In today’s roundup of interesting posts from the NHL blogosphere:  A couple of “underdog” offseason trades could shape the outcome of this season’s Eastern Conference race…Criticism of the Toronto MSM…Tempering expectations for Blues forward David Perron…The Nashville Predators waiver rules and listing…A former Jets goalie is the subject of “Absurd Goalie Monday”…The CCPT Hockey Show kicks off another season.

THE GOOD POINT: Jeff Blay suggests two “underdog” off-season trades – the Capitals acquisition of Troy Brouwer from Chicago, and the Sabres landing Robyn Regehr from Calgary – could shape this season’s Eastern Conference standings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Both moves should certainly improve the Capitals and Sabres respectively. How much, we’ll find out soon enough!

PENSION PLAN PUPPETS: Steve Burtch with criticism of some recent observations regarding the Maple Leafs in the Toronto media.

ST. LOUIS GAME TIME: Brad Lee acknowledges it is exciting that David Perron is finally returning to the Blues after missing most of last season to concussion, but warns to temper expectations, as Perron still has a ways to go toward full recovery and return to his offensive form.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For now, the important thing is Perron reaching the point where he can engage in full practices symptom-free, then his gradual return to the Blues lineup. They don’t want to rush him back too quickly.

ON THE FORECHECK: Dirk Hoag with the Nashville Predators waiver list, how it works and who is eligible.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nice work by Hoag, following in the footsteps of Litter Box Cats, which recently did the same for the Florida Panthers. Hopefully we’ll see more of this from team bloggers, as many fans aren’t sure how waivers work and eligibility.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Face Off Hockey Show host and segue-master extraordinaire Scotty Wazz presents this week’s installment of “Absurd Goalie Monday”, with former Jets netminder Lindsay Middlebrook.

MOTLEY SU: presents the season-opener of The CCPT Hockey Show, featuring yours truly!

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Be sure to check out the show, every Sunday at 6 pm ET, for entertaining and enlightening hockey chat.