The Oilers never-ending rebuild…Injuries pile up for Sabres…Comparing the Oilers and Maple Leafs rebuild…Thoughts on the upcoming NHL All-Star game…Is it panic time for the Panthers?…What to do with the Blue Jackets goaltending this season?…Ranking the ten best NHL GMs for this season…How Canadian PM Stephen Harper uses hockey for political gain.

BACKHAND SHELF: Cam Charron wonders if the Edmonton Oilers are headed into NY Islanders country in terms of perpetual rebuild. A coupla more seasons like this one should do it.

SABRE NOISE: Melissa Kania wonders when the hurting will stop for the Buffalo Sabres in terms of injuries. They haven’t lost as many man games as the Pittsburgh Penguins, but if the injuries keep piling up, they could get close.

FIVE MINUTES FOR FIGHTING: Matt Horner compares the rebuilds of the Maple Leafs and Oilers. While the Leafs appear to have made more progress at this point, if they miss the playoffs again, it won’t matter if they finished higher in the standings than the Oilers.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Jas Faulkner offers up thoughts on the upcoming NHL All-Star game.

THE RAT TRICK: Frank Rekas tries to calm down panicky Florida Panthers fans concerned over their club’s recent slump.

THE CANNON: Lou Bordeaux offers up some suggestions on what the Blue Jackets should do with their goaltending over the remainder of this season.

INSIDE HOCKEY: Ed Cmar ranks the ten best NHL general managers for this season.

PUCK DADDY: Harrison Mooney on how Canadian PM Stephen Harper is using hockey for political gain. All he’s doing is what Russian president Vladimir Putin’s been doing for years, and American presidents for nearly a century: using sports as a means of “proving” they’re just regular joes to convince the gullible and stupid to vote for them. Evidently, it works.