In today’s medley of notable posts from the NHL blogosphere: a collection of blog posts on the sad state of the Columbus Blue Jackets…three goalie controversies worth watching…the continuing saga of Phil Kessel/Tyler Seguin….A brief history of player/coach feuds.

THE CANNON: Matt Wagner presents a collection of posts from around the blogosphere on the sad state of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be weighing in with my own take as well. It won’t vary much from those which Wagner linked to.

No future in Columbus?

DIRTY DANGLE: wonders if Steve Mason still has a future with the Blue Jackets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Mason has one more season at $2.9 million left on his contract. Unless a rival club is willing to take him off their hands as part of a larger deal, he’ll be with them until the end of the 2012-13 season. After that, he will be a restricted free agent, unless the Blue Jackets opt not to qualify his rights. The way things are going, one way or the other, Mason’s days with the Jackets appear numbered.

CANUCKS ARMY: Cam Charron examines three potential goalie controversies, in Philadelphia (Byzgalov and Bobrovsky), St. Louis (Halak and Elliott), and Minnesota (Backstrom and Harding).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In two of the three cases (Philadelphia the exception), it’s a young, cheaper goalie outplaying the expensive, established starter. How long those situations continue remains to be seen, but in all three cases, even if the backup keeps out-playing the expensive starter, the latter’s contract will keep them nailed to their respective teams, even while they’re nailed to the bench.

BLUE CHIP PROSPECTS: Examines the possibility Leafs fans may be doomed to compare Phil Kessel with Tyler Seguin over the course of their respective careers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kessel’s been playing well for the Leafs, especially this season, but Seguin for the present time remains for Leafs fans the one that got away, the potential franchise player around which they could’ve rebuilt. If Seguin becomes a bigger star over time than Kessel, it’ll be an open wound for Leafs fans for years.

DOWN GOES BROWN: present a brief, funny history of NHL player/coach feuds.