In today’s roundup of all Canadian NHL team news:  Leafs center Grabovski bounces back from a big hit to lead his team to victory…Cory Sarich hoping to return to Flames lineup soon…An injury could open the door for Senators center Mika Zibanejad…The Canucks will finally ice a veteran-laden team for a preseason game…Complaining the Canadiens haven’t played more veterans in preseason…Do or die for Jets bubble players.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs center Mikhail Grabovski bounced back from a hard hit from Senator Chris Neil to lead his team to a 5-3 win over the Senators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Funny what a difference a year can make. Last season at this time, Grabovski was often the center of trade rumors involving the Leafs. Now, he’s been their best forward and there’s no mention of trading him away. Good on Grabovski for hanging tough and showing up his critics!

CALGARY HERALD: Flames defenseman Cory Sarich is keen to return to action after recovery from “osteitis pubis, a problem with his pelvis”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sarich was often criticized before his condition was diagnosed for his poor play. It’ll be interesting to see if he’ll have any improvement.

EDMONTON SUN (VIA CALGARY SUN): Robert Tykchowski reports Ben Eager is making progress in his recovery from a recent concussion suffered in an inter-squad tournament.

OTTAWA SUN: reports an injury to Senators center Peter Regin could open the door for rookie Mika Zibanejad to make the roster.

VANCOUVER SUN: reports the Canucks will ice a veteran-laden lineup for the first time in this year’s preseason in a game tonight against the Anaheim Ducks.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Mike Boone is calling on the Canadiens to ice a more veteran lineup for their final preseason games.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Honestly, I find the complaints about teams not icing more veterans in their preseason rosters to be pointless. Preseason is for teams to evaluate their young players and their roster strength and weaknesses, and is more of a warmup for veterans. It’s not about putting out a more entertaining show for the fans. If you’re going to plunk down big bucks to watch a preseason game, you have no business bitching about the quality of the lineup, especially if your favorite player isn’t part of the roster that night. Preseason isn’t about the fans! You pay your ticket for a preseason game, you take your chances. If anything, enjoy the opportunity to get your first glimpse at the promising talent in your team’s farm system, since it’s likely the only chance you’ll get to see almost all of them before they’re sent to the minors or back to junior.

WINNIPEG SUN: reports it’s getting down to “do or die” time for the Jets bubble players.