Vancouver as long as they aren’t playing the Leafs. Are teams rarely meet up so there’s no rivalry like Ottawa and Montreal. I just don’t get it. I could have ripped on a few deals on this thread alone that involved other teams but I didn’t. Why? Because EVERY fan base overvalues their own players, and ripping on people for liking their team is arrogant. The only thing that matters is winning, if your team isn’t then don’t throw stones at others. Focus on your own team and stop being so vulgar twards others.

    • I think it’s probably easiest to rip Leaf fans, outside of Vancouver fans, who are probably the most annoying in general (I think most people get tired of like, Player A being rumoured as being available; Player A, Toronto bound for a bag of pucks; and I think that’s why Leafnation gets a bad rep). And Vancouver fans will crawl back into their holes when LA wins, and when next year they aren’t top seed.

      Although I do agree with you with everyone overvaluing their own players. Literally spoke to my father on the phone, who is a die hard Calgary fan and suggested the trade I thought of here, and he was like “WHAT? No way he’s worth that!!”

      Also, I know you like this forum, as do I… You know that it’s like:

      Lyle: Boston, Washington & Habs rumours!
      1st Poster: I think the Leafs should…

      And that gets old. But yeah, Mule is definitely trollin’.

  42. Lol…true enuff OSS…The over-valueing of the leaf roster all the time is what pisses people off…Ur people think that tradeing phaneuf to edm is worth a first overall makes me cringe…even in a pkge…all leaf fans did all year was to crap on Dion and now they say he is worth(even in a pkge) a first overall…now we oiler fans KNOW we have some garbage on our team (Hemsky, Horcoff) that we are probably stuck with but you dont hear (for the most part with a couple of idiot exceptions) us saying we can get ANYTHING for them…it sucks loseing all year but in the end you end up with some awesome talent…look at the core the leafs would have had for kessel….Seguin(super-star player)…Dougie Hamilton( top defenseman when he develops) and jared Knight who will be a player in the NHL…players noone would fault leaf fans for getting excited aboot…instead they have…kessel(too soft no heart)Kadri(will he ever be more than a 3rd liner…maybe 2nd liner) colburne(poor skater) and a host of late 1st rounders who may or may not make it as more than bit players like Biggs…Leaf fans need to be realistic with what they have and the rest of us will begin to back off on the leaf bashing…

    • Apparently your definition of “realistic” is “anyone who has or will wear the Blue & White is automatically garbage”.

  43. @Durt ur calling me a troll????…last time i checked this was not a leaf exclusive site…because i happen to not drink the maple leaf media kool-aid and expose many of the Leaf fans for the retards they are makes me a troll….i am entitled to my opinion and if ever there were trolls they wear the blue and white of the leafs…give me a break Durt….all i see on other sites is the leaf fans trolling other teams…wake up fool

  44. @BigBoss

    Does the money work out for the Bruins on this apparent trade? It doesn’t seem to work for me. Especially with 7 UFA and 2 RFA scheduled for next year. Not to mention only $5mill or so in cap space at present to sign all these guys. It looks to me like this is Bostons 2nd kick at the can before they rip it up a bit like the Hawks did a few years back. Translation: no Nash without some pain.

  45. @ Big Boss….that isnt a bad trade really but like oss says does the money work…also with a new CBA war looming does this work for boston…interesting thought if nash ends up in boston…yikes they would be even more deadly….

    • as it would stand right now the dollars don’t entirely line up. However, you must keep in mind that Savard is on long term IR and Horton might be now as well. That opens up a significant amount of cap room. With Krejci alone and that LTR being placed there’s more than enough space. Plus, if Thomas is the other goalie to go there’s 5m next year to go (or if Rask, probably about 3.5 next year.

      The Bruins should be fine number wise to make the move for Nash.

  46. Lamest comebacks ever. Not even worth my time anymore. I can only say so much to rebuttle against “you are” and evidence that you don’t have. I never said my team was awesome and yours sucked. Both teams have needs. I also never once said the Leafs should/could get the first overall pick from Edmonton. I have been one of the few voices here that has consistantly tried to stay on topic. If the thread is about another team, I voice an opinion about that team if I have one. I DO NOT go on other teams threads and rip an entire fanbase…cause that’s lame. I have a few friends who are Oil fans and we hold no ill-will twards each other. I rather like the Oil. But I can’t stand trolls. Call me what you want…keyboard warriors have in the past. But the regulars here know me, and I’m not a tard. So chill out and take your meds.

  47. It appears that we’re into a childish pissing contest.
    I’ll be honest here, I’ve been coming to this website for almost every day for the past 3 years or so, commenting occasionally, reading often. I can honestly say that out of all of the people who post comments on here Durt usually has some of the best…along with FireWilson (aka BeerGoggles). As for this attempted troll named Mulenuts. While I can’t quite say that your ideas, trade propositions and theories are completely absurd because quite frankly, they’re just about average and plausible.
    I can say that your attitude and treatment towards other posters and readers on this website are leading to why you are being branded as a troll.
    Posts of this nature clearly demonstrate your inability to convey a clear message without resorting to childish antics. This of course leads me (and I’m sure many of the other readers on here) to hold the believe that you have an extreme lack of maturity or simply just no ability whatsoever when it comes to articulation.

    Best of luck champ.

  48. Lol! Well put bigboss! You have heard of this guy before? I’ve been coming here for about three years too and have never seen his comments. Unless he changed his name from something else, I thought he was a first time poster.

  49. A first time poster calling non-Leafers “Leafers” and calling guys who have been posting here for years “fools”.

    Obviously, he has been drinking the Oil flavoured kool aid becasue that team hasnt made it in 6 years and without getting significant upgrades to defense they are looking at yet another lottery pick.

    So many lottery picks, you might as well start a casino.

  50. Alright, I am an odd breed I cheer for both Toronto/Ottawa equally but one thing annoys me more then anything in the world (outside of Slap Shot). All year in Toronto I have watched as our fans (who are the WORST fans to play for in the world as the vocal ones are the ones who say everyone is worthless and does nothing right) have teared apart this team all year. I’ve watched as our players were deemed worthless and now watch when we are out how we should make trades that suddenly has us with Brown, Getzlaf, Nash, a 1st overall and a whole new team come next year.

    The facts are yes the Leafs are in a bad situation but some of the comments that you read here are just wrong. Kessel is soft and uninspired? Did you watch the start of the season? Kessel skated, got into corners and played hard … yes he tapered off, but he is 24 and has a long way to develop, has always been our best scorer and in his one ever playoff appearance .. WAS A FORCE! You move Kessel and by this time next year you are looking to pick up a Kessel which are not a dime a dozen.

    I am willing to concede that we should move on from Kadri and Schenn but mostly because of the way they have been handled, the guys will be good players someday but none of us can know now where they land. The Leafs have talent, yes we need a big number one center, yes we need a #1 defenseman, and yes we need a goalie (but I agree with Burke a veteran #1B as a mentor).

    I hear we need a full rebuild and then watch throw everything at Kipper??? Guy is turning 35 how long is he going to even be around? If you get him as a mentor at a reasonable price then ya go pick him up but don’t sell the farm for him. Just, I wish for once we could see our fans not over valuing and not all of them do it and some at least stay consistent with their views which I can respect!!! But try and be somewhat supportive of your team. Try and find some positive and encourage your team. Media is bad enough.

    Any way I think the Leafs will do well this off season and I do hope that Burke tries to find whatever deals he can for Armstrong, Lombardi, MacArthur, Komisarek …, yes I am aware they are scraps and will likely land nothing but we need some cap space. I also think giving Kadri, Schenn, and Franson a change of scenery is just owed to them.

    I do hope that we land #1 overall next year, as I want MacKinnon!

  51. @Durt

    I can honestly say that I’ve seen one or two posts by Mulenuts a few months back but he is by no means a regular. He’s almost as cracked as Elk…err…Slap & Shot.

    @ JJB I see where you’re coming from and it’s true. I’m from the east coast of Canada and I get to kind of watch it from afar here. The Leafland media frenzy is absurd and it ruins young players who are not fully psychologically prepped for it (not few many young players ever can be).

    Kipper would be the solution for a team who was needing a goalie as the make or break for their team. A team like Tampa could use a goalie like Kipper, not a team like Toronto.

    Brown would be the best possible pick up for the Leafs but do you think that for one second the Kings are gong to give up a young power forward who has leadership, pressure performing ability and grit for spare parts? Brown would cost a pretty big chunk of change to bring into Leaf land.

    Nash will go for much less than what he would have during the off season. He still picks the teams he goes to and can okay/veto any deal if he wants essentially. His stock has fallen

    Lastly, to get Mackinnon would be something else. That kid is a special hockey player and will be a force at the NHL level. Whatever team gets him would have their franchise centerman.

  52. “The Leafland media frenzy is absurd and it ruins young players who are not fully psychologically prepped for it (not few many young players ever can be).”

    I’ve said more than once that if the Leafs ever draft 1st overall, they’d better make sure they get a guy like Wendel Clark, and they better make sure, above all, that the kid is ready for what’s going to come. Being drafted #1 in Columbus, or even Pittsburgh or Edmonton wouldn’t be anything like being drafted #1 in Toronto. The media would pound the kid into the dust if there’s any indication he’s not going to be the second coming of Wayne Gretzky…

  53. hey mulenuts. Leafs are crap, gm’s a moron, and have no talent, but finished with more points.Sounds like the old saying about glass houses.

  54. The only fans I’ll take advice from is the present stanley cup winner. The rest are pretenders. Not interested in making the playoffs and being a loser in them. and until a new champ is crowned the only fans that can do that is Boston. And No they are not my team. So the last fan i wanna here from is someone that finished worse off then my team. So the LAST person i wanna here from about how to win is an EDMONTON oilers fan. Any team that trades the best player in the world should never be heard from again. Enough said!