In today’s roundup of notable NHL Canadian team news: Sedin twins don’t believe they need an on-ice protector…Update on Andrei Markov…Clarke MacArthur still confused over his suspension…Senators to start Alex Auld against Capitals…The decline of Jets rookie Mark Scheifele…Flames add sleep doctor to medical staff…Good news regarding a new arena for the Edmonton Oilers.

VANCOUVER SUN: The Sedin Twins scoff at the notion they need an enforcer to ride shotgun on their line.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sedins can take hits, and don’t want somebody else jumping in to fight their battles as they don’t want that to interfere with their scoring chances. Admirable attitude on their part. Besides, they have Alex Burrows there to drive opponents to distraction.

When will Markov return?

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Agent Don Meehan, who represents Montreal Canadiens defenseman Andrei Markov, said his client’s rehab is progressing normally and not to make anything out of recent swelling in his surgically repaired knee. He didn’t however provide a timetable for his return to the Canadiens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Meehan’s comments won’t soothe nervous Habs followers, who are justifiably worried about the status of Markov’s recovery from knee surgery, and wondering when he’ll finally be able to return to the lineup.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs forward Clarke MacArthur, due to return tonight from a recent suspension, remains confused over why he was suspended for what he considered a marginal hit to the head of Detroit’s Justin Abdelkader.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s not so much the fact it was a “sideburn hit” but also the intent, which was part of the basis for his suspension.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Backup Alex Auld will get the start for the Senators in tonight’s game against the Washington Capitals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the shaky recent performances of starter Craig Anderson, it’s not a bad idea to change things up. We’ll find out soon enough if Auld can change the Senators luck.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Jets rookie Mark Scheifele, who dazzled during preseason, is finding the NHL regular season a different story, as he has struggled offensively and seen his ice time reduced in the Jets first two games of the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Scheifele only has a handful of games to prove himself at the NHL level, so he’ll have to step things up soon or end up sent back to Junior for the rest of the season.

CALGARY HERALD: The Flames have added a sleep doctor to their medical staff to help their players ensure they’re getting enough rest between games.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A better way for the Flames, and the other NHL teams, to ensure their players are getting enough sleep between games would be to cut back on the number of games they play over the course of the season, especially back-to-back games. That way, the players could get enough restful sleep without trying to snatch winks on planes, buses and following practices. A seventy-game schedule would be more ideal, but of course, the league isn’t going to reduce its regular season schedule, so expect more teams to hire “sleep doctors”.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: A compromise appears to have been worked out between the owner of the Oilers and the city of Edmonton regarding the construction of a new downtown arena for the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Thank NHL commissioner Gary Bettman for that. It was his closed-door meetings this past week with the two sides which brought about this resolution. Yes, that Gary Bettman, the one some misguided Canadian hockey fans still believe hates Canada, wants to most Canadian teams to the US, and is destroying the game of hockey.