In today’s funhouse, speculation the Canadiens and Jets are talking trade, and a far-fetched one linking a certain Flyers defenseman with the Canucks. Enjoy!

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” posted Friday he was following leads from multiple sources claiming the Montreal Canadiens were closing in on a defenseman from Winnipeg, suggesting it could be either Zach Bogosian or Johnny Oduya.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He’s since tweeted the target is Oduya. I’ve recently discussed with a few readers my doubts of the Habs seeking a top-four defenseman before they’ve even taken to the ice for training camp. While admittedly anything’s possible, and acknowledge it wouldn’t be the first time a GM has made a move which left me scratching my head, I’ll defer to’s own Eric Engel’s recent take on the matter. While he acknowledged the uncertainty over Andrei Markov and Jose Gorges recoveries from knee surgeries, and the decline last season in Jaroslav Spacek’s performance, Engels wondered why Habs management would “venture towards the negative before a single game’s been played?” 

GATHER.COM: Larry Seely claims the Vancouver Canucks are looking to add Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger “in a move that would add instant credibility in the locker room and on the ice.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So many things wrong and absurd about this one,but rather than get into it, I’ll just post three letters: N M C. If I have to explain what that means, and how it applied to Pronger, you’re obviously not a serious hockey fan.