More speculation on a Habs-Jets deal, and of the Kings making a trade before re-signing Drew Doughty. Enjoy!

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” follows up on an earlier post claiming the Canadiens were interested in acquiring Johnny Oduya from the Jets, adding the Jets are closing in on re-signing Zach Bogosian to a long-term deal…He confirms Kings blogger Matt Barry’s earlier claim that Rob Scuderi may be on the block, as part of his own earlier post claiming the Kings may try to make a trade before re-signing Drew Doughty, but suggested another player might be involved which could help the Kings more than he originally though.  “Eklund” also addressed criticism of this deals from some “pundits” who noted the Kings have nearly $10 million in cap space and don’t need to dump salary to re-sign Doughty, claiming his sources said the move would be about “leverage”, though offering no details. Finally, he noted “4 of 6 sources” claimed a Kings trade would be somehow linked to a Jets-Habs deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wonder who one of those “pundits” would be that brought up the Kings available cap space? 😉

Anyway, I’m wondering how such a move would translate into “leverage”? For what? For whom? Are they thinking of dealing for another defenseman? Given how talented Doughty is, I don’t think  such a move would have anything to do with his re-signing.  And how could any move the Kings make affect a Habs-Jets trade? For what purpose? Both those clubs play in the Eastern Conference, so such a move wouldn’t have any impact upon the Kings at all. And what player could be involved that would really help the Kings?

If, as Eklund previously claimed, they’re talking to Toronto, Buffalo and Carolina, and if Scuderi is the guy being shopped, what could they possibly hope to get from any of those teams which could help them? It’s not as though the Leafs are parting with forwards or defensemen, at least not at this time. The Sabres need to dump salary, are already pretty much set on defense, and wouldn’t have sufficient cap space to take on Scuderi’s $3.4 million per season salary. And the Hurricanes also appear set with their current defense corps, plus they’re operating on a tight budget this season, meaning Scuderi’s salary would blow that out of the water.  

The title of Eklund’s post suggested one of these moves would be a domino that sets the others tumbling, but this appears more like a puzzle with key pieces missing.