Could Jacques Martin become the next NHL coaching casualty?…Gauging Derick Brassard’s trade value…A Flames blogger takes umbrage at Jay Feaster’s recent comments regarding bloggers… Should the Canucks pursue Bobby Ryan? …The near barnyard battle between Brian Burke and Kevin Lowe…Saying farewell to the NHL’s recently fired coaches.

PUCK DADDY: Sean Leahy wonders if Montreal Canadiens head coach Jacques Martin might be the next to get the ax.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A number of Canadiens fans would love to see Martin fired, but unless the Canadiens sink in the standings to where they’re in serious danger of missing the playoffs, he won’t be fired. As long as they stay in contention or close to it, management will stick by him, blaming – with some justification – the injuries to veteran blueliners Andrei Markov, Chris Campoli and Jaroslav Spacek for their struggles.

How much trade value does Derick Brassard have?

NHL HOT STOVE: Alexander Monaghan examines the trade value of Columbus Blue Jackets forward Derick Brassard. As expected, it’s not very good.

MATCHSTICKS AND GASOLINE: ArikJames took offense over Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster referring to the originator of recent Jarome Iginla trade rumors as a blogger sitting in a basement in their underwear, pointing out most of the rumors originated in the mainstream media.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While undoubtedly there are a few hockey bloggers who’d probably fit that characterization, most don’t. Unfortunately, that’s the perception which has stuck for a number of years. Over time, that stereotype is fading as bloggers gain prominence and respect for their efforts, but it’s still going to take time.

I conversed with Feaster several years ago via e-mail – when he was GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning  and I was more blogger than free-lance scribe – regarding Dave Andreychuk’s status with the Bolts, and he couldn’t have been nicer. I won’t presume to speak for Feaster, but I’ll assume he was merely venting his frustration over having to constantly deny these Iginla trade rumors, and didn’t intend to denigrate hockey bloggers in general, or Flames bloggers in particular.

THE CANUCK WAY: Should the Vancouver Canucks pursue Bobby Ryan, and what should they give up to get him?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That ship appears to have sailed for now. Following the hiring of Bruce Boudreau as head coach, Ducks GM Bob Murray told Ryan he was off the trade block.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS:  Brian Burke and Kevin Lowe! The grudge match that nearly happened! Barnburner ’07!!

DOWN GOES BROWN: presents, for your enjoyment, “A fond farewell to the NHL’s fired coaches”