Just because Flames GM Jay Feaster denies Jarome Iginla is being shopped doesn’t mean rumor bloggers believe him! Read on for the latest on this and more. Enjoy!

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” disregards the frequent denials of Jarome Iginla, his agent, and Flames GM Jay Feaster that he wants out of Calgary or that he’s being shopped, claiming he’s heard Flames and Capitals are working on a deal which would send “Alex Semin, Braden Holtby and 2 picks for Jarome Iginla, Chris Butler and a prospect”, though he hedges his bet by claiming “This is one of those deals which would more than likely happen sooner than later, but until the deadline passes will definitely remain as a contingency plan or “keeping our options open” type of rumor”, adding ” I see this either happening or not by mid-January”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So this deal could happen by mid-January, or not, or maybe after the season, or not at all.  I’m taking Feaster at his word when he says – often – he’s not shopping Iginla, but supposing for a moment he was, why would he trade Iginla, a respected, beloved player because of his rugged style of play, for a marshmallow-soft winger who has a reputation for fading in the heat of playoff action? Especially one who, if he doesn’t like it in Calgary, or if Feaster were to refuse to pay him big bucks, would bolt via free agency next summer? Feaster would only have Holtby and two picks to show for parting with Iggy and Butler. Yes, Holtby’s a promising goalie, but he and two picks won’t compensate for the loss of Iginla and Butler. This just doesn’t make any sense on the part of the Flames, none at all.

BLEACHER REPORT: 12 trades to make prior to the NHL Christmas trade freeze, including Bobby Ryan, Jeff Carter, Jarome Iginla (of course!), Kyle Turris, Scott Gomez, Rick Nash, Zach Parise, Alexander Semin, Kyle Okposo, Tuukka Rask, the Vancouver Canucks moving a goalie, and the Ottawa Senators( for no apparent reason) cleaning house, Ten teams that should pursue Zach Parise,  Six goalies who should be on the move at the deadlineFive players the Colorado Avalanche should try to trade for, and  five teams that might pursue Jeff Carter at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And a par-tridge, in a pear treee-eeeeee!

GATHER.COM: Rene Bourque to the NY Rangers?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No. Given their depth, they don’t want or need him.