Two views of the Mike Cammalleri trade…Could the Cammalleri deal make the Canadiens a trade target for the Bruins?…Are the Penguins losing patience with Sidney Crosby’s recovery?…The Senators are one of this season’s best stories…Who to blame for the Oilers struggles this season?…The bewildering Devils penalty kill…Commentary on the All-Star Game…The participants and location of the 2013 Winter Classic…An arrest made in Winter Classic fan assault case.

MATCHSTICKS AND GASOLINE: Scott Lepp expresses cautious optimism Mike Cammalleri’s return to Calgary could push the Flames into the playoffs.

HABS EYES ON THE PRIZE: Bruce Peter washes his hands of this year’s version of the Canadiens, accusing GM Pierre Gauthier of actively pursuing a losing season.

STANLEY CUP OF CHOWDER: If the Canadiens are sellers, could they be a decent trade target for the Bruins?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve already offered up my take elsewhere regarding the Cammalleri deal. I also feel Gauthier is headed into “sell” mode, even though he’ll deny it by claiming he’s trying to make the playoffs. The Habs are one more losing streak away from falling completely out of contention, and I expect by month’s end, the yard sale will commence.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski on the speculation out of Pittsburgh some Penguins might be growing impatient of waiting for Sidney Crosby’s recovery from concussion, the bizarre complaint by some Penguins fans that Crosby is “faking”, and why Crosby needs support, not criticism.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I daresay the Penguins are simply adjusting to Crosby’s absence and aren’t “impatient”. Those fans complaining over Crosby’s recovery are ass-clowns. Honestly, if Crosby could play, he would. This game is his whole damn life, and right now, he’s concerned concussions could rob him of that career. Better he takes the time he needs to make a full recovery than to engage in half measures, succumb to fan pressure to return before he’s fully recovered, and risk a potentially career-ending injury.

RED LIGHT DISTRICT HOCKEY BLOG: David Strehle on why the surging Ottawa Senators are one of this season’s best stories.

LOWETIDE: Who gets the blame for the Edmonton Oilers struggles this season? Should the GM or the coach stay or go? Inquiring minds wanna know.

IN LOU WE TRUST: John Fischer on the “bewildering brilliance” of the New Jersey Devils penalty kill.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz offers up his take on the NHL All Star Game, considering it a “necessary evil” for a league which wants to remain relevant. That evil could be made more palatable if it were held outside. Speaking of outdoor games…

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne reports it looks like the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs will be the participants in the 2013 Winter Classic, to be held at the University of Michigan’s “Big House”. Finally, Leafs fans can watch their team play an outdoor game.

BROAD STREET HOCKEY: Travis Hughes reports an arrest has been made in the case of a Rangers fan who was assaulted by two Flyers fans following the 2012 Winter Classic.