In today’s medley of notable posts from the NHL blogosphere: Are the Coyotes right not to trade Kyle Turris?…Concern over the Leafs treatment of injured goalie James Reimer…A look back at the week that was in the NHL…How pro hockey still fails to properly protect their best players…Donald Duck plays hockey…An application form for NBA fans wishing to become NHL fans…A “Luongo for St. Louis” trade proposal.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Jim Neveau asks if the Phoenix Coyotes are right to refuse to honor the trade request of holdout center Kyle Turris, and if Turris perhaps is being “too big for his britches” with his holdout. Spoiler alert! Yes, and Yes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m not doing Neveau’s piece justice. Read the entire thing. He makes a convincing case in favor of the Coyotes and against Turris, who really hasn’t done anything yet in his NHL career to justify his position.

HABS EYE ON THE PRIZE: Andrew Birkshire expressed concern over how the Toronto Maple Leafs were handling injured goalie James Reimer, who has now apparently suffered a setback from his “whiplash” injury suffered last Saturday against the Canadiens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Teams are still learning how to properly assess head and neck injuries suffered by their players. Things are getting better in that regard, and the Leafs are doing the right thing by being caution with Reimer, but as Birkshire observes, there’s still room for improvement.

GRANTLAND.COM: Katie Baker looks back at the past week in the NHL, including the Canadiens woes, the best goals, worst performances, and more.

One of the greatest lines in hockey history.

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Joe Pelletier looks back at the great Winnipeg Jets line of Bobby Hull, Anders Hedberg and Ulf Nilsson, the beautiful hockey they created in the WHA in the 1970s, the thuggish tactics rivals used to slow them down, especially the two Swedes, and Hull’s disgust over how those tactics ruined the quality of play.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Pelletier observed, things have improved over the years, yet there remains a culture in pro hockey which allows players of lesser talent to employ questionable tactics to derail more talented opponents. Hull’s comments of 35 years ago are as relevant now as they were back then.

BACKHAND SHELF: Reviews the 1939 Disney Classic, “The Hockey Champ”, starring Donald Duck and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Donald’s my favorite Disney character, but I’m more partial to the Goofy classic “Hockey Homicide”.

DOWN GOES BROWN: presents “The NHL’s application form for disgruntled NBA fans”.

NUCKS MISCONDUCT: “nucksandpucks” sets out to prove they can make up a ridiculous trade rumor involving Roberto Luongo and the Tampa Bay Lightning every bit as good as the Vancouver Province editorial board, suggesting a Luongo for Martin St. Louis trade…as in St.Louis Blues.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Well played! After all, if you’re going to make up a rumor, even in jest to mock those “serious fans” calling for Luongo to be dealt, at least have it make some sense…;)