Updates on the Maple Leafs and Stars – March 12, 2012.

Could Zach Parise join the Maple Leafs this summer? Could this be Jonas Gustavsson’s final season as a Leaf? What could it take for the Stars to re-sign Jamie Benn and Sheldon Souray?

OTTAWA SUN: Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons reported over the weekend some friends of New Jersey Devils star Zach Parise said he wouldn’t consider Toronto in free agency this summer, which Simmons found interesting as Devils GM Lou Lamoriello told him Parise was a Devil and wasn’t going anywhere.

Is this Gustavsson's final season as a Leaf?

TORONTO SUN: Dave Hilson wondered if this season would be the last as a Maple Leaf for goalie Jonas Gustavsson, who’s eligible for UFA status this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen what Parise does this summer. He has indicated, however, he’d like to play for a Stanley Cup contender, which would rule out the Maple Leafs. As for Gustavsson, if there’s nothing better to be found via trades or free agency this summer, I could see the Leafs re-signing him to a one-year deal.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika recently speculated over what kind of contract Jamie Benn could sign with the Stars as an RFA this summer, suggesting perhaps a two-three “bridge” deal comparable to Philadelphia’s Claude Giroux, or waiting until after the new CBA is implemented to sign a longer term deal. Heika also speculated the Stars could push for a high-end defenseman in this summer’s UFA market and ask defenseman Sheldon Souray to consider them in free agency. That way, explained Heika, they can see what the offers are in this summer’s market and make a decision when they have more information.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see how the Stars handle both contracts. Ideally, they’d love to lock up Benn to a long-term deal, but the uncertainty over what might be contained in the next CBA could have an impact upon those negotiations. As for Souray, his performance over the remainder of this season and into the playoffs, along with his asking price, could determine if he returns with the Stars next season.


  1. Lyle, Did Steve Simmonds say Parise’s friends told him he would or wouldn’t consider signing with the Leafs this summer? You said wouldn’t, but judging by the title of the article, sounds like it might have been a typo.

  2. It’s Simmonds being a hack again. The article states that Parise told friends, but not how Mr.Simmonds came about this info. It’s just conjecture so that he can say ” I told you so!” when Parise signs elsewhere this summer.

  3. Can’t see him signing here because as discussed all year the Leaf’s need a center not a winger.

    I think Carlyle is show casing Gustavsson so Burke has an easy decision this spring on whether to resign him or not. They have Reimer under contract so it was easier to lein on Gustavsson during this stretch to see if there is any future for him here before he becomes a UFA.

    It’s nice to see the Leafs playing a little defense even though they are finished this year.

  4. If Gustavsson keeps playing like he is down the stretch, the Leafs could explore moving Reimer at the draft and resigned Gustavsson. If he stays his normal inconsistent self then I expect Gustavsson will find his way to another team in the offseason.

    Personally I feel Gust or Reims could be the guy, but they need a proper veteran back up who can take 25-35 games a season under their belt and keep the guys in the pipes calm. Right now it is all up to Toronto to determine which guy that is … they missed the boat early this year not bringing Turco in under a cheap contract as a mentor.

  5. I cant believe I am going to say this but theres not a lot of 1A or 1B golaies out there to sign that are any better than Gustavson………. Maybe 3 or 4 but only 1 or 2 available.

    Harding is another back up not a franchise goalie …Burkes evil twin Gillis will not trade Schnieder to the Leafs and in my opinion AT ALL !!! Luongo goes first……

    The only option I see is doing a major trade with LA Kings for benier and brown and other prices as they will not make the playoffs and will be under the hot seat to dice things up for next year …Lombardi might get fired as well so that may change some Dynamics………..also Marty Turco is done sorry boys ship has sailed …….so I dare say that Gustavson may have earned at least 2 more years with the leafs at $ 2 million a season. He has actually played very well when allowed to play more than one game at a time ….!!!

    Once again the Dallas stars come up …I see them as Ive written in past posts as the perfect trade partner for a lot of teams but specifacly the Leafs …tyler bozak was Joe Neuwydykes pick and the leafs have a couple of talented young players that dallas may be interseted in as they want to get younger

    I unfortunately do not see Parise wanting to come to Toronto…I think he will resign some how in New Jersey by asking martin Broduer to take less to stay one more year so they can resign Parise to a Brodeur type contract ….If Parises main ficus is to win NOW ….ther is not very many teams that can take him on that are legit in the hunt unless a trade happens before July 1st …..as Ive stated in the posts this past week ….trades are more likely this year than ever because of the cap hits that most teams are under……..One team that could be VERY serious for Parise is the Washington Capitals …they will beshedding $6.5 million on Semin and may replace that with Parise …WOW Ovi ..Backstrum …and Parise are a great core for years to come !

  6. Durt…Parise will NOT be a leaf EVER. Parise wants to be on a contender and the Leafs are far from that. Look for the Kings, Rangers, etc to land him.

    Chris don’t be too sure the Kings won’t make the playoffs buddy, they are tied for 8th right now. If they don’t they are not trading Brown or Bernier to the Leafs, because the Leafs have NOTHING of value to the Kings.

  7. Rangers will definitely take a look at Parise, but they may want to think about how all ex-Devils faired when joining the Rangers.

    The CBA will make it a complicated story for Parise, so i think it will drag long into the summer. I would not include the Kings as they have Carter and Richards.

    I think Parise will go to an up and coming with the cap room, a solid core, and has what it takes to be a Cup contender in the future.

    I would actually consider Parise’s home state, the Wild. He and Heatley could form a dynamic duo.

    I would also throw Colorado into that mix.

    It’s possible that the Caps would have interest in changing the atmosphere by bringing in Parise.

    The Blues will have a ton of cap space and i would have to put them in the top three possible destinations.


    The Kings are not looking good but your right they are in the mix …tied for 8th place but sit 9th so if playoffs started tomorrow thay are out!!!
    I just have a feeling they miss out ..San Jose in the mix too …..but still unexcepatable to finsh only 8th with that clubs roster & experience …….so i could see some movement there ….the Leafs do have some trade bait to make a move IMO

    another team to take notice of for Parise if he is willing to take a small hit on cash is Detroit …..if Lidstrom retires that will open up considerable cap space ……and could be a team for him to spedn the next 8 years or so and have a chance to win every year!!!!!

  9. Parise to Detroit is a real possibility. Even if Lidstrom stays for another season they would be able to fit him in. Brad Stuart I believe will not return to the wings and they already have 18 mil or so open for next year to fill out roster.

  10. I’m surprised that the Leafs aren’t doing very well and look poised to miss the playoffs again. I’ve visited this site almost every day this season, and I’ve been led to believe the Toronto Maple Leafs are the best team on earth and have the best defenseman in the league in Dion Phaneuf. No? Lol

  11. Bosky …..that comment is cruel and unusuall punishment ….towrads the leafs …..SEASONS OVER!!!!! LOL

    @ Innovator good call and reply with the Stuart info …..makes even more sense if I was Parise ..Detroit or some other looser franchise …..lol…daaa.

    No way Burkes is going to wine and Dine Parise after this years fiasco ….thats for sure ……Iam not sure if Burke will lure andy UFA to this hell hole ……I have to say that the media in Toronto are destroying players that come in here after a couple of bad games and the TV & Radio shows have become the JERRY SPRINGER of the Hockey world ……….terrible!!!!!!……..There still playing Burke hanging up the phone mad a week later …stupid !

  12. The analogy of the TV and Radio shows inToronto having become the Jerry Springer of the Hockey World is actually a great one and the analysts on Hockey Central collectively destroy their personal credibility with each gimmick and passing week.

  13. Who ever that goof ball was on that radio station who asked Brian Burke to do an interview to promote Brandons cause YOU CAN PLAY ….and then at the end asks blindsides Burke and asks if he thinks his ass is close to being out the door is just F N ….shotty, bad journalsim and taking advantage of a central figure and destroying the interview to better his ratings or viewership ……terribel !!!!

    Burke has made some terrible mistakes ……YES!!! But also makes himeslef avilable to all media to have a good honest discussion about good and bad things ….not to be blindsided by stupid dumbass reprters who concocked BULL %$# about him…….I dont blame him for creating his bad list of journalists….if you are going to be stupid and not play the game with intergrity like a guy such as Michael landsberg than you deserve to be called a dirt bag and slime ….there is an eticate that Burke as a business man obides by and most business people abide by …but jounalists and columnists ….like to play outside that boundry and when they get called on it ….whoooooo its about freedom of speech ……its guys like this that give the term freedaom of speech a bad name …..learn the eticate of business and conversation and stop trying to be the guy to get people fired so you have something to write about for the next 2 months …….l

    The funny thing is without the leafs or a guy like Brian Burke and his personality to be a polarized punching bag for some of the columnists or talk show hosts they would have nothing else to discuss because most of them know nothing about hockey they are just full of BS ……there is so much other things to discuss in the Hockey world but they decide to undermine MLSE and the fortunate programs they offer to be open and acessable to the public for conversation abot there club ….BUT most of the columnists Like Steve Simmons and others have to throw a dirty bomb out there every once and a while to make them credable ….so why should a guy like Brian Burke a professional business man lawyer and CEO always gave to put up with this public harrasment on a daily basis just becuase hes a lightning rod on the middle of the Hoceky universe……without a guy like him or the viewer ship of the leafs there is no discussion and very little to read about …so why not attack EVERYDAY ….its bull %#!@…….these sports writers need a life ….LOL

  14. I hope that Don Cherry never retires …..the only honest man in Hockey ……Go grapes !!!!!

    hook up to a beer I V and roll him on set on H N I C

    Get rid of all these newspaper columnists on all these talk shows and put in people who played the game as a pro ……who know what they are talking about ….haaaa John Shannon on Hockey Central at the begining of the year verbaly fought with Brad May as Shannon was determined that Nugent Hopkins should never be with the big club this year ……HAAAAA ok John ….hows about Rookie of the year this year ….Haaaaaa….half the guys on this site talk better hockey then these newspaper guys!!!

  15. Bosky-Hilarious!

    Ok, Habs angle for Parise: Gomez out = 27 mill in cap space. 6 year 6.5 mill deal for Parise? Or Suter? That would give the top two lines: Parise, Pleks, Gio. Then: patches, DD, Cole.
    Huh? Huh? Maybe! That’s a lot of coin! Americans seem to enjoy Montreal? :)

    Oh, and gustovson (sp) is gone. Heck, both Leafs goalies could be gone if the right deal came along (Steve Mason?).

  16. I like TSN and a few guys on sportsnet fan590 but there are some that feel they need to make negative comments or force them to have a story because its too hard for them to write an engaging column that gets people interested. It’s why Tabloids sell so well.

    I find a lot of Cherry’s rants are worthless. It’s good when he points out plays that have happened and offers hockey insight but his racists and prejudice comments should never be tolerated. It makes him money but I lose respect for him whenever I see those rants. I often change the channel when he comes on because of it

  17. Chris

    Well playoffs aren’t tomorrow so that is a moot point. Kings are playing better hockey then the Sharts are. When htye get in I would hate to be the team that has to play them in the first round, great goaltending, solid defence and a top 6 forward group that can rival most teams.

  18. @ Canadian King

    No offence but as of last week or 3 games ago ……as ive been keeping tabs daily…..L A and the Leafs were only 4 points apart …wow they are that good I guess ….eh!!!

    Would have thought them to be better than there record ….time will tell …I like the Kings just underachievving

  19. I doubt Parise wants to play in Toronto, not a top contender now, and the fans are brutal when someone is brought in to turn the team around”, I see teams like St. Louis making a pitch, Rangers will make an offer, but doubt he takes it, I see Detroit making an offer, but they will be outbid (someone is going to overpay for him) just my opinion of course

  20. So Radulaov comesack after he feels hes mad enough money to take a roster spot from a guy whos been playing all year …NICE!!!

    St louis signs Schwarz and sticks him into the line up …nice ….

    it sounds a sif guys can be buried around and signed and sent off and used and not used and just be brough out of no where and then inserted into the line up …….this is really odd ..neber seen this before….why cant any team just pick up guys from around the globe sign them and then play them ……I think there should be a rule that the team you have on paper on the day after the trade deadline should be the team you go with UNLESS there is reason such as injuries and so forth then a player can be called up from the imediate minor league team ……how is it that guys just get plucked from other leagues and divisions and play a week later at this time of year …….I mean can Mario Lemieux play in the final 15 games when Crosby comes back ????

    I think this is a bad rule ….its like hiding players then using them in the stretch or finding a ringer in another league and signing hime at the end of the season for a run…..how does this work exactly ….like I said ….

    Ottawa should bring in Mika Zibinajed for the plaoffs and get him to a some playoff experience if thats the case !!

  21. With Radulov it was different because he bolted while still under contract. That won’t happen again with a new agreement in place.

    You cannot sign a ringer from another league because they are not eligible for the playoffs if signed after deadline, and would have to clear waivers anyway.

    Schwarz rights were owned by the Blues so there’s nothing wrong with that. This happens every year to give these young guys a shot.

  22. @ Beergoggles…Nobody has claimed FIRECARLYLE yet, so its never too late (LOL)

    Man this is depressing. What happened to the Leaf team from the front end of the year? Tonight in Florida, more defensive hockey, 3 stupid penalties 200 feet from their own net, and falling all over each other. Chances to score but no finish, almost like they were one gear behind!

    No way Parise comes to Toronto. . Maybe if Brodeur resigns Leafs can go after Hedberg?

    Dustin Brown would be great to add, but Bernier is not an upgrade IMO. He and Reimer played for Team Canada in a world tournament last year, and they were and are, on par.

    I saw Mats Sundin on TV the other night. He was asked what current leaf player he would love to play with. He said Phil Kessel. C’mon Brian, sign him to a two year deal already. I bet the two of them could light it up!

    I guess the best bet is to go hard for Nash on July 1and build around him…

    I really like Burke, but I have to believe he is going to toughen up the team at Carlyle’s insistence. Look for him to add certain types of players where possible like Dustin Brown, Wayne Simmonds, Shawn Thornton. Remember I said these type of guys, not necessarily these guys, although I would take all three!