In today’s medley of notable posts from the NHL blogosphere: Should the Canadiens demote Scott Gomez…The Islanders new third jersey…11 signs you’re drunk at a hockey game…The kerfuffle over an American equity firm showing an interest in the Maple Leafs…A list of annoying things some players do at practice.


Should the Canadiens demote Gomez?

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: James O’Brien on the TSN panel discussing if the Montreal Canadiens should demote Scott Gomez.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While the Habs could demote Gomez at some point this season, I don’t believe they will, regardless of his performance. Let’s face it, if they were going to demote him to free cap space to add more depth to their roster, they would’ve done well before this season began.They could buy him out this summer, though it’ll prove to be an expensive proposition. I believe the Habs will be hoping for another one-time-only, penalty-free buyout period in the next CBA similar to the one following the ratification of the current CBA, to buy him out. 

PUCK DADDY: The NY Islanders unveiled their third jersey. One word: Yuck!

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No offense to the Isles, as I hate the whole “third jersey” concept, but this jersey looks like they scavenged a bunch of old Buffalo Sabres jerseys, made a few minor adjustments, and said, “Taa-daah, third jersey!” Granted, it’s not as hideous as the old Bruins “Pooh-Bear” third jersey, or the Predators “Mean Mr. Mustard” jersey, but it’s up there. Seriously, I’d rather they bring back the “Fishsticks” jersey, than go with this one. 

TORONTO SPORTS MEDIA: examines the shocking – SHOCKING, I TELLS YA! – news about an American private equity firm considering the possibility of buying the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan shares of Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment, how some in the Toronto media have their knickers in a twist, then offers up the stunning conclusion that it really doesn’t matter who owns the Leafs, so long as they’re deep-pocketed and committed to building and maintaining a winner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bingo! The Montreal Canadiens never suffered when George Gillett – an American! – owned them during the last decade. In fact, before Gillett sold the club back to the Molson family, he was roundly praised for his investment in the franchise and restoring its lost pride. Having an American owning the Maple Leafs won’t do them any harm. Honestly, some of these folks are like grade school boys worried that touching a girl will give them cooties. Get over it!

THE SCORE: Justin Bourne on the list of annoying things some hockey players do at practice.

ST. LOUIS GAME TIME: presents “Top 11 Signs You’re Drunk At A Hockey Game”.