Flames GM Jay Feaster met yesterday with the media regarding the status of Jarome Iginla and Cory Sarich. Read on for the details.


Feaster addresses Iginla trade rumors...again.

CALGARY SUN/CALGARY HERALD/SPORTSNET: Calgary Flames general manager Jay Feaster met with the local media yesterday, where he vigorously denied rumors that had him asking team captain Jarome Iginla to waive his movement clause to facilitate a trade. “It is not true” said Feaster. “Jarome Iginla has not been asked to waive his no-trade, and Jarome Iginla has not demanded a trade or asked for a trade. There is no list (of teams he’d go to). There is no smoking gun. There is nobody on the grassy knoll. What else do you need?” The reports also noted Iginla’s agent, Don Meehan, also said his client never asked to be dealt, nor has he been approached a trade.

Feaster also said, ““When it’s a non-story and we have to stand here and rebut it, the rebuttal becomes the story. I don’t know that it’s fair to the organization — and I know that it’s not fair to Jarome. But it’s troubling. I guess one of the questions I have — where do these things start? Legitimate sources? Or is it a blogger in the basement in his underwear that says, ‘This is the rumour du jour’? Then you guys feel the need to come and track it down.”

SPORTNET: Rhett Warrener reported Flames defenseman Cory Sarich had demanded a trade.

CALGARY SUN: Randy Sportak reported Feaster wouldn’t confirm or deny the report. “Those conversations are not something I’m comfortable sharing with the media” said Feaster. “Cory is an important part of the group here, an important part of the mix right now.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for the rumor of the Flames having a “framework” of a deal with the Montreal Canadiens, which needed Iginla waiving his movement clause to fall into place. The rumor’s originator will probably claim the deal fell through because Iginla refused to waive his clause, or Feaster won’t publicly admit he’s shopping Iginla.

Feaster, Iginla and his agent can’t win. Refusing to address the rumors only gives them more life, and denying them never brings them to an end, because the originators cover their butts when the rumors fall through by claiming Iginla refused to waive his clause. Color me naive, but I’ll take Iginla and Feaster at their word.

The Sarich story, on the other hand, is a different matter. Feaster’s evasiveness on the subject suggests Sarich has asked to be dealt, but it could prove difficult finding a trade partner for Sarich’s $3.6 million cap hit this season.