Ten memorable  goals of 2011..Ten memorable phrases from Episode Three of HBO 24/7…Remembering the Red Army vs Montreal Canadiens 1975 New Year’s Eve game…What’s eating James Reimer?…The top five stories of 2011…The Columbus Blue Jackets ownership situation…Will the Oilers shop Nikolai Khabibulin at the trade deadline?…Marian Gaborik making the case for MVP honors…The frustration of NY Islanders fans…Cheering for the officials.

PUCK DADDY: Sean Leahy with his list of the top ten memorable goals of 2011, and they’re not just from the NHL, kids.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: James O’Brien with the ten memorable phrases of Episode Three of HBO’s 24/7 series. ‘Humongous big” wasn’t one of them.

Aftermath of one of hockey's greatest games.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Avry Lewis-McDougall looks back at the classic Red Army-Montreal Canadiens 1975 New Year’s Eve game. I was 12 years old back then, and my folks allowed me to stay up and watch the entire game. It remains one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen.

PENSION PLAN PUPPETS: “Chemmy” isn’t concerned over James Reimer’s struggles since returning from injury. That makes Chemmy among the few exceptions in Leafs Nation.

RED LIGHT DISTRICT HOCKEY BLOG: The top five stories of 2011. I’m in complete agreement with this selection.

THE DARK BLUE JACKET: Corrects the bozos who believe the Blue Jackets could be moved anytime soon, while wondering if the new incoming minority ownership might be the reason for the foot-dragging by the front office toward replacing their GM and head coach.

OIL DROP: Rob Soria wonders if Edmonton Oilers goalie Nikolai Khabibulin might be available at the trade deadline. The notion isn’t as crazy as it seems at first glance, especially if the Oilers are out of the playoff race by then.

BLUESHIRT BANTER: Kevin Power points out Rangers winger Marian Gaborik is making a case for the Hart Trophy this season. I agree with Kevin that Gaborik probably won’t win it, but he could be among the top five nominees if he continues his current pace.

HOCKEY INDEPENDENT: BD Gallof on the frustration of forced patience for NY Islanders fans. Isles fans don’t want your pity, they just want a better run team.

BACKHAND SHELF: Daniel Wagner defends NHL referees. Because it’s the holiday season, and somebody should.