A look at who is and isn’t getting hit in the NHL this season…Why the Ducks should trade Teemu Selanne…The Puck Daddy staff offer up their Thanksgiving wishes…A Penguins fan gives thanks for hockey…The Blackhawks as Muppets.

BACKHAND SHELF: Daniel Wagner looks at who is and isn’t getting hit in the NHL.

Should the Ducks trade Selanne back to the Jets to finish his career?

ANAHEIM CALLING: With the Ducks playing so poorly this season, “Arthur” suggests they should send Teemu Selanne back to Winnipeg to finish his final NHL season where it began.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It probably won’t happen, since I doubt Selanne would bail on the Ducks even though they’re playing horribly so far this season, but it just goes to show the level of despair being felt in Anaheim right now. If the Ducks are out of the playoff picture by February, don’t be surprised if “Selanne to Winnipeg?” rumors pop up.

PUCK DADDY: What the Puck Daddy staff (and friends) are thankful for this season.

PENSBURGH: “LauraZ” says, “Thank You, Hockey” for several things; among them,  being a hidden gem for American sports fans among other sports.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I loved the American Thanksgiving long weekend when I lived in Alaska, but it also made me thankful to be Canadian, because in my country, hockey is king!

BLACKHAWKS DOWN LOW: What if the Blackhawks were Muppets?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jonathan Toews as Sam the American Eagle? Apart from the fact Toews is Canadian, I can see the similarities.