Wade Belak found dead.

Various sources report former NHL player Wade Belak, 35, was found dead today in a Toronto hotel. Cause of death is currently unknown.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tragic news. Belak is the third NHL “tough guy” to pass away since May, following the deaths of Derek Boogaard and Rick Rypien. Details to follow…

**UPDATE** As of 9.30 PM ET, TSN.ca still reporting the cause of Belak’s death has yet to be determined…The Toronto Sun cited early reports suggesting it was suicide….


  1. Not another one,I hope the league does something with headshots,I understand they want to keep the “fans”entertained but those fans are the ones who should not watch sports at all and play fighting games or games that have very hard hits.

    These are people lives we are dealing with .Some needs to stop this and stop with being this macho being.

  2. Condolences to his friends and Family. Another tough loss not just in the hockey world but in the real world also. Great guy all around

  3. Just shocked that this happened. Best wishes and prayers for his family. RIP, Wade.

  4. no offence kaz but what does this have to do with headshots…

  5. Well leafsfan,I was just thinking if it was suicide their could be some CTE or concussion problems that let him overdoes but It was pure speculation on my part sorry.

  6. another sad loss for the hockey world,seemed from interviews to be a fun loving guy.thoughts and prayers to his family and friends

  7. I still keep saying What????

    Such a tragic loss, and I would say the most shocking of the three NhlL’ers who died this summer. I heard him on the Radio last week! So much to give, so much to live for, so beloved by his family and friends. Rest in peace Wade. May God take care of your family.

  8. My jaw dropped today when I heard about Belak. What a solid beaut, so sad. Something needs to be implemented in the nhl to monitor players psychological well beings more closely. We haven’t heard the biopsy yet, but with the 2 other unfortunate deaths this summer, something needs to be done to create a more voluntary approach to therapeutic well being for the players. No matter how strong someone is physically, everyone has weaknesses mentally and it shouldnt be something to be ashamed of, we’re all human.

  9. Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek wrote on Twitter Belak told him he’d never suffered a concussion in his life.

  10. Horrible news and its really sad. He still had a whole lot of life left to live and let it all slip away.

    I am with Leafsfan on this one, this has nothing to do with headshots. If I am a betting man, I have to assume that at 35 Belak’s NHL career is done and/or has been for at least a year now. I am only throwing an idea out here, but this may have caused some depression being left out of the limelight which could eventually lead to a suicide if Sun News is accurate. I know he is slated to be in the Battle of the Blades and all, but if he’s been depressed for awhile, its very possible this would never factor into things and they eventually deteriorate to the point that he takes his own life. Again, just brainstorming plausible reasons. But headshots simply do not factor into this (or any other recent deaths with Derek Boogaard (prescription drug OD) and Rick Rypien (depression).
    Bern16 – There is no point in monitoring players psychologically since depression could happen in anyone, anywhere, anytime. We can’t monitor every person, but we can watch out for family and friends and get help to those who show symptoms.


    Wade was a funny and gregarious guy and a terrific teammate and this is how most people saw him and that is how he should be remembered.

    It has nothing to do with pyschological issues or anything of that nature. The truth is completely the reverse.

    In years past alcohol was the main thing for players. There are thousands of documented stories over the years of incidents with alcohol and hockey players. Now DRUGS have become part of all athelete’s daily training and lifesyle. Drug addiction is very difficult to overcome and the adjustment period is the worst thing any person has to deal with.

    I hope that Wade’s passing will open people’s eyes about drug addiction but unfortunately I feel it won’t.

    I applaud George Laraque’s honesty and bluntness about the closed door drug problem the NHL doesn’t want you to know about.

    • delvecchio, there’s been no reports yet that drugs played a part in Belaks’ death. Don’t leap to conclusions until all the facts are in.

  12. It is reported that he committed suicide and hung himself. It appears that he has never had a concussion – so the league has to look at other areas. Seems to me he had a lot of things going on, but if he suffered from depression I can understand how it could happen. RIP Wade!

  13. Just like physicals are mandatory, biannual psychological assessments should be as well, half the game is mental. Mind and muscle.