Updates on Alex Tanguay, Robyn Regehr and Curtis Glencross.

CALGARY SUN/CALGARY HERALD/THE GLOBE AND MAIL: reported pending UFA winger Alex Tanguay wants to remain with the Flames, but it remains to be seen if the club can afford to re-sign him. Management have informed Tanguay they’d like to bring him back and is hopeful something will get done though he seemed to acknowledged the potential difficulty in getting that done. He finished this season with 69 points, putting him in the same company as Dallas’ Mike Ribeiro ($5 million), San Jose’s Joe Thornton ($7.2 million) and Philadelphia’s Daniel Briere ($6.5 million).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even on the open market Tanguay’s not going to get as much as those players, but might consider something in the neighborhood of $3.5 million per to remain with the Flames. It remains to be seen however if the Flames can afford to pay him a significant raise and still have enough left to fill in the rest of the roster.

CALGARY HERALD/CALGARY SUN: also reported on the contract status of UFA Curtis Glencross, noting the winger’s priority is to land a long-term contract, a four-or-five year pact but wouldn’t get into details about salary.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed Glencross may have priced himself out of the Flames market, given the number of key free agents to consider re-signing plus their limited cap space. He could seek more than $3 million per season given his stats in 2010-11, which could prove too expensive for Flames management.

CALGARY SUN: Steve MacFarlane reports Flames defenseman Robyn Regehr fully expects his name to be in off-season trade rumors but said he’s not worried about it given his “no-trade” clause. He did admit however there are factors which could go into any decision to waive his clause. MacFarlane writes if management opts to make changes to the team’s core it could give veterans like Regehr something to think about this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the core players with movement/trade clause Regehr’s name is probably the one considered expendable by rumormongers, but that doesn’t mean management feels the same way. Of course if Regehr were to decide his chances of winning a championship are better elsewhere he could request a trade, though he certainly doesn’t seem to have reached that point yet.