Canadiens center Scott Gomez makes a list of potential bounce-back candidates, and a better online purchase options for Jets fans.


MONTREAL GAZETTE: Mike Boone noted on the blog “Hockey Inside/Out” Canadiens center Scott Gomez made an list of ten players projected to have bounce-back performances in 2011-12.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gomez had the worst season of his career in 2010-11, leaving many Habs fans calling on management to trade him or bury his salary in the minors. It remains to be seen what kind of performance Gomez has, but if it isn’t markedly better, those calls for his trade or demotion will grow shrill. While I know Gomez, despite his expensive salary, was traded two years ago from New York to Montreal, folks are forgetting he still had some value back then. If you were a GM today, would you want a 38-point center earning a cap hit of of $7 million per season? Didn’t think so…


WINNIPEG SUN: Ross Romaniuk reports Jets fans will soon be able to see which game tickets are available for re-sale throughout the season.

“An NHL ticket exchange program operating through all other 29 franchises will be up and running for the Jets as well, likely next month.

Linked through the team’s official website,, fans will be able to see what game tickets have been made available for re-sale by season ticket-holders or others who aren’t using them.

Jets spokesman Scott Brown said the service will have tickets sold at their face values, with additional processing fees.”