All eyes on Eric Lindros and Bobby Clarke at the Winter Classic alumni game…Top Five Reasons to keep watching the Ducks…2011 in review…Winter Classic facts and figures…The Blue Jackets year in review…Puck Daddy’s top ten players of 2011…Should the Predators reload or rebuild?…Brandon Dubinsky puts early struggles behind him.


Can Clarke & Lindros put their bad blood behind them?

THE BLEACHER REPORT: Will Eric Lindros and Bobby Clarke feud again at the Winter Classic? Could Lindros come out of retirement? Do unicorns exist?

RED LIGHT DISTRICT HOCKEY BLOG: Why reconciliation between the Flyers and Lindros was necessary. I’d say because it’s time for both sides to bury the hatchet, so the Flyers can welcome back one of the greatest players in franchise history.

ANAHEIM CALLING: Top five reasons to keep watching the Ducks this season. The main reason: Teemu Selanne. It’s his final NHL season, and he’s been among the few things worth cheering for this season.

DOWN GOES BROWN: An irreverent review of 2011. Read. Laugh. Repeat.

PREDS ON THE GLASS: Some interesting facts and figures about the Winter Classic. Seriously, check it out.

THE DARK BLUE JACKET: A look back at the Blue Jackets “annus horribilis”. That’s latin for “crappy year”. Or something like that.

PUCK DADDY: The ten best players of 2011. No Sidney Crosby or Alexander Ovechkin to be seen. If I have to explain why, you’re not a hockey fan.

HACK, WHACK AND SNACK: Part one of “Should Nashville Reload or Rebuild”. I say the former.

BLEEDING ALL BLUE: Brandon Dubinsky is putting his early season struggles behind him, and not a moment too soon for Rangers fans.