What Next For The Flyers?

With the Philadelphia Flyers having replaced Paul Holmgren as GM with Ron Hextall, what could  be in store for the club this summer? 

What moves does new Flyers GM Ron Hextall have in mind this summer?

What moves does new Flyers GM Ron Hextall have in mind this summer?

PHILLY.COM: Prior to the Flyers’ management change, Frank Seravalli graded the roster. He speculates forwards Brayden Schenn and Matt Read could garner interest from rival clubs. Defenseman Kimmo Timonen will take several weeks before deciding if he’ll return or retire. Seravalli speculates Braydon Coburn could attract trade offers again. It’s unclear if backup goalie Ray Emery will return. Seravalli also believes the Flyers’ priority is to boost their speed.

Sam Carchidi believes new GM Ron Hextall must find a left wing for Claude Giroux’s line. Free agent possibilities include Matt Moulson, Mason Raymond and Benoit Pouliot, while Winnipeg’s Evander Kane is an intriguing trade possibility. Hextall would have to clear cap space to take on Kane.

THE SPORTING NEWS: Sean Gentille believes Hextall’s commitment toward developing the Flyers young players and rebuilding from within is bad news for those fans and pundits pining for a Shea Weber trade with Nashville.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I hope Hextall’s hiring brings an end to the seeming quest for the White Whale that is the “Weber-to-Flyers” speculation. It’s an unhealthy obsession for Flyers fans and pundits. The Flyers had their shot two years ago, the Predators matched the offer sheet and have no interest in moving him. Time to move on.

Schenn and Read could be trade chips if Hextall goes shopping for a winger or to bolster his defense, but I doubt they’ll fetch a return which suitably addresses the Flyers needs. Forget about Evander Kane, at least for this summer. The Jets aren’t going to give him away, and it’ll certainly take more than a package of Schenn and Read to get it done.

I think they’ll be foolish to move Coburn, unless they’re getting someone better in the return, which ain’t likely. Building from within, rather than bold trades and free agent signings, might be the best way for the Flyers to go. 


  1. Philly beat writers are hacks

    • Lukin is a hack..

      Hahahaha so funny

  2. Since Hextall mentored under Dean Lombardi in Los Angeles, if he follows the Lombardi model, this is what you can expect to see:
    – Focus on goaltending and defense
    – Build through the draft
    – Build through defense and then centers
    – Excellent cap management

    As for Weber, he would fit the model and is only 28, but he’s carries a $7.8M cap hit. That cap hit seems high but the Kings for $7M per season, so who knows.

    As for Coburn, the Kings make a perfect trading partner. The Kings have plenty of puck-moving rushers, and Willie Mitchell and Matt Greene are UFAs next year. There’s a good chance that the Kings will be looking for a crusher who can log big minutes, and Coburn fits the bill perfectly. The Kings on the other hand have plenty of role players, puck-moving defensmen, and prospects. There could be a deal to be had.

    Everything will depend on how Hextall sees the roster. If he wants to blow it up and start over, look for him to make lots of trades, collect draft picks, and get younger.

    • Coburn a “crusher”….brahahahahaha

      The biggest complaint on Coburn by Flyer fans, next to his poor decisions and inconsistent play, is that he doesn’t use his size.

      He is Chris Therien part 2.

      He plays some games like he is the best in the league, and then follows that up with games like 5, 6 and 7 against the NYR.

      He would not be missed.

  3. Flyers have a real good core of young forwarders. Keep them and try and replace the older ones like
    Hartnell within the organization. Makes no sense to trade Schenn or Read or any of the young forwarders.
    Mason is the #1 goalie, if Emery is not your #2 then there is always plenty of options in the summer.
    Defense is the problem. It’s OLD, if LA will take Colburn for a young rushing D man DO IT.
    Sometimes you have to take a step back before you can move forward.

    • I think Hextall will end up trading Simmonds, Coburn and their first in this years draft. They’ll probably target Niskanen just to piss those Pens off. I have a feeling Hextall will be trading with the Jets this offseason for at least one of Kane, Bogosian or Byfuglien. I know Byfuglien not a great defender.

      I know a lot of GM’s who have said he’s not going to trade a certain player but they end up doing. There’s always a price. It’ll be a big one but Flyers IMO are one of a few teams who could offer a good enough package for him. Edmonton is another one.

      Coburn I still think he will end up in Edmonton.

      • Simmonds won’t be traded. Snider likes his community work with the inner-city neighborhoods too much and he’s a good player

      • Yeah…lets fix our cap issues and overpayment of contracts by trading a guy who actually earns his contract, makes less than $4million per for the next 6 years, does a bunch of community work….

        It will not happen.

        I can see Hartnell, Lecavalier, Coburn and possibly a guy like Grossmann being traded, but Simmond, Coots, etc will not be touched.

        Hextall has said repeatedly that he cherishes his draft picks, and will not be trading them.

        Think you posts out Jes..this one is as ludicrous as a Leaf rumor.

  4. Coburn is probably their best d man….no question he’s the fastest. Sometimes I wonder if he could be a forward. Philly has contract issues…..fan favorite Hartnell goes #1 on that list. You can argue Vinny but Vinny has way more upside in terms of points than Hartnell. Streit’s deal is questionable also. Not only bad term contracts but also too many clauses in them; NMC, NTC. You can argue that their top young players aren’t improving enough as well. Vorachek, Schenn, couturier have all been very inconsistent. No question the blueline is the priority as the Rangers showed why but the top 9 could use a kick start as well, but finding trade partners is going to be a challenge for Hexy.

    • Hey puck head…

      Voracek just had career highs for points. Couturier is a shutdown center who just put up almost 40 points on the third line. Schenn has improved year to year.

      Vinny was the Flyers worst forward by a long shot during the playoffs. he was benched for his poor play and crap decisions.

      The Flyers need to dump Vinnie, Hartnell and Coburn. Add their salaries to the LTIR of Pronger, and we have almost $20 million freed up. Throw in Timmonen retiring, and there is another $6 million.

      Vinny should not have been signed, Hartnell would attract interest on some Western teams looking for size or a power forward.

      Coburn could go to multiple teams.

      I would look for draft picks at most coming back for all 3 of them.

      The issue with Schenn is he disappears for long stretches..like the playoffs. he is supposed to be a power forward, yet he is unseen for a dozen games in a row.

      Striet’s deal is high, but he did put up over 40 points after a slow start, and we only have 3 more years. He is fine.

      • Just about to point that out Gary. Just a couple things…

        Vinny is doing alright IMO. He’s got good point potential. And is a great leader.

        Both Schenn’s IMO are question marks IMO. They gave up JVR for Luke which was a horrible trade for Flyers.

        • Vinny was doing alright? See many games Jes? Vinny was a mistake .

          • Agreed.he wasn’t needed, and we couldn’t fit him in anywhere.Homer had visions of Vinnie from 2004, and confused the calender dates.

            I for one, hope Vinnie is traded away for anything in the summer.

          • @gary, you can have Heatley then, he won’t be traded but you’ll find him standing in the bread line! lol

  5. Let me start off and say.. I hate the flyers!.. Seriously hate them. With that being said, They do draft really well and they have alot of younger talented guys available for forwards. Defense is lacking. One of the biggest mistakes was getting Vinny Mac and signing to 5 YEARS!! The dude was just bought out of his last contract. That pushed all the younger centers down on the totem pole. Schenn and Couturier and Laughton. That is the youth they need to move with. They need to get rid of Vinny Mac and Hartnell but it looks like they are stuck with them for the long haul. So Read and Schenn and Couturier are on the block which isnt going to get you much.

    The Defense is a joke. Andy Macdonald goes from making 550,000 with the islanders to 5 mill with the Flyers. The dude is a top 4 d at best. Getting paid like a top 2. Mark Streit another Islanders defense man. wayyyyyy past prime. Dont worry you have him for 3 more years. At least Schenn and Grossman are dressing like the Orange road cones they are.

    The team need a major shake up but sadly they are stuck with the crap they have.

    Have you ever seen the Flyers Win the Cup??? 39 years and rising!!! lets get to 50 years

    • Your correct the team with the second best reg season winning percentage in the NHL does draft well. Up until drafting Gost and Morin I would say they drafted forwards well. With that said, those two are outstanding d prospects and Gost is sure to have a Cory Krug effect on their back line next year.

      The MacDs previous salary was and is irrelevant. He was their best dman since they traded for him. That stretch of games included wins against teams like Chicago, St Lous and two or three vs the Pens. He was the best d available at the deadline and would have been the best d during this year’s free agency if he was available. He is NOT a 25 minute player on a good team’s backline, however. A dman in their mid to late 20s who can skate, block shots, move the puck, play solid d, play the pk on the second pp unit is worth around 5 mill. That’s his value in today’s NHL. The Isles maybe did not think so, but then again they were playing him 25 minutes a night, so they are cheap or insane or both. Regardless, I am pretty sure the Isles brass are not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer.

      Everyone in the free world knows Streit got too many years, but I actually watch every flyer game and many of the home ones in person. This turnover machine in his own end and aging player the Isles fans spoke of when scorned with the exit of another talented player was simply incorrect. He did NOT even play on our top PP unit and put up very good numbers. He also showed when playing with a decent and consistent defenseman that he can be effective 5 on 5. He has also showed absolutely no signs of slowing down. Yes, the years on his term suck, but he was very good for the Flyers this year. They just need to move him up to the top PP unit. He will put up 50 pts next year if he plays there.

      The Flyers biggest problem in the playoffs was actually Coburn and Timonen. MacD did not play well hobbling around during the second half of the first round. Streit was outstanding. Grossman went down and an average d got worse, but to look at MacD and Streit this year and point to flyers problems is a rather ignorant observation even if it from afar. Some not all Isles fans ALWAYS blame their problems on the players they can no longer afford. Same thing every trade deadline and free agency period. Why would this year be any different..

      Vinny scored 20 goals this NOT playing center for the most part. With that said, he did not push any young center out of a job. Laughton was not ready last year. He obviously will be this year. So, I agree if they come back with Vinny and Schenn then the Vinny signing will continue to look poorly. Schenn (Brayden) has value. Anyone who knows this game, certainly knows Couturier and Read have value as well. Not sure why they would move a two, 20some goal scoring left winger who can flat out fly. That makes no sense to anyone who follows that team. He has never had a chance on top line or top pp unit and he still puts up nice numbers on a checking line. Trading Schenn I understand. Read I do not. This team needs a 30 goal scoring left winger. Why would they move a 20 goalscoring left winger who actually probably could score 30 playing next to Giroux and Vor.

      Times yours

    • MacDonald is a top shutdown defensemen bud. He should be making that much. I pictured him between 4-5 mill. He was going to be hot commodity in free agency and a team would have ended paying that much if not more.

      So Schenn, Cotourier and Read are on the block. I think one of those players paired with Hartnell or Lecalvier to a team like the Sabres or Panthers for mere pennies in return would be alright. Be like a Luongo trade.

      I don’t think they need a major shakeup. Up there defense get a good LW to come in and play with Giroux and get a good second line center. I hear two top centers are available this offseason in Kesler and Spezza.

      Do the Flyers have any buyouts left. I know the bought out Briere but not recalling if there was one more? Also can a team trade one of their compliance buyouts or would they have to just trade for Lecalvier and then follow that up with a buyout?

      • Their other buyout was Bryzgolov?

        • Yes I remember now thanks Thunder.

      • Jes…you are so wrong…where in gods country do you find the facts showing Couturier is available? He is untouchable, and next to Giroux, plays the most minutes out of any forward.

        His contract is cheap, and he plays well above his years with his vision and smarts.

    • Madman: you are very wrong about a number of things.

      Who the hellis Vinnie Mac? We have no player named that.

      Vinny shouldn’t have been signed, and I would guess will be traded.

      MacDonald got what he would have gotten on the open market.

      Couturier will not be traded. He is deep in the core, and gets the second most minutes on the team at forward, next to Giroux.

      They are not stuck at all. Most of the guys on defense can be traded.

      Are you a Leaf fan?..or better yet a Tanker fan?

  6. I am pretty sure I do not get my hockey news from the Sporting News..

    Coburn a crusher? I like Coburn. He is 6.5 and can fly, but he is not a guy who will strike fear into anyones eyes when the cross the blueline. He is a solid second pairing guy on a good team.

    Kane plays the right side. Flyers need someone to play the left. Read is very good on the left side. I don’t think it would make sense to make a hole ever larger. If they were to move Schenn I would think they would put him with a Coburn and something else for a better dman. They then could sign Moulson or even Camma for their top line left wing needs. Not only would Read and Schenn be enough for Kane it actually does not really make sense for the Flyers.

  7. Ryan Kesler and Alex Edler for Luke and Braden Schenn plus a first. Flyers get a big minute Defenseman, and a big minute Center to replace the Schenn brothers. Vancouver gets younger.

    • I like it.

    • Not a chance in hell of that happening.

      Cap wise, the Flyers would be taking on over 4 million more than they currently have.

      Kesler is overhyped.He is not worth his contract and is injury prone. Plus, Philly was not one of his chosen teams.

      He has a crap attitude, and is a me first guy. One 40 goal season does not make him a great pickup. He is a shadow of himself from a few years ago.

      Edler…had what? -37? Crumbled under the weight of his contract, and looked like he shouldn’t be in the league at all.

      I live in Vancouver, and do know what I am talking about.

      Also, Hextall has stated he is not interested in older guys, and wants to build from youth….kinda contradicts your trade proposal.

      This just makes no sense at all.

      Not to mention, Luke Schenn has excelled since we acquired Macdonald….the damage done by the leafs is almost corrected.

    • Never mind the first.

      I don’t think Schenn bros for Kesler and Edler is fair value for the Fl;yers, and that’s without the first pick in there.

      This trade will not happen at all.

  8. Carlyle just signed a two year extension, what are your thoughts Leafs fans?

    • has nothing to do with this rumor page today, and should be discussed on Canada team page…we are talking Flyers here, not the Leafs.

      • Here Ill make it tie in…I will be watching a whole lot more Flyer games and a lot less Leaf games, move over Gary another is about to jump aboard the Flyer bandwagon.

        • Welcome Shticky..

          To say I am shocked by the Leafs resigning Randy….WTF?

          But this should be in Canadian corner.

          • Agreed. I’ll be posting about Carlyle and the Leafs tomorrow, but feel free to use today’s Canadian Corner thread (even though there’s nothing there on the Leafs today) to discuss/debate the move.

      • Shtick u for real about jumping on the Flyers wagon?