Updates on Visnovsky and Ennis.

Lubomir Visnovsky awaits arbiter’s decision regarding his attempt to overturn his trade to the Islanders, and the latest on the Buffalo Sabres contract talks with Tyler Ennis.


Visnovsky awaits arbiter’s decision.

YAHOO! SPORTS: Sean Leahy recently reported on defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky’s recent arbitration hearing to overturn his trade from the Anaheim Ducks to the NY Islanders. Leahy noted Visnovsky has been “saying the right things about the Islanders” since the trade, and wondered if the blueliner would “accept a second (legal) trade back to Long Island” if he should win his case, or finish the final season of his current contract with the Ducks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We should know the arbiter’s decision soon. Leahy poses an interesting question regarding Visnovsky’s intentions if he wins his case, but that would depend not only upon if he’d accept another trade, but if the Ducks would try to move him back to the Islanders, to another team he’d find acceptable, or just play out this season with him back in their lineup. The CBA negotiations and a possible lockout could also factor into it. Of course, all this become moot if the arbiter rules against Visnovsky.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports a source said contract talks between the Sabres and RFA forward Tyler Ennis are continuing, adding CBA uncertainty isn’t putting a rush on the negotiations.



  1. Visnovsky
    I’m betting that if Ducks & Islanders each kicked in 250K and gave him a check for
    $ 500,000 or so this would go away fast. Funny how money heals hurt feelings.

    • Probably true, but I see Visnovsky as a fairly decent contributor to any team he’s on (Anaheim included), at least as a #3-4 depending solely on that team’s defensive depth. Lest we forget he’s only 1 year removed from a 68 point season (and nobody really lit the world on fire this past season in Anaheim) and should have value above a 2nd round draft pick, especially given the dearth of defensive talent available and teams like Detroit & Philadelphia supposedly making overtures for blueline help.

      • Good point. It’s not the Isles are a bad option, but LV is older and probably either wants to stay on the west coast, or go to a contender.

        • All true –
          If he went to Boston or Philly we would not be having this conversation. Wouldn’t mind getting him back as Ducks
          can get more at trade deadline if there is one

  2. Lobo would be a good fit in Philly or Det right about now…and the ducks would get a lot more than a second rounder…

  3. Lubo could easily be a top 5 or 10 scoring d-man in the NHL this season. He’s a very talented player.

  4. I actually think the Ducks are regretting that trade. Looking at their depth on the back end they really cant afford to lose Lubo (overpaying Souray to help proves that), and no one in the system is ready to make the leap yet.

    Ennis is part of a big group including Evander Kane, Subban, Jaime Benn of younger players not yet signed. The only urgency to sign any of them right now would be that fact that the current CBA allows for a longer term. There is a good chance that management might be waiting for a new CBA with the hopes of term and financial limits on 2nd contracts. If that happens, I can see a couple of those players being upset that owners didnt sign them before the new CBA.

  5. Just announced on TSN the Winnipeg Jets have told there shareholders and fans prepare for a lock out.