The latest on Alexander Semin and Shea Weber, plus speculation of the Canadiens and Flyers talking trade. Enjoy!

BLEACHER REPORT: On December 7th, listed seven possible trade partners for the Washington Capitals involving Alexander Semin, including the LA Kings, Toronto Maple Leafs, NY Rangers, Colorado Avalanche, Winnipeg Jets, Florida Panthers and Detroit Red Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Kings lack the cap space, Semin isn’t a Brian Burke type player, the Avalanche and Jets aren’t going to pursue expensive players, while the Panthers, Rangers and Red Wings have no need for Semin.

BLEACHER REPORT: Followed up the Semin meme by listing what the Red Wings would need to offer to land Semin, suggesting Jiri Hudler, Jonathan Ericsson, their first rounder in 2012 and third rounder in 2013 for Semin and Dmitry Orlov, though the key would be convincing Ericsson to waive his “no-movement” clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Actually, Ericsson has a modified NTC, not a movement clause, and I doubt he waives it, since he was keen to re-sign with the Wings last season, and GM Ken Holland wanted to keep him. Besides, if Ericsson is so crappy, why would the Capitals want to take him on for another two years, when they can be rid of Semin for nothing this summer and not have to take on anyone else’s toxic contracts?

BLEACHER REPORT: Wondered if the Flyers, with Chris Pronger sidelined indefinitely, might try to pry Shea Weber out of Nashville.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No chance. The Preds aren’t shopping Weber, and the Flyers would have to give up a lot of cap space to afford his salary.

BLEACHER REPORT: Are the Flyers talking trade with the Canadiens? Perhaps for Hal Gill or Chris Campoli?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers will make do for the time being as they’re in no hurry to make any trades at this time. If they were talking trade with Montreal for a defenseman, I doubt Gill would be available as the Habs value his defensive skills and leadership. Campoli might be available, but not right away, as the Canadiens are still waiting for the dust to settle in the wake of their acquisition of Tomas Kaberle.