More updates on Iginla, Tanguay and Glencross, plus more speculation on potential moves this summer by the Oilers.

CALGARY SUN: Steve MacFarlane recently reported Flames interim GM Jay Feaster insisted team captain Jarome Iginla won’t be dealt this summer. Eric Francis meanwhile reports Feaster, in his end-of-season press conference, suggested re-signing UFA backup goalie Henrik Karlsson won’t be a problem but could find it difficult to re-up Alex Tanguay and Curtis Glencross given his club’s limited cap space for next season. Francis speculated Feaster could try to bury the salaries of Ales Kotalik and Nicklas Hagman in the minors, freeing up $6 million in cap space for next season.

CALGARY HERALD: Scott Cruickshank reported Feaster wouldn’t get into identifying any other “untouchables” besides Iginla, and suggested what he had on the table for Tanguay and Glencross was “doable”. Elliotte Friedman recently reported one rival GM would like to sign Tanguay but doubts the winger will hit the market this summer. Friedman also reported one of the reasons Glencross didn’t re-sign near the trade deadline was because he thought he might be traded, adding it sounds like the Flames offer was decent enough to create optimism something could be done. Friedman also reminded Flames fans the club is allow to spend over the cap during the off-season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Flames go over (they’re allowed to go over by up to 10 percent, provided they’re under the cap ceiling by the season opener) they’ll also have to cut elsewhere, and as Friedman suggested that could mean telling players with trade clauses they cannot be retained but they’ll try to trade them where they’d like to go. Iginla won’t be traded, so ignore any and all trade rumors linked to him this summer as it’ll be total bollocks.

CANADIAN PRESS (via Winnipeg Free Press): Robin Brownlee reported Oilers GM Steve Tambellini admitted he’d had contract talks with Ryan Jones since the trade deadline, noting Jones’ desire to remain in Edmonton. Tambellini also said he’d be looking for players via free agency or trade to complement their roster, though he wouldn’t be pursuing expensive talent. He also still has to determine what to do with disgruntled defenseman Sheldon Souray.

EDMONTON SUN: Derek van Diest also noted Tambellini has to deal with Souray, plus look into Ales Hemsky’s future with the team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think they’ll get Jones re-signed, and will try to do the same with Hemsky but could retain him for next season if he’s still undecided to either hope he can help them reach the playoffs next season or shop him at the trade deadline. As for Souray, I doubt his value has improved on the trade market, so their options are buying out his final season or trying to bury him in the minors again.