In this compilation of rumor from the blogosphere: Should the Kings trade for Jeff Carter? Mike Ribeiro to Toronto? Read on, if you dare!

BLEACHER REPORT: reacted to Friday’s rumor Jeff Carter might want out of Columbus by asking if the LA Kings should make a pitch for Carter and reunite him with former Flyers teammate Mike Richards.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” also weighed in Saturday on Carter’s rumored “trade demand”. While acknowledging at the time he didn’t know for certain if the Blue Jackets center was demanding a trade, claimed he “knew” Carter would probably accept trades to “certain cities”, one being Montreal, the other Los Angeles.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Carter, his agent, and Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson all denied on Friday he demanded a trade. Even if he were available, however, I doubt the Kings could comfortably afford to take on his salary.

GATHER.COM: cited the Bleacher Report in claiming “the latest trade rumor” had the Toronto Maple Leafs trading for Dallas Stars center Mike Ribeiro.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Actually, that Bleacher Report post was about “ten trade targets” that could make the Maple Leafs a championship team, and its author was merely suggesting names, not stating the Leafs might be trying to land Ribeiro. The Stars, by the way, aren’t planning any rosters moves at this time.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” reported the following: “The Leafs, Kings, and Devils are in talks…something VERY big could go down and it could be soon…there are some interesting names I am trying to confirm, but this trade could possibly “rock the league” if it goes down.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Let your imagination run wild as to what this potentially league rocking deal could be. It’s the Leafs, Kings and Devils, so perhaps a three way deal? With Jonathan Bernier going to the Leafs or Devils? Zach Parise to the Kings? The possibilities are limitless!