A look at the summer’s best UFA signings, and why the Sharks should have signed some of them…wondering if Ilya Bryzgalov makes the Flyers a better team…the 2010-11 NHL Marginal Cap Efficiency list.

SHARK CIRCLE: commences a random look at this summer’s top 20 UFA signings, and offers up suggestions as to why the Sharks should’ve signed those players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The piece isn’t suggesting the Sharks should’ve signed all those players, but merely suggesting how each might’ve fit into the club’s lineup for the coming season. An interesting premise, one worth following as they work their way through what they consider the best signings of the summer.

HOUSES OF THE HOCKEY: Jonathan Willis examines whether or not Ilya Bryzgalov makes the Flyers a better team, suggesting last season’s tandem of Sergei Bobrovsky and Brian Boucher brought the same level of goaltending as Bryzgalov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It was Bobrovsky’s and Boucher’s playoff performances which spurred the signing of Bryzgalov, who doesn’t exactly have what one would call a winning pedigree in the post-season. It’s a big gamble on the Flyers part, and if he fails to perform any better in the post-season than his predecessors over the past twenty years, it could potentially have serious repercussions for the front office.

THE COPPER AND BLUE: Derek Zona examines “Marginal Cap Efficiency”, as a measurement of NHL management effectiveness last season. The big winner? Tampa Bay’s Steve Yzerman, as the Lightning topped the list. The biggest loser? New Jersey’s Lou Lamoriello, as his club ranked dead last.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: An interesting measurement by Zona. Check it out and see where your favorite team ranked.