Patrick Kane’s scoring slump…Ryan Suter may be more valuable than Shea Weber…Should the Kings make moves at the deadline?…Questioning the Leafs need for a first line center…Will the Islanders make a push for the post-season?…Stars need a better team effort…The Ducks improvement…Steven Stamkos hits a milestone…How to play the perfect neutral zone regroup…The extremes of the Montreal coverage of the Canadiens…The next level in the Canucks-Bruins feud.

RANT SPORTS: Randy Holt notes Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane has scored only ten goals this season, but remains confident he’ll regain his scoring touch. Y’know, if the Blackhawks were struggling to make the playoffs, Kane’s lack of production would’ve received more attention. Amazing how winning can hide a scoring slump of a star player.

Suter more valuable than Weber?

SECTION 303: Jeremy K. Gover on why Ryan Suter may be more valuable to the Nashville Predators than Shea Weber.

SURLY & SCRIBE’S LA KINGS BLOG: Should the Kings make a major move, tweak their lineup, or stand pat at the trade deadline. I’ll go with “tweak” for $100, Alex.

THE SILVER FOX: Andrew Bates recommends Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke shouldn’t make a move for a big, physical center but instead shore up his blueline…which would be contrary to Burke’s earlier concerns over his smallish forward lines and their lack of post-season experience.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Joseph Wakefield wonders if the NY Islanders might make a push for the playoffs, as a ten-point deficit in the standings isn’t that much. Depends on your POV, as Habs fans can attest.

DEFENDING BIG D: Brandon Worley on why the Stars need a better team effort with Jamie Benn and Mike Ribeiro currently sidelined.

SK’S BLOG: Who are these Anaheim Ducks? And what have they done with those stumblebums from the first half of the season?

RAW CHARGE: John Fontana notes Lightning superstar Stephen Stamkos recently scored his 150th career goal.

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne on how to execute a perfect neutral zone regroup.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz on the overreaction of Montreal media and fans over the plight of the Canadiens. Hey, it’s how we roll!

PUCK DADDY: The latest shot in the Bruins-Canucks feud has been fired, courtesy of this “Pro-Canucks, Anti-Bruins” video using a mashup of hockey clips and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” to skewer the Bruins. I’m assuming an “anti-Canucks, pro-Bruins” mashup with clips from “The Colbert Report” will soon follow…