Wings extend tryout to Brunnstrom.

DETROIT NEWS: reports former Dallas Stars forward Fabian Brunnstrom will attend the Red Wings training camp this fall on a pro tryout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Three years ago, Brunnstrom was a hot shot young Swedish star who was courted by several teams, including the Red Wings, before signing with the Stars, but his NHL career never panned out as expected. This will be his last chance at making it, and it won’t be easy to crack the Wings roster.


  1. The Detroit Red Wings have one of the oldest rosters in the NHL and they have to look at building a younger future with the older stars leaving over the next few years.

    Adding Brunnstrom is not a good move at this time because it does absolutely nothing to help him as Detroit will give him no to very little ice time. Since playing well for a short time with the Dallas Stars his confidence has plummeted.

    It’s a shame to see what the NHL has done and continues to do to a player that had so much potential.

  2. I think it is a low risk high reward signing that theWings are becoming famous for, ala Draper, Maltby, Samuelson, Cleary and more, guys who were supposed o be superstars but dissapointed the organizations they were with. the wings scoop them up andhave them work within a certain role. Of course it doesnt always work out but when it does it is golden

  3. Wings are the only hope he has and like everyone knows Detroit is the best as resurrecting the dead. I won’t be supprised if he does well with them given some time to adapt to their system. He has the talent, it’s just the confidence and consistency he is lacking.

  4. Based on Spector’s statement that “This will be his last chance at making it, and it won’t be easy to crack the Wings roster”, I can understand why Brunnstrom is attending Detroit’s training camp if they were the only invite in town. The past two years I have not been impressed with Dallas at all and in all honesty – it might just be chemistry. To me, I just don’t see the development growing – although the addition of Stu Barnes may help. On my fantasy teams I have had a few Stars – but they seem to only last a couple of games as it just seems that there is something lacking there.

    I really had hopes for Brunnstrom last year and I also had Jeff Woywitka at the tail end of the season. I think hooking up with new teams will be good moves for both players as they have good potential. Detroit does need to get younger and they do have a good history of bringing out the best in players. At 26, Brunnstrom is young, has skill and talent – although I don’t understand why he’s being written off. I think he would be a good, reasonably priced pickup for some teams that need help.

  5. If Brunnstrom can succeed anywhere it should be Detroit. With all the Swedish vets and the Wings development system ( long, but proven ) he may finally get a leg up to where everyone though he should be.

  6. I believe Dallas’ problems in recent years all stem from ownership issues. I know that it has restricted a lot of their long term planning and short term investments with the Richards situation and the self imposed cap every year. I mean those two situations alone point to clear problems coming. I assume the cost cutting has been going around the front office as well so I would only assume they are loosing good people and having to make do with affordable people, which can be a big difference. I know that once the ownership situation sorts itself out (hopefully soon) I can see things getting back to normal around there in the next couple of years as new money is flushed in and they pick up the winning attitude. The Stars played really well last season for a large period of time before trailing off and hopefully they can build on that with new ownership soon enough.
    As for Brunnstrom, I never felt he had chemistry with the team. I know they gave him ample time to bring his top level and outside of his first season or two, it just never happened. Personally I think this may be a case of difference scenery, different player and probably best for Brunnstrom in the long run.