The NHL’s all-concussion team…An independent appeal process for NHL suspensions isn’t likely…Anatomy of a Hit…A recap of episode one of HBO’s 24/7  “Road to the Winter Classic” series…Breaking down Alexander Ovechkin’s stats…Should Vancouver move a goalie?…Why are Sabres home games more muted this season?…The all under-rated team…Honoring Scott Neidermayer…A Daniel Alfredsson painting.

PUCK DADDY: Harrison Mooney presents this season’s “All-Concussion Team”, concluding it would certainly win a lot of games.

SPECTOR’S HOCKEY: Looks like a Cup contender to me.

THE COPPER & BLUE: “ryanbatty” on why we’re not likely to see an independent appear process for NHL suspensions.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Spoiler alert: because the league in general, and commissioner Gary Bettman in particular, doesn’t want it.

Was this hit worthy of a suspension?

HOCKEY WILDERNESS: Breaks down Zach Bogosian’s hit on Wild winger Pierre-Marc Bouchard, and can’t understand why it didn’t merit a suspension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m guessing it has more to do with Bogosian having no priors on his record and Bouchard wasn’t seriously hurt on the play.

BLUESHIRT BANTER: A complete recap of the opening episode of the HBO 24/7 “Road to the Winter Classic” series.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t read it if you haven’t watch the series yet and are intending to do so. Spoiler alert: Ryan Callahan visiting his 95-year-old grandmother following a game is a heartstrings-tugger.

THE PEERLESS PROGNOSTICATOR: Examines Alexander Ovechkin’s declining numbers in the second of a three-part series, and intends to answer the questions as to why in Part Three.

RED LIGHT DISTRICT: Should Vancouver trade a goalie? Short answer: no.

DIE BY THE BLADE: wonders why the Buffalo Sabres home crowd has been muted this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll say it’s because of the disappointing performance of the Sabres over the past six or seven weeks. This was a team which spent big money in the off-season, but the results so farhaven’t justified what they’ve spent.

BLOG DUDES: Steven Todd Ives presents: The first annual NHL All-Underrated Team.

RUNNING WITH THE DEVILS: With Scott Niedermayer Night coming up soon, here’s a tribute to some of his greatest moments with the Devils.

SILVER SEVEN: presents a painting of Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson, and it’s very good.